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Vapes are one of the most convenient ways for consumers to enjoy hemp products due to their discreteness, portability, and ease of use. With these advantages, it’s no wonder that vapes have become so popular. This is why we’ve decided to create and provide our customers access to their own HHC Vape Pen with an HHC Cartridge!

If you’re curious about HHC vape carts, HHC products, and how to find the best HHC vapes, this is the place for you! Please stick with me below to learn everything you need to know about HHC extract, how to get the best HHC vape cartridge effects, and more!


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Vapes are a great way for consumers to get a relieving dose of HHC quickly! You can feel the effects of an HHC vape as quickly as 30 seconds following inhalation, but it may take around one minute for you to feel the full effect. Aside from this, vapes are also delicious and true to the flavors of the strains they are extracted from, so you can get the most deliciousness without exposing yourself to smoke. Vaping is also much more inconspicuous than other consumption methods because it creates no lingering smells and should only take one puff to start working! 

HHC can promote various wellness benefits. Some of the benefits associated with HHC include: 

  • Mood enhancing benefits 

  • Light euphoric quality 

  • Energizing, uplifting effect
  • Promotes natural sleep 
  • Mitigates swelling 
  • Relieves discomfort 
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An HHC vape cartridge contains hexahydrocannabinol extract, or HHC distillate. These devices create flavorful vapor from the distillate that consumers can inhale to impart its effects. You can find HHC cartridges in two different forms: disposable and regular HHC cartridges.

Manufacturers design disposable vapes for people to throw away when they’re empty. That means they are not designed to be recharged and, once empty, you can throw them away. While disposable vapes are convenient for some consumers who may not want to hold on to a battery or those vaping on the go, we find vape cartridges to be more environmentally friendly.

HHC vape cartridges work in a more sustainable way than disposables. An HHC vape cartridge setup consists of multiple parts, including a reusable battery and the cartridge itself – which you can dispose of when it’s emptied. With a vape cartridge, instead of throwing away the entire device, the only waste comes from the glass tank, creating significantly less environmental impact than throwing away a battery every time.

We’ve covered how to vape it and the advantages of cartridges, but what is HHC exactly? Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) is a natural cannabinoid from the hemp plant. But because HHC is naturally in small concentrations in hemp plants, to get more, HHC is typically made by technicians using a process called hydrogenation. Hydrogenation utilizes a metal catalyst to add a hydrogen molecule to a cannabinoid like Delta 9 or CBD gummies online. In addition to other technical processes, the introduction of this extra molecule results in the creation of hemp-derived HHC!

Experts regard HHC as the most stable cannabinoid because of its long shelf life. Due to the process of hydrogenation, HHC is highly resistant to UV radiation. Through hydrogenation, HHC is also less susceptible to oxidization and subsequent chemical breakdown.

Despite only recently gaining widespread popularity, HHC is not a new invention. In fact, HHC was first created by an American chemist named Roger Adams over 70 years ago in 1947! Adams is also credited with identifying and isolating CBD, impressively in the same decade as he conducted his research on HHC!

HHC vapes, however, are a newer invention. HHC vapes hit the hemp industry later, sometime in the mid or early 2010s. While still not as well known by people as some other cannabinoids like CBD or Delta 9 THC, HHC has recently grown in popularity and should continue to do so as more and more people learn about its desirable effects and benefits.

HHC is a well-tolerated hemp-derived cannabinoid. One of the things we love about HHC is that it can provide beneficial effects without serious side effects. There are no known cases of fatal overdose resulting from HHC use. In addition, HHC consumption is unlikely to result in the creation of negative or unintended side effects.

The 2018 Farm Bill established language supporting HHC’s legality by differentiating hemp and marijuana. The Farm Bill defines hemp as cannabis plants containing 0.3% THC or less by dry weight. Cannabis plants containing more than this amount are marijuana, which has not yet become federally legal. This has allowed for the widespread creation of hemp-derived products and a hemp market at large! By this logic, HHC extract is legal so long as it is from hemp.

We wouldn’t love HHC so much if it weren’t for the beneficial effects it provides consumers! HHC consumers report euphoric and uplifting effects, but various other therapeutic effects can potentially be encouraged when you consume HHC. Some of these beneficial effects include:

  • Promotes euphoria
  • Stress relief
  • Lowers discomfort
  • Encourages lessened swelling
  • Supports natural sleep cycle
  • Promotes relaxation

Like any substance, the strength of HHC will be largely dependent on the perception of the consumer, along with their own individual characteristics influencing their body’s reaction to the product. That being said, many consumers describe HHC as being somewhat similar in effect to Delta 9 THC but with a potency of around 70-80% of its strength.

