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 HHC has only recently become popular, you may have some questions: What is HHC? Is it legal? What are its effects? And what type of products can you find it in?

If these questions have been on your mind, this is the place for you! So strap in for the ride; by the end of it, we promise you’ll be equipped to make the right decisions when buying HHC hemp products.

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What is HHC?

HHC stands for hexahydrocannabinol. It is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. Normally, HHC is only found in small concentrations. To get more of it, manufacturers utilize a technical process called hydrogenation. In essence, hydrogenation introduces an extra hydrogen molecule to a substance to change its structure. When performed on hemp-derived CBD combined with other technical processes, the result is HHC!

HHC is the most stable known cannabinoid because of its long shelf life. Due to the process of hydrogenation, HHC is resistant to UV radiation and the diminishing effects of sun exposure. Through hydrogenation, HHC is also less susceptible to oxidization and subsequent chemical breakdown. That means you can keep HHC stored for many years without the worry of it losing any of its effects.

HHC History

HHC has only recently seen increased popularity, but many people don’t realize that HHC has been around for quite a while! In fact, HHC was first identified and created by American chemist Roger Adams in 1947, over 70 years ago. Adams also happens to be the first person to identify and synthesize CBD, making him an important figure in the scientific development of hemp!

Is HHC Legal?

Yes, HHC is legal. This is due to the advancements made in The 2018 Farm Bill. The Farm Bill established a distinction between hemp and marijuana, making hemp products like HHC legal. This means that you can buy HHC products without worry!

The Farm Bill distinguishes between hemp and marijuana-based on THC percentage by dry weight. Hemp plants and hemp-derived products must contain a concentration of less than 0.3 % THC. Since THC and HHC are two different cannabinoids, we are able to make HHC products and ship them anywhere in the United States!

Are There Different Types of HHC?

Like with other cannabinoid products such as Delta 8 THC or Delta 9 THC, many variations of HHC exist. Because of HHCs unique carbon bond, it is an individual cannabinoid from THC with its variations, known as isomers. That puts HHC in a league of its own!

What Types of HHC Hemp Products Are There?

Because HHC is an adaptable cannabinoid, it can be found in a wide variety of products available on the market today. Some options like HHC vape cartridges and HHC tinctures remain popular for many consumers. Still, other options you may have never thought of, like HHC prerolls and HHC distillate, are becoming more widespread and available!

Hollyweed offers the highest quality version of the most popular hemp-derived HHC products for sale. The HHC products we make were intended to change the standard of the hemp industry for the better, raising the bar for quality and providing people with the hemp products they deserve.

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Hollyweed HHC Products

At Hollyweed, we offer a variety of hemp products suitable for all kinds of lifestyles. Some of the popular HHC products we offer include:


  • HHC Flower: HHC hemp flower brings the advancements of HHC to the most traditional way to consume cannabinoids. With flower, you can grind up, roll it and smoke it, or even vape it if you own an herbal vaporizer! HHC flower is versatile and enjoyable for many consumers to get their HHC intake.
  • HHC Pre-Rolls: If you like smoking joints but don’t have the skill, desire, or time to roll one up yourself, Pre-Rolls are coming to the rescue! Pre-Rolls are a great pickup for a night out or a quick and easy way to prepare for a smoke session without needing to buy multiple components and spend precious time preparing.

Vapes, Edibles & Concentrates

  • HHC Carts: HHC vapes are a highly convenient and cost-effective way to consume HHC. HHC cartridges are efficient and low profile, allowing you to consume HHC without drawing unwanted attention or creating lingering smells.

  • HHC Oil: HHC tinctures, sometimes called oil, are HHC extracts suspended in oil. These products are intended to be consumed orally to produce effects on the consumer. These products are excellent due to their quick onset time, low profile nature, and portability.

  • HHC Edibles: Many types of HHC edibles are available on the market, but one of the most popular forms is HHC gummies. Our gummies are made using natural flavors, colors, and organic ingredients. Gummies are a delicious and effective way to bring HHC with you wherever you need them.

