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Hollyweed CBD Relief Salve contains 500-2000mg of Full-Spectrum CBD to melt tension and soreness FAST. With all-natural, organic ingredients, this soothing balm provides comfort from a range of aches while nourishing the skin. The soothing sensation of CBD and the aroma of essential oils put your mind and body in a state of pure zen. This salve is ideal for athletes, office workers, or anyone with aches they can’t shake. Use it where it hurts for speedy, powerful relief!

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Hollyweed CBD Body Lotion packs soothing relief, delicious fragrance, and skin-nourishing ingredients in one bottle! Our all-natural moisturizing formula is infused with full-spectrum cannabidiol to rejuvenate your system. With powerful hydrating ingredients like shea butter, aloe vera, and coconut and olive oil, this cream restores your skin to its radiant, silky-smooth glory. You won’t find a single preservative or paraben in this lotion — just a pure, blissful CBD experience you’ll love day after day.

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CBD Topicals

Unlike ingestible forms of CBD (inhaling, eating, etc.) that take effect by circulating through the bloodstream, CBD topicals are designed to target the specific area where they were applied. There isn’t really a “dosage” for CBD topicals – you use as much as you feel is needed at the time.

Topical CBD products interact with cannabinoid receptors on your skin. The soothing effects of these products are localized to the areas you apply them to, meaning you won’t feel them in your whole body.

The most popular topical CBD product we carry is our CBD pain salves that can provide relief. Made with a range of essential oils and packed with 500mg or 1000mg of CBD per jar, this salve is meant for targeted relief of tension or discomfort. A small amount should help with mild aches, but it can also be used liberally without worry.

In addition to our CBD body lotions and salve, we make CBD bath bombs and hand sanitizers. There really is a form of CBD for everybody.

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