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Delta 8 tincture oil is one of the best ways to experience the benefits of Delta 8 THC. It’s fast, efficient, potent, and extremely beneficial. It’s no surprise that Delta 8 oil is becoming one of the most popular ways to take Delta 8 THC in the hemp industry.

When we use the terms “tinctures” and “oil,” we mean them interchangeably. But what exactly is it, how does it work, and what are the benefits? We have all the answers you need to find the best Delta 8 oil on the market.

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Delta 8 THC is one of the phytocannabinoid compounds found in hemp plants. While it’s considered a “minor” phytocannabinoid due to the small amount found in each plant, it’s becoming one of the most popular compounds out there (up there with CBD).

Delta 8 THC provides a euphoric feeling along with a variety of wellness benefits throughout your mind and body. D8 is more powerful than full-spectrum CBD oil but not as strong as Delta 9 THC (the main compound in marijuana). This is why Delta 8 THC is becoming so popular! You can experience potent, satisfying effects throughout your body while having minimal to no side effects, unlike THC.

Delta 8 is extracted from the hemp plants using the CO2 extraction method, which is cleaner and leaves the D8 more pure and potent. The tinctures often contains other compounds found in hemp, including phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and flavanoids. They all synergize together to make the experience of taking Delta 8 tinctures more impactful.

Delta 8 THC oil is a THC tincture, meaning it’s taken sublingually. To use Delta 8 tinctures, all you have to do is place a few drops under the tongue and then hold it there for 30 seconds to 60 seconds, allowing it to be absorbed into your bloodstream. This is one of the fastest ways to experience the benefits of D8.

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So what exactly are these benefits? Good question! Delta 8 oil has many positive effects on the body and mind, creating a sense of overall wellness. Here are some of the benefits of using D8 oil.

THC Tinctures are one of the fastest ways to experience D8’s benefits. You’ll often feel it working within 30 minutes or less.

Delta 8 THC oil comes in a convenient glass dropper bottle. All you have to do is place a few drops beneath your tongue and hold it there for 30 seconds or so. Delta 8 oil can easily be brought anywhere and enjoyed at any time!

If you are experiencing achiness or stiff joints after a long day at work or an intense workout, it’s time to take a few drops of Delta 8 THC oil! You’ll feel almost instant relief, leaving you comforted and relaxed. You’ll feel much better when aches and swelling melt away.

Anxiousness and stress can leave your mind racing. But Delta 8 THC oil reacts with your brain in a way that minimizes these negative feelings. It will leave you feeling clear-minded and calm. You’ll also have a boost of creativity and motivation, making Delta 8 THC oil perfect when you need inspiration the most.

Low doses of D8 Tinctures can motivate you to eat more, studies have shown. Delta 8 THC oil also reduces nausea, sometimes even eliminating it. This can help improve your overall wellness and mood, allowing you to continue your regular diet and exercise routine.


At this point, you’re probably wondering how Delta 8 THC oil can provide all these incredible benefits! Well, there’s a surprisingly easy explanation. It all starts with the endocannabinoid system in our bodies.

The endocannabinoid system is commonly referred to as the ECS (much easier to pronounce). The ECS is in charge of our wellness and balance, known as homeostasis. It does this with the help of its receptors, which are found in all major body systems.

Delta 8 interacts with the receptors similarly to the way THC does. It directly binds with them, creating a euphoric experience and positive effects throughout all systems. This includes the digestive, immune, and nervous systems.

The fastest way to feel the effects of Delta 8 THC oil is to hold the tincture beneath the tongue. It’s then absorbed into the bloodstream, helping to reach those receptors quite quickly. What helps is that Hollyweed’s D8 Tinctures has hemp seed oil as an added ingredient.

Since D8 oil is fat-soluble, it needs hemp seed oil’s healthy fats and proteins to be digested easier. This allows the D8 to be potent and act faster.

Though, you don’t have to take Delta 8 THC oil sublingually. If you want, you can also add it to your favourite food recipes and drinks. There is also D8 flower, delta 8 vape cartridges, and delta 8 soft gels!

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If you’re new to Delta 8 THC, knowing how much to take can sometimes be confusing. It has stronger effects than CBD but is known to be half the strength of D9 THC. Here are a few things to keep in mind when dosing Delta 8 THC oil.