Now that you have a general idea of how strong HHC is, it is probably in your best interest to develop a baseline for how much you should vape, especially if it is your first time vaping with an HHC vape cartridge. Finding the best amount for you is important if you want to get a good experience and avoid garnering some potentially negative unintended side effects.

We recommend a simple method to start: begin with a small serving and then wait for effects to kick in before administering more. When you vape HHC, the effects should immediately take effect, making it easier to determine if you’ve taken the right amount sooner rather than later.

If you find the effects underwhelming following the first serving, you can take more. Just be sure to do so in small increments to be as careful as possible. After all, you can’t take HHC’s effects back after it’s been consumed, so it is always best to do less if you want to avoid any chance of doing too much.

To purchase an HHC vape, we require our customers to be able to verify that they are 18 years or older. You can expect the majority of dispensaries, smoke shops, and even smaller stores that stock HHC to follow this rule of thumb. In addition, some places might require consumers to be 21 years or older to purchase any cannabinoid products. As such, always check your state and local regulations regarding HHC before making any attempts to purchase it online or in person.


There are many methods for consuming HHC, from gummies and other edibles like tinctures to simpler methods like HHC flower. But utilizing a vape cartridge is one of the most effective and technologically advanced ways to take hemp-derived HHC. If you are new to vaping, then this section can be your guide on HHC vape cartridge directions!

If you just recently bought your vape, there could be instructions included that you can reference. Try checking the contents of the vape’s box, or check to see if instructions are provided through the product packaging. If not, there is no need to panic! Vaping is a simple and straightforward process.

First, check to confirm the type of vape you are using. Are you trying to use a disposable vape cartridge, or did you decide to pick up a button or breath-activated vape cartridge and battery?

If you went with a disposable vape, the process is simple. First, press the button on the front of the vape five times to turn it on. The button’s LED light should flash, indicating that it is on. After this, the process is short and sweet: simply place your lips to the mouthpiece of the vape and slowly inhale while holding down the button. The longer you hold the button, the more likely the vape is to create warm vapors, so short bursts are recommended to avoid a harsher experience.

Using a cartridge-based system is mostly the same as a disposable, aside from the addition of one extra step: screwing the vape cartridge in. To ensure this part goes smoothly, all you need to do is get your hands on a 510 threaded battery. You can find reliable batteries here on our site! Now, all you have to do is screw it in! Just be sure it’s not too tight but also not too loose, as the vape cartridge airway is dependent on how tightly the cartridge is screwed on.

After you have your cartridge attached to the battery, turn it on with five quick presses and then inhale from the mouthpiece while pressing the button just as before, and you are good to go! If you decide to go with a breath-activated vape cartridge, all you have to do is inhale from the mouthpiece, and the vape will activate automatically.

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Knowing the anatomy of a cartridge may be useful for you as you continue to learn and familiarize yourself with your vape device. A vape pen is a relatively simple device, so we are sure you will catch on quickly! First, it’s important to understand that a cartridge vape works using two primary parts, the battery and the cartridge, each containing their own smaller parts.

The battery is the cylindrical component that provides power to the cartridge to create vapor. The battery is the part of the vape that you will need to attach to a USB charger when the vape runs out of power.

The type of battery needed for most cartridge brands is called a 510 threaded battery. 510 refers to the thread type used to secure the battery to the cartridge. If you think of how a lightbulb screws into a socket, you’ll have a good image of what the threads do in a vape pen! The part where the screwed-in cartridge receives a charge from the battery is referred to as the contact; again, if you think of a light bulb, it’s the part where the bottom of the bulb touches the metal plate inside the socket.

The next primary part of a vape setup is the cartridge itself. Essentially the cartridge looks like a glass tube with a plastic mouthpiece and a vertical metal tube running down the center with HHC oil inside. The tank is the glass piece and overall housing for the liquid and other components. Inside the tank are all components that transform the liquid into flavorful vapor.

The cartridge’s atomizer is the main component responsible for transforming the energy from the battery into heat. After the atomizer fires, it uses the generated heat to warm up the cartridge’s coils. These pieces are directly responsible for raising the temperature of the HHC extract to the point where it will turn into vapor.


