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Best CBD Skin Care Products In 2022 : Try It Now!

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We all want to feel empowered to do what we know works best for our wellness. Now more than ever, consumers are digging for info on popular health trends to find what could work best to improve their lives. If you’re one of these people, it’s likely you have come across information about the impressive benefits of CBD food and the variety of products you can find it in. CBD tends to get touted as a catch-all response to all health problems. While this is a falsity, there is a grain of truth here: CBD is exceptionally flexible in its applications. You can find CBD in its natural flower form, extracted into various vape products, tinctures, and CBD skin care products!


We created this article to help familiarize you with the numerous benefits gained through CBD skin care products so that you can start your CBD skin care journey on the right foot!



What is CBD Skin Care?

If you already have an established skin care routine, you know that everyone has a slightly different approach based on their needs. This process can include applying skin serums, face creams, scrubs, body oil, and a myriad of other products. CBD skincare is very similar, if not identical, to these routines, but with the added power of CBD extracts!


Incorporating a CBD product into your routine is simple. All you need to do is find some CBD skin products that treat the same skin conditions as your non-CBD products, and you’ll be off to a good start!



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How are CBD Skin Care Products Made?

Without getting too deep into how skin care products are formulated, it’s still important to outline how CBD makes its way into our skin care products. First, CBD is extracted from hemp flower using a complex extraction method utilizing supercritical C02, resulting in a pure, solventless CBD extract. Following this, the pure extract is combined with hemp seed oil or another carrier oil to increase the compound’s bioavailability once it makes contact with the skin.


The result of this process is a product referred to as CBD oil. CBD oil is highly versatile, as it can be ingested or incorporated in other products, giving birth to the exciting variety of products we have access to today.


You can also add CBD oil to the products you already have to give them a boost! Measure out your desired dosage of CBD oil and essential oils to give skin products a custom touch. You’ll love the added benefits CBD will give to your preferred brands, so don’t hesitate to perform a little CBD bootlegging if you ever have the desire for a unique product!


Are CBD Skin Care Products Legal?

Due to the rules outlined in the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD skin care products are federally legal so long as they are from hemp containing less than 0.3% THC. However, state laws can determine specifics regarding CBD legality. As such, be sure to check the laws of the current state you’re trying to buy CBD in to make sure there are no active restrictions.



What Are the Benefits of Using CBD for Skin Care?

Academic research institutions still have yet to identify all of the benefits of treating skin with cannabis-derived compounds. However, manufacturers still use CBD as an additive to increase the effectiveness of skin and beauty products, especially for those with sensitive skin. Some of the most well-regarded benefits that CBD consumers enjoy include:


  • Calms puffy, irritated skin
  • Reduces redness
  • Regulates oil production
  • Moisturizes dry patches
  • Helps fight breakouts
  • Works to prevent wrinkles


These qualities make CBD skincare a potential response to a variety of common skin issues.



CBD skin care products can help balance the output of oils coming from the sebaceous glands found under your skin. This can help prevent oil buildup on the skin’s surface, which could otherwise cause an acne breakout.


Besides its ability to regulate oil production, CBD is effective as a method for lowering swelling. This makes it great for applying to sore and unsightly pimples, effectively lowering their visibility and assisting in healing the skin.


Itchy Dry Skin

Because CBD skin products are good at balancing oils and promoting skin hydration, it is also great to hydrate skin with healthy amounts of reinvigorating moisture. It can also reduce redness, greatly assisting in reducing the appearance of irritation. Through these qualities, CBD can holistically treat factors causing dry skin, providing a lasting relief rather than a simple cover-up.


Aging Skin

Anti-aging products are like the Holy Grail of the skincare world. For many people, anti-aging benefits are exactly what got them interested in skin care in the first place! No, CBD oil won’t make you younger, but consistent use of a CBD-infused product may discourage signs related to aging like wrinkles and dark spots.


Broken Skin

Sometimes skin can get so dry and irritated; it just cracks right open! This is not exactly a desirable state for one of your body’s most important organs to be in, so you’ll surely be happy to hear that CBD might be able to help with that. Along with its ability to reduce swelling and calm down irritation, CBD may help fight off infection and speed up recovery times.



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How Do CBD Skin Care Products Work?

Now we know all about what CBD skin care products do, but what about the specifics of how they work? CBD influences the endocannabinoid system (ECS) to create its perceived benefits. The ECS has an active role in regulating many of the body’s important systems, even if you don’t consume any cannabis compounds!


The ECS affects processes including:


  • Sleep
  • Memory
  • Mood
  • Appetite


ECS receptors are in skin cells, allowing CBD to directly target and relieve problem areas. When applied as a topical, CBD interacts with the ECS on a more localized level giving relief to specific sites that need it. Topical CBD is not widely distributed throughout the bloodstream but stays local to the area you apply it to, providing benefits in a centralized, less generalized manner.


Onset Time

The onset time happens to be another one of the valuable qualities of CBD topical products. Most topicals should take effect either immediately or within approximately 15 minutes. This fast onset allows consumers to get relief right when they need it, so you can feel inspired to move through your day in comfort.



You can expect the effects of CBD topicals to stick around for a good enough timeframe to experience some deep relief. This could last 2-4 hours depending on the person, but it should be enough for consumers to experience the soothing benefits of CBD.


Frequency of Use

As a well-tolerated natural compound, CBD topicals should not be harmful to use frequently. Still, the product’s packaging should include some information about the recommended rate of use most of the time. Generally speaking, this number often falls between 3-5 times a day, depending on the potency of the CBD and the individual’s desired outcome.



What Are the Best CBD Skin Care Products?

To find the best CBD skin care products (and various other awesome choices), check out our line of topical relief products at Hollyweed. We are happy to provide you with potent and relaxing CBD relief salve and CBD body lotion to give you powerful, all-natural relief. We follow strict sourcing guidelines for our hemp to ensure that our customers have the best CBD experience possible.



Which Ingredients Should I Avoid When Using CBD for Skin Care?

As with any topical or skin care product, there are some less desirable ingredients you should be sure to avoid. Always try to research any product you are using, especially those that go on your skin, so you can avoid having a bad reaction. Some of these undesirable ingredients include:


  • Artificial dyes
  • Acidic ingredients
  • Artificial fragrances
  • Polyethylene glycol


These are only a few examples to make a point. Generally, stay away from products that include synthetically derived chemicals and instead opt for something made naturally. Hemp can provide its greatest benefit when in its fully natural form, so it would be a shame to taint it with harsh, potentially harmful chemicals.



Final Thoughts – CBD Skin Care

Most people interested in natural health are now well aware of the wealth of benefits that CBD brings to the table. It has garnered devoted fans from all different walks of life to enjoy its many great qualities. Now with the help of Hollyweed, you can see why for yourself! So if you want to kick your skin care routine up to the next level, try adding CBD to your daily routine!

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