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Any American who is 21 or older can buy Delta 8, Indiana residents included. It is federally legal, but it can still be difficult to come across. If you’re having trouble finding Delta 8 in Indiana, you’ve come to the right place.


In this article, we’ll discuss the legal status of D8 since there are a few factors to consider, as well as where you can buy Delta 8 in the Hoosier State. The easiest way to get Delta 8 is by shopping online, as we’ll explain in greater detail shortly. In fact, enough chit-chat ⁠— let’s get to the issue at hand.



Where Can I Buy Delta 8 In Indiana?

The most convenient place to buy Delta 8 THC is online at Hollyweed. We admit we have our bias, but can you really argue on this? Online shopping brings Delta 8 straight to your door, no matter where you are. You can enjoy your entire shopping experience from the comfort of your own home.


Shopping for Delta 8 in person can be challenging. It is a relatively new product compared to the rest of the cannabis market, and there may be limited availability near you. If you live in a rural area, it won’t be easy to find any Delta 8 near you, much less good Delta 8. If you live in an urban area, you may be able to find Delta 8 at a CBD store near you. Here are some of the most popular CBD vendors in Indiana:


Simple Garden CBD
1950 Kessler Blvd. W. Dr.
Indianapolis, IN 46228


East Tree Dispensary
221 N East St.
Indianapolis, IN 46204


Humanity Health CBD
10242 E US Highway 36
Avon, IN 46123



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Can Delta 8 Products Be Shipped To Indiana?

Absolutely! Hollyweed ships Delta 8 products anywhere in Indiana. Whether you live in the heart of Indianapolis or the rural outskirts of Stinesville, you have equal access to Delta 8 through the power of the internet. Better yet, Hollyweed offers free shipping to any location in Indiana. Don’t miss out on it!



Is Delta 8 Legal In Indiana?

Yes, Delta 8 THC is legal in Indiana! This may surprise you, given that Indiana state law has historically been unkind to cannabis. However, Delta 8 is actually legal under federal law. That’s right, the 2018 Farm Bill, also known as the Agriculture Improvement Act, made hemp-derived products legal in all 50 states!


Before 2018, state hemp laws varied from one place to the next. Indiana had strict rules against hemp and banned any member of the plant genus cannabis. These days, the law is more nuanced. Under the law, there are two categories of the plant Cannabis Sativa ⁠— hemp and marijuana.


By legal definition, a hemp plant is a cannabis crop containing 0.3% Delta 9 THC or less on a dry weight basis. Marijuana is any cannabis plant containing more than the legal limit of 0.3% Delta 9. The law does not single out other cannabinoids like Delta 8 or CBD, leaving them legal.


Marijuana is federally illegal under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970, even though some states have legalized it. Indiana still has strict laws against recreational marijuana, and the state can charge consumers with a class B misdemeanor under Indiana Code 35-48-4-11(a).


What does this mean for you? When you buy Delta 8 products, make sure they come from industrial hemp plants, not from marijuana. Delta 8, made from marijuana, is still a controlled substance. Follow regulations and keep yourself safe by only purchasing Delta 8 hemp products. That way, you can be certain of your legal status.


How Old Do You Have To Be To Buy Delta 8 in Indiana?

You must be at least 21-years-old to purchase Delta 8. This applies whether you are shopping for Delta 8 in Indiana, another state, or online.



Popular Hollyweed Delta 8 Products

Hollyweed carries a wide variety of Delta 8 products, including:


  • Delta 8 Flower: For fans of the classic cannabis experience, try our smokable hemp flower coated in a potent D8 distillate. We carry a selection of premium and top-shelf strains, including fan favorites like Northern Lights and Hawaiian Haze.
  • Delta 8 Pre-rolls: Pre-rolls and Delta 8 cigarettes are convenient and portable smoking methods. Save time and effort and forget rolling joints on your own. These tightly-packed pre-rolls are perfect.
  • Delta 8 Edibles: These sweet fruity snacks come with a precise dose of Delta 8 in every piece. Hollyweed edibles are vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO. We never utilize artificial ingredients or preservatives, delivering a purely organic, wholesome product.
  • Delta 8 VapesVapes are a popular and portable way to enjoy Delta 8 wherever you go. Delta 8 vape cartridges come in various flavors, from traditional cannabis strains like Pineapple Express to bold flavors like Mango and Blackberry. Most vape cartridges fit a standard, 510-threaded battery. You can try a disposable vape pen for an even more convenient option. 

And if you buy today, you can take an extra 15% off with the code INDIANA15!



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Why Buy Delta 8 Products From Hollyweed

Hollyweed is a leader in the Delta 8 and CBD industries. Here are some of the reasons our products stand out.


Premium Ingredients

Every Hollyweed product begins with natural, wholesome ingredients. All of our products are plant-based and made from 100% organic crops. Extensive research shows that organic farming practices benefit the local environment, and organic produce is better for the consumer as well. For us, choosing organic is a no-brainer.


There’s no artificial ingredients in our products. Artificial flavors and colors can contaminate your edibles and vape carts with toxic chemicals. Even worse, some brands use synthetic equivalents to natural cannabinoids like Delta 8, which can be harmful to your health. Not Hollyweed, though; we stick to the real ingredients that nature gave us.


Domestically-Grown Organic Hemp

The FDA (Federal Food and Drug Enforcement Agency) regulates hemp cultivation in the United States, a power given to them by the FD&C Act. All farms growing and processing hemp plants must comply with their guidelines. Remember hemp plants must contain no more than three-tenths Delta 9 THC.


Some companies try to cut corners by importing low-grade hemp from international growers. This is cheaper but results in a lower-quality product. Hemp grown in other countries may not comply with FDA regulations. To ensure you stay on the right side of the law, choose domestic hemp.


At Hollyweed, we only use organic, domestically-grown hemp to make our Delta 8. When you purchase our products, you support local hemp farmers in Oregon and Colorado.


Lab Testing for Quality

We have all of our products tested by third-party labs. They check the D8 potency of our items to ensure accurate label claims, and they also verify that the products contain no more than the legal limit of 0.3% Delta 9 THC.


We put transparency at the forefront of our business, and we make all independent lab reports available to our customers. You can find these reports (also known as Certificates of Analysis or COAs) on our website. Read them for yourself and put your mind at ease.


Great Customer Experience

Hollyweed offers an unparalleled customer experience. We offer free shipping on every order, regardless of the size. You heard that right; there is no minimum purchase required to get free shipping on your order. Each purchase comes backed by our 30-day money-back guarantee to reflect our confidence in our products.



Final Thoughts ⁠— Where to Buy Delta 8 In Indiana

If you want Delta 8 in Indiana, you may find your options limited. Even Indianapolis has a very small selection of retailers, and most other cities have none. For the best Delta 8 THC, look beyond your local market and consider online vendors like Hollyweed.


When you shop online, you’ll find a wide selection of Delta 8 products at your fingertips (and it’s a lot more convenient than going to the store). Visit the Hollyweed shop now, and before you know it, you’ll find a box of premium Delta 8 on your Indiana doorstep.

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