There are three main points to consider when dosing Delta 8 THC. The first is your body weight. Generally, the higher the body weight, the higher the dose. Conversely, the lower the body weight, the lower the dose.

The second point to consider is your THC tolerance. Even though Delta 8 THC isn’t as potent as Delta 9 THC, it still creates a euphoric feeling. If you’re not used to this type of experience, start with a smaller dosage and work your way up since the effects will hit you harder if your tolerance is lower.

The third thing to keep in mind when dosing D8 is your goal! What are you taking D8 tinctures for? If you want subtle relaxation, you may want to take a smaller dosage. If you want relief from physical discomfort and stress, you may want a higher dosage.

The dosage also depends on the product itself. Delta 8 THC oil has a standard dose of about 33 milligrams. Divide the number of milligrams of Delta 8 in the bottle by the number of millilitres. Usually, a single drop is equal to a full millilitre.

While it’s always a good idea to keep these factors in mind, there are some standard Delta 8 THC dosage rules you can go by:

  • Beginner (low tolerance): 5 – 15 mg

  • Intermediate (medium tolerance): 15 – 45 mg

  • Advanced (high tolerance): 45 – 150 mg

If you’re still unsure, the safest bet is to always start with a low dosage. You can always go higher if you don’t get the results you want. You can also speak to a doctor about a safe dose for your specific needs.


Delta 8 THC oil is becoming more popular because it has similar benefits to D9 THC without being as strong. This means lesser side effects as well. While side effects are rare and minimal, there is a slight chance of experiencing the following:

  • Dry mouth

  • Dry, itchy eyes

  • Red eyes

  • Grogginess

  • Temporary effects on cognition and physical coordination

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The Delta 8 THC market is BLOWING up. You’ve probably noticed more Delta 8 products online than ever before. While this gives you plenty of options, it can sometimes be hard to narrow down which Delta 8 THC oil is right for you. Here are some things to look for so you can instantly find the best oil out there.

Make sure that the website has the Delta 8 products’ ingredients clearly listed. You want to make sure that all ingredients are safe, beneficial, and free of harmful contaminants.

Always check that the Delta 8 tinctures were extracted from hemp grown within the United States. Imported hemp doesn’t follow the same regulations and safety guidelines, meaning it may contain harmful ingredients. Imported hemp could also be much less potent due to its low quality.

While you definitely don’t want the cheapest Delta 8 THC oil out there (it may be low quality and less potent, as we mentioned before), you want to make sure you’re not being overcharged. Delta 8 is a new market, and some companies may just be cashing in on the trend. Make sure that it’s a price you’re comfortable with!


If you’re looking for the best Delta 8 THC oil on the market, you’re in the right place! Hollyweed has the most potent and beneficial Delta 8 products out there, thanks to Hollyweed’s high-quality ingredients. We even offer free shipping! These are some more reasons to go with Hollyweed:

All of Hollyweed’s Delta 8 THC products only use organic, natural ingredients that are non-GMO and free of artificial coloring and flavoring. Hollyweed purposely select ingredients that have their own wellness benefits, making the impact of the full spectrum D8 even more effective.

We only get Delta 8 THC cleanly and safely extracted from hemp grown on farms located in Colorado. We want to ensure that Hollyweed’s Delta 8 THC is as potent and safe as possible. All of Hollyweed’s products meet the Farm Bill’s regulations and are guaranteed to be of high quality. We also keep Delta 9 THC levels at 0.3% or less.

All of our D8 products come with a Certificate of Analysis (COA). A COA is given by a third-party company that tests the products for cannabinoid content to ensure that the label on the product is accurate.

We love to share our customers’ experiences so you can get a better idea of what others experience when using Delta 8 THC oil! We care about our customers and want them to see the real impact D8 has on other users!

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Delta 8 THC can be taken in a variety of ways, from delta 8 edibles to delta 8 flower to delta 8 topicals. But the most popular way to enjoy this incredible compound is becoming Delta 8 THC tincture oil. This is a very efficient and convenient way to experience the benefits of D8. All you have to do is drop some D8 oil under your tongue, hold it there, and you’ll feel the effects in minutes!

When selecting tinctures, Delta 8 THC is the best ingredient. D8 oil can alleviate physical discomfort, reduce negative feelings, and improve your appetite. Just make sure to purchase D8 oil from a trusted company that uses all-natural, safe, and beneficial ingredients and only uses D8 from locally grown hemp. Like us at Hollyweed!

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