  • HHC Concentrates: Concentrates like HHC distillate, HHC wax, and other such concentrates of HHC are the most potent products you can find. HHC concentrates are typically consumed using a dab rig (a specialized bong for vaporizing concentrates). They may also be baked into food or used in a vape so long as it is equipped to handle vaping concentrates. Because these are the most potent cannabinoid products available, we recommend these to consumers with a high tolerance for HHC or customers who simply need the enhanced effects to reach their desired level of relief.

What Are the Benefits & Effects of HHC?

Consuming HHC may provide consumers with various effects and benefits. Some of the wellness benefits that you may experience from consuming HHC products include:

  • May relieve nervousness
  • Boost mental and emotional state
  • Relaxation
  • Reduced swelling/redness
  • Alleviates upset stomach
  • Promotes natural sleep
  • Euphoric sensation
  • Appetite booster

How Long Do the Effects Last?

The effects of HHC should last for a similar amount of time to most other popular cannabinoids. Generally, if you are inhaling HHC products, the effects will last somewhere around four to six hours. If you use edible products, the effects will last for a longer period, somewhere around six to eight hours.

Can There Be Side Effects?

While most consumers will tolerate HHC, this doesn’t mean it is free from side effects, especially for consumers who take too much. Any reported side effects should rapidly decrease in severity. However, if the side effects are more serious than those listed below or rise rather than lower in their intensity, we recommend seeking the help of a medical professional. HHC effects that are sometimes present following consumption include:

  • Dizziness
  • Dry mouth
  • Nervousness 
  • Red eyes 
  • Lethargy
  • Increased appetite

What Is the Best HHC Product For Me?

The product that works best for one person may not be the preferred choice for another. The variety of products offers different benefits that may be appealing to the user. It is important to note that everybody reacts differently to hemp-based products, so it is best to experiment with different products until you find the one that works best for you.

One of the most interesting aspects of different types of HHC for sale is their ability to impart the effects differently. Edible products take much longer than inhalable products because they must be processed through your body’s digestive system before taking effect. That often means edibles will take up to 45 minutes or more to kick in. However, this comes with a trade-off: edibles last much longer than other consumption methods, often for around six to eight hours.

HHC oil has some variance in its onset times depending on how it is taken. While commonly ingested, HHC oil can also be taken under the tongue, reducing the onset time to a few minutes.

Inhalable products have an almost instant effect when consumed. Typically they will take two to three minutes to take effect and last for approximately 4 hours before the effects subside.

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How To Store HHC Products

Storing HHC products is similar to storing other hemp-derived materials. But one marked difference comes from HHC’s resilient structure that allows it to stay fresh much longer than other cannabinoids. Still, there are a few rules to generally follow to ensure your products stay fresh into the foreseeable future.

It’s important to keep your products out of direct sunlight to limit their exposure to the degrading effects of UV lights. It is also important to keep your products at a moderate temperature without too much fluctuation. And if you are storing flower products, storing them in an airtight container will help keep the buds fresh and free from dryness! Keep your products in a stable environment, and they should remain fresh for around two years!

Why Buy HHC Products From Hollyweed?

When shopping for hemp-derived HHC for sale and hemp products in general, it’s always best to look for the recommendation of a trusted expert. Many HHC brands are popping up, but Hollyweed is a hemp specialist committed to providing the best quality products, practical guides, and user-friendly articles to help our customers along the way. We also frequently provide great deals on our products, that way, everyone can have a shot at trying our products at a great price.

We also offer the services of our skilled customer service team, who are happy to guide you through any questions you might have regarding our products! And because we want to extend all possible benefits to our customers, we also offer a full money-back guarantee on returns. So please stop by our site to reap the benefits while you get your hands on the best quality HHC for sale!

Final Thoughts – HHC For Sale – Buy HHC Hemp Products

HHC is a cannabinoid that has gained popularity in recent years due to the variety of beneficial effects it can impart to consumers. It is well tolerated and can be a great addition to the wellness routines of many kinds of people.

Stop by Hollyweed to look at our varieties of HHC for sale, like pure HHC extract, HHC disposables, and much more. And if you’re interested in other varieties of cannabis-derived goods, like a hemp-derived CBD product, stop by for a look at the range of options we provide! We would be happy to have you as a member of our vibrant community of hemp enthusiasts!

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