When shopping for HHC vape cartridges, there are various considerations to look for that can help raise the chances of finding the best HHC vapes available. If you are new to buying HHC vapes, it might initially seem difficult to figure out what to look for, but with the help of this guide, we are sure that vape fans, new and old, will learn something new to help them through the process. Check below for some things to look out for!

When buying your HHC vape, some of the factors that may have a larger impact on the quality might not seem obvious at first. This is especially true because many of the qualities you need to look out for will not be apparent simply by looking at the product. To make the best decision, you will need to consider various factors. For your convenience, we have listed some of these considerations below.

A Certificate of Analysis (COA) is the best way to ensure that a product is trustworthy. The COA will detail the product’s contents down to a chemical level, detailing every aspect of the active ingredients’ quality. Any product worth your time and consideration should come with a COA to get full transparency on what you are consuming. You can typically find the COA included through a QR code on the product’s package or the company’s website.

This is an essential thing to consider for those who want a more powerful experience from HHC. Some products are designed to have a higher potency than others, and some are designed to provide the consumer with a milder experience. To confirm the product’s potency, you can try checking the packaging for a list of how many milligrams of HHC are contained inside.

The strain used to make the HHC vape may impact how you experience its effects. This is from the natural terpenes that compose the strain’s terpene profile that was used in the initial phase of HHC extraction. You can look for strains that compliment what you would like from HHC to get the best results.

A low price does not always assure a quality product, just as a high price does not necessarily mean that the product is truly worth the price. Price is a useful way to determine whether a product is worth it or not, but it must be considered alongside the other factors we have discussed here. With the proper understanding of the general qualities that justify the price, you will have a much greater chance of securing a product at a reasonable cost.

One of the tools we all use for buying anything online is the user reviews provided before checkout. Reviews give us access to people’s opinions just like us and allow us to cut through the marketing language and promises made through paid advertisements. With user reviews, you will instead be exposed to the good and the bad of a product so you can be more informed overall during your purchase.

Another mark of a trustworthy company with a good product is its ability to provide the consumer with timely returns. Try seeking out a company that provides a return policy with a money-back guarantee. While it is always best to find a product you will not need to return, it is still best to have a good return policy as a backup.

There are various places to get HHC vape cartridges online and sometimes even in person. But if you want to get the best HHC vapes, it’s always better to go with a trusted source with experience in the cannabinoid industry, like us here at Hollyweed! We make our vape carts using organic ingredients and natural terpenes to give our customers the best the hemp plant offers.

Our customers continue to work with us because of our dedication to creating high-quality products suitable for many different lifestyles. Hollyweed encourages wellness through facilitating the six pillars of wellness; spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional, environmental, and social, which we believe facilitate wholeness in the individual. Vape cartridges are a super popular way for consumers to get cannabinoids in their wellness routine. Vapes are convenient and portable and come in many varieties, making them a user-friendly way for many individuals to get the benefits of compounds like HHC! HHC may be the newest kid on the block in terms of popularity. However, this well-tolerated cannabinoid can be a great new introduction to the routine of wellness enthusiasts. Pick from three delicious flavors (for now) if you want to discover a new and exciting cannabinoid! Experience everything Hollyweed has to offer, and you’ll be off to a good start! 

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It can be frustrating to run into issues when trying to use your vape. When everything is set and ready to go, we all dread that moment, but no vapor comes from the device. To help you avoid disaster, here are some simple fixes to common problems.

  • Clogged Vape Cartridge: Fixing a clog is simple but takes some knowledge to pull off. First, you’ll have to identify the source of the clog. Is the clog from the distillate clumping together? Or is the airflow simply blocked in the mouthpiece? If the distillate is clumped together, an easy way to loosen it up is to apply some heat using a hairdryer. If the clog is in the airflow, applying heat will be helpful but try using a paperclip or any small sharp tool to dislodge the clump.

Leaky Cart: If you just took a pull from your vape and came out with a mouth full of liquid, first, apologies that you had to experience that. But more important is understanding how to deal with it and prevent it from continuing to occur. More often than not, leaking occurs due to the user inhaling too hard on the vape, pulling excessive liquid into the atomizer, and then pulling the un-vaporized liquid through the mouthpiece. To prevent it from happening again, you can simply blow through the mouthpiece. This should eventually push the liquid back into the cart, clearing the leak.


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