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HHC Vape Carts


Vapes might be the most convenient way to consume hemp products through their discreet, portable, and delicious form. It’s not a surprise then to see their popularity constantly on the rise! Now, we’re combining the well-known convenience of vape products with the uplifting, mood-boosting effect of HHC! 


Vapes are a great way to get a relieving dose of HHC quickly! You can feel the effects of an HHC vape as quickly as 30 seconds following inhalation, but it may take around one minute for the full effect to be felt.   


Aside from this, vapes are also delicious and do justice to the flavors of the strains they are extracted from, so you can get the most deliciousness without exposing yourself to smoke. Vaping is also much more inconspicuous than other consumption methods because it creates no lingering smells and should only take one puff to start working! 


HHC itself is known to promote various wellness benefits. Some of the benefits associated with HHC include: 


  • Mood enhancing benefits 
  • Light euphoric quality 
  • Energizing, uplifting effect
  • Promotes natural sleep 
  • Lowers swelling 
  • Relieves discomfort 


Pick from three delicious flavors (for now) if you want to discover a new and exciting cannabinoid! Experience everything Hollyweed has to offer, and you’ll be off to a good start! 

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