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HHC Pre-Rolls

HHC Pre-Rolls


Want the intensely satisfying effects of HHC without the hassle of grinding your own flower or making your own joints? Then try our HHC pre-rolls today! Each pre-roll is expertly rolled in our premium hemp paper and capped with a natural filter made of wood pulp for a smooth, even drag. Free of air pockets and fillers, our HHC pre-rolls are ready for your pleasure and will provide you with the best HHC smoking experience imaginable!

The HHC flower in our pre-rolls is organically grown, cultivated, and sourced from the best Farm Bill compliant hemp farms in Colorado and Oregon. These premium buds are coated with an HHC distillate to provide a focused exhilaration and serene tranquility. These extremely satisfying HHC pre-rolls are also extremely convenient so that you can take them anywhere and puff away.

Choose from a diverse selection of pre-rolls to satisfy your HHC requirements. From the invigorating Sour Diesel to the mellowing sensations of Skywalker OG to the tranquilizing effects of Northern Lights, you’ll find a pre-roll to delight your palate and fulfill your HHC needs.

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