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Hollyweed CBD gummies Cubes 300mg
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Gummies come in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes they look like little bears, worms, or fruits. Other times, CBD gummies get straight to the point, and that’s the case with these cubes. With CBD gummies, you want tasty, all-natural benefits. Hollyweed’s cubes are made without animal gelatin, artificial flavors, or synthetic coloring agents. Their shape allows you to pack as many as possible into a portable container. For the ultimate vegan sweet treat that nourishes the body and calms the mind, look no further than these CBD gummy cubes!

CBD Oil 300mg
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Formulated with a blend of pure CBD extract and hempseed oil, our CBD oil tinctures are the perfect complement to your daily routines. Apply drops directly onto your tongue, or add the tincture to your favorite food and drink for a soothing, calming CBD boost. Try now to experience how our CBD oil tincture can help promote overall wellness!

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Vegan CBD Gummies Dosage Chart

Highlights: Tasty and discreet pre-measured CBD gummies. Bite or slice off your desired dosage.
Usage: Eat the correct dosage portion of gummies. CBD will take approximately 20-60 minutes to take effect. The time depends on how much you previously ate and when you had your last meal. It is recommended to take CBD gummies on an empty stomach.

CBD Tinctures Dosage Chart

Highlights: Easy to measure exact dosage by the drop. Made of just two simple ingredients (CBD and hemp oil).
Usage: Can be placed under the tongue (sublingual) or swallowed (oral). Try adding CBD tincture to your food or a drink. When placed under your tongue expect to experience effects in 5-20 minutes. If you swallow or ingest your CBD tincture with food or drink expect effects in 20-60 minutes.

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