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CBD Near Me: Finding The Best Hemp is Easy With This Guide


CBD has a lot of benefits: it can help us sleep better, ease digestive discomfort, uplift us into a more joyful mood, and more. We always keep extras of our fave CBD products in our purses and overnight bags, but sometimes we can be forgetful — it’s okay, we’re human. That doesn’t mean we need to alter our daily routines or miss out on having our CBD for moments we need it most. Did you know you can