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Wouldn’t it be great if you could enjoy the benefits of Delta 8 THC in a simple, easy way? Soft Gels are a discreet way of enjoying the benefits of Delta 8 THC without bringing unwanted attention to yourself. If you are a first-time consumer or looking to try a new hemp-derived product, consider Delta 8 THC Soft Gels.


If you want to know more about this revolutionary product, you have come to the right place. You do not need a degree in chemistry to understand how soft gels work. Read on further if you want to know more about soft gels, how they work, and more!

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Delta 8 soft gels are small capsules that contain three simple all-natural ingredients. The ingredients are vegan and free of any artificial flavors or preservatives. Here is a breakdown of each ingredient:

  • 100% Delta 8 THC Extract: The main ingredient in the soft gels, Delta 8 THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), is extracted from organic hemp farms in Colorado. It is retrieved using CO2 (carbon dioxide) extraction. This solventless technique is the safest extraction method that does not leave any residual solvents.
  • Full Spectrum CBD: Full spectrum CBD (cannabidiol) also contains other naturally occurring plant chemical compounds to boost wellness.
  • Palm-derived MCT Oil: The body can better absorb Delta 8 THC when combined with a carrier oil. MCT oil is known for containing healthy nutrients such as beneficial fatty acids.
  • Tapioca Starch: A vegan alternative to gelatin (animal byproduct), tapioca starch is easy to digest and gluten-free.

These soft gels are also federally legal thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. For these products to be sold, they must contain less than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC.

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How Do Delta 8 Soft Gels Work?

The reason why Delta 8 THC-infused products are rising in popularity is due to the amazing benefits they provide. Delta 8 can give you a gentle, euphoric buzz without any feelings of paranoia. It’s like a perfect balance between the effects of CBD and Delta 9. After consuming a soft gel, you might notice some of the following positive results:

  • Enhanced Mood
  • Soothed Physical Discomfort
  • Balanced Digestion
  • Euphoric Feelings
  • Better Natural Sleep

Soft gels can provide these effects by supporting the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS has receptors in the brain, gastrointestinal system, and throughout the body.

NOTE: The FDA has not evaluated the statements regarding Delta 8 Soft Gels. These and other related products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Are Delta 8 Capsules Better Than Delta 8 Oil?

The difference between Delta 8 capsules and oil comes down to personal preference and taste. Both soft gels and oil provide the effects of Delta 8 THC but at different rates based on the method of consumption.

After the consumer swallows a soft gel, it can take 30 to 60 minutes to feel the effects. This method takes a little longer than inhalation since the soft gel needs to travel through the digestion system before Delta 8 is absorbed into the bloodstream. Although it takes longer for the effects to kick in, they tend to last 6 to 8 hours, which is longer than other consumption methods.

With Delta 8 oil, you can either swallow it directly like soft gels or add a few drops to your favorite foods and drinks for consumption. Those who want to feel the effects of Delta 8 faster can consume oil sublingually. By dropping a small dose under the tongue, you can feel the effects of Delta 8 within 15 to 30 minutes, and it can last 4 to 6 hours.

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How Many Delta 8 Soft Gels Should I Take?

The number of soft gels you should take depends on the potency of each capsule and the severity of the issue you want to address. At Hollyweed, you have the option between three different potencies. Each of the following containers has 30 soft gels each:

  • 300 mg: Each soft gel contains 10 milligrams of Delta 8 THC. The 300 mg container is perfect for first-time consumers or for alleviating minor issues.
  • 750 mg: At 25 milligrams per soft gel, this potency is well-suited for consumers who have had experience with hemp derivatives.
  • 1500 mg: For the strongest potency available, each soft capsule contains 50 milligrams of Delta 8 THC. Double the strength of the previous potency; these soft gels are meant to handle more persistent issues.

What Are The Side Effects of Delta 8 Soft Gels?

Delta 8 Soft Gels are well-tolerated, but side effects can occur, especially with first-time consumers. These effects are temporary, and with continuous consumption, side effects occur less often.

Here are some of the minor side effects.

  • Dry mouth
  • Red eyes
  • Grogginess
  • Increased appetite

Delta 8 is non-toxic, so there is no need to worry about overdosing. Unlike Delta 9 THC, Delta 8 does not leave consumers feeling highly intoxicated or paranoid.

This product is not intended for pregnant or nursing women or persons under the age of 18. If you are taking other medication, seek your doctor’s advice before consuming soft gels.

What to Look for When Buying Delta 8 Soft Gels

Before you begin your search, it is your right as a consumer to being fully informed about what you will be purchasing. Here are some things to look for when buying Delta 8 THC.

  • Brand Transparency: Brands try to build trust with their consumers by offering a Certificate of Analysis (COA) with their products. Since these products have not been evaluated by the FDA, brands test their soft gels for potency, pesticides, and harmful byproducts through a third-party laboratory. We provide COA’s with all of our products, including the soft gels. This means a third party tested them for contaminants, chemicals, and the potency of the Delta 8.
  • Product Knowledge: The best brands do not only offer Delta 8 THC-infused products, but they also share articles about these products to help spread awareness and knowledge. We love to keep you informed about all the science behind our products. We also have a stellar customer service team that can answer any of your questions or concerns.
  • Reputation: You can also tell how great a brand is by the number of positive reviews on its soft gels. We love to share our customers’ experiences to help you better understand what soft gels will do for you.

Why Choose Hollyweed for Delta 8 Soft Gels

Hollyweed has some of the best soft gels in the fast-growing Delta 8 market. Hollyweed meets — if not exceeds — all of the criteria mentioned above for what makes an excellent brand!

Founded by a team of hemp enthusiasts and health-driven people, Hollyweed’s soft gels are highly sought after because they are strong, effective, and higher quality than most products in the marketplace. Plus, all of the ingredients are natural, organic, and vegan!

Hollyweed offers soft gels and other products such as delta 8 pre-rolls, delta 8 gummies, and delta 8 THC vape carts, all with free shipping and a 30-day money back guarantee. 

Final Thoughts – Delta 8 Soft Gels

With Hollyweed’s soft gels, you do not need to travel far to indulge in the California lifestyle! Not only are these capsules well-tolerated, but they also provide plenty of positive effects discreetly. If you want to check out other Delta 8 THC products like delta 8 edibles, browse around our shop!

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