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  • 3rd Party Lab-Tested HHC
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  • Hemp-Derived
  • 100% All-Natural Ingredients
  • Organic & Non-GMO
  • No Additives, No Preservatives, No Artificial Flavorings or Colors
  • Farm Bill Compliant
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Discover a cannabis experience unlike any other with Hollyweed’s potent HHC tincture. This new hemp-derived cannabinoid has taken the world by storm, offering consumers around the country a legal way to enjoy the cannabis benefits they love. We’ve developed the first real HHC tincture (oil) for the e-commerce market, so there’s never been a better time or place to try it.


You probably have a few questions about HHC tinctures since they are so new to the market. Lucky for you, we have all the answers you need. Keep reading to learn all about the exciting potential of this cannabinoid and where you can find high-quality HHC oil at a great price (hint, you’re already there)!



HHC stands for hexahydrocannabinol. It is one of the minor cannabinoids present in hemp. If you didn’t know, cannabinoids are a class of naturally-occurring chemicals in the cannabis plant. There are over 100 cannabinoids, but you’ve probably only heard of two (so far).


The most common cannabinoids are delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta 9 THC, also known simply as “THC”) and cannabidiol (CBD). HHC is unique, but it shares some effects with both THC and CBD. However, HHC occurs in extremely small quantities (less than 1% of any given hemp plant). This means manufacturers need to work a little magic to efficiently produce various HHC products. We’ll talk about how HHC is manufactured later in this guide.


You can find HHC in many of your favorite cannabis products. These include HHC oils, HHC vape cartridges, HHC edibles, HHC flower, HHC pre-rolls. More HHC products are making their debut every day, so keep visiting Hollyweed in the future to discover the newest developments!




HHC tincture (oil) is a liquid solution in a glass bottle with a dropper for measuring. It is a highly versatile item, consistently ranking among the most popular hemp products. At Hollyweed, our tincture contains two simple, hemp-based ingredients: HHC extract and hemp seed oil.



HHC oil is for oral consumption, but there is more than one way to ingest it. This section will break down the various methods of taking HHC oil. Each method offers its unique effects.


Before you can take HHC oil, though, you need to determine the right amount. We have a handy chart on our website to help you measure the optimal quantity of HHC oil for your needs. You can also talk to your health physician about your body and needs to help you determine the right amount of HHC.

Swallowing Oil

The simplest way to consume HHC is to swallow the oil plain. Measure the appropriate quantity using the graduated dropper with every Hollyweed’s HHC tincture bottle. Drop the solution in your mouth and swallow. The effects should kick in after about 45 minutes to an hour.

Sublingual Method

“Sublingual” refers to consuming something by dissolving it under your tongue. For HHC oil, we recommend holding it under your tongue for 90 seconds before swallowing whatever remains. The underside of your tongue has a dense concentration of blood vessels that can carry HHC around your body. This accelerates the onset time, so the tincture kicks in after just 15-30 minutes.

Add It To Food

To make a simple, homemade edible, you can add HHC oil to your favorite food. Just stir the desired amount of tincture into the dish of your choosing. When you cook with HHC (or other cannabis products), be careful not to let the temperature exceed 350°F because this will cause the cannabinoids to degrade and reduce the overall effects.

Add To Drink

You can add HHC to your favourite beverages, just like you may do with food. Oil and water do not mix naturally, so you will have to thoroughly stir your drink to evenly disperse the tincture. HHC oil is a good addition to blended drinks like smoothies and homemade juice blends.

Do Not Smoke or Vape HHC Oil

It is vital that you never try to smoke or vaporize HHC tincture. It can be confusing because some brands create vape cartridges containing a substance they call “HHC oil” or “HHC vape oil.” Let us be clear: HHC oil and vape juice are NOT the same things!

HHC oil (tincture) is good to ingest but not inhale. In that sense, it’s just like any other kitchen oil. Take olive oil, for example. It’s delicious, but would you want to breathe it in? Of course not! The same logic applies to HHC oil.



There are many HHC benefits to enjoy, some more subtle than others. The most obvious benefit is that HHC provides a euphoric experience for cannabis lovers, but it is federally legal in the United States, unlike Delta 9 THC. But that’s just the beginning! HHC offers many other benefits, including:

  • Physical and mental euphoria
  • Promoting calm and relaxation
  • Encouraging creativity
  • Supporting natural sleep
  • Relieving physical tension and aches



Like every other product in the world, HHC comes with a few potential side effects. Fortunately, these side effects are very rare, and you should be able to avoid them by sticking to the right amount of HHC. In the rare instances that people do experience side effects, they are generally mild and temporary and may include:

  • Drowsiness
  • Dry mouth/increased thirst
  • Dry/red eyes
  • Lightheadedness


We cannot efficiently extract HHC from hemp plants because so little of it is present, but we can extract CBD and convert it into HHC through a multi-stage chemistry process. We run liquid CO2 through the raw hemp plant material to strip away the CBD and other natural compounds in the first stage. Then, we evaporate the CO2, giving us a clean, CBD-rich hemp extract.


The next stage uses isomerization to convert hemp-derived CBD into Delta 9 THC. CBD and Delta 9 are isomers of each other, meaning they have the same chemical elements arranged in different configurations. The isomerization process alters the molecule’s chemical bonds, transforming it from one isomer (CBD) into another (Delta 9).


Once the isomerization process is complete, we still need to turn Delta 9 into HHC. We do this via hydrogenation, a chemical reaction based on adding hydrogen atoms to a particular molecule. The additional hydrogen alters the chemical bonds again, transforming Delta 9 into HHC!



We combine HHC distillate with a carrier oil to make our one-of-a-kind tincture. The carrier oil makes it easier for your body to absorb HHC and other cannabinoids. Any cannabis tincture you buy will include a carrier oil of some sort. 



Many potential carrier oils for HHC, including olive oil, avocado oil, and MCT oil (derived from coconuts). However, at Hollyweed, we believe there is a superior option for carrier oils: hemp seed oil. This natural mix comes from the same plant that HHC comes from, and it is far and away from the best choice for making cannabinoid tinctures.

Hemp Seed Oil Nutritional Benefits


Hemp seed oil is an abundant source of plant-based protein. There are approximately 10 grams of protein in three tablespoons of hemp seeds. This makes it a great option for vegans and vegetarians looking to increase the amount of protein in their diet.


Hemp seeds are famous for containing omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. These are known as “essential fatty acids” because our bodies cannot produce them, yet we need them to live. The only way to get the omega-fatty acids our bodies need is by consuming omega-rich foods like hemp seeds and fish oil.



HHC is currently legal in the United States under the federal Farm Bill of 2018. This landmark legislation made hemp-derived products legal in all 50 states, as long as they do not contain any more than 0.3% Delta 9 THC. There are two kinds of cannabis plants. Marijuana, which has high levels of Delta 9, is still federally illegal in the U.S., but hemp, which has low levels of Delta 9 and high levels of CBD, is legal.


HHC products are not legal if they come from marijuana or contain more than 0.3% Delta 9. It is so important to buy HHC products from a reputable retailer like Hollyweed. It’s also a wise idea to research your local laws regarding HHC to be safe.



We previously discussed the potential side effects of HHC in the section entitled “What Are the Effects of HHC?” We explained that HHC has some potential side effects in that segment, but they are rare, minimal, and short-lasting. To recap, HHC may present these minimal consequences:


  • Fatigue
  • Lightheadedness
  • Dry/red eyes
  • Dry mouth/increased thirst
  • Increased hunger



Hollyweed is leading the HHC revolution. The scientific knowledge required to produce HHC products is still quite new, and we are one of the only companies in the world that currently offers these items. As the cannabis industry expands, you can be sure that Hollyweed will lead the trend! Here are just a few of the reasons we stand out from the rest:



Better ingredients make better products. It’s not complicated, yet many cannabis companies still cut corners in manufacturing. We utilize organic, plant-based ingredients to create better all-around products. We avoid artificial and GMO ingredients, which can’t be said for many of our competitors.


Great HHC oil begins with great hemp plants. At Hollyweed, we source our hemp from local American farms. This ensures we get the highest-quality product, grown according to U.S. regulations. Some other manufacturers import cheap hemp from international sources to cut production costs, but the quality of their products suffers greatly as a consequence.


All of our products are federal Farm Bill compliant, meaning they come from hemp plants (not marijuana), and they do not contain any more than 0.3% Delta 9 THC. How can you be confident that our label claims are accurate? Well, that brings us to our next topic: third-party lab tests.


To verify the cannabinoid content of our products, we send them to independent labs for testing. The labs record their results in certificates of analysis (COAs), which contain a breakdown of all the cannabinoids present in the product and their respective concentrations. You can find COAs for Hollyweed products on our website and verify our label claims yourself.


At Hollyweed, we don’t just provide great HHC products. We provide a great shopping experience overall. We offer free shipping on every order, and a 30-day, money-back guarantee. That’s not all. When you sign up for our subscriber deals, you can get recurring shipments of HHC oil for 25% off each bottle! Don’t wait. Grab your bottle of Hollyweed’s HHC oil today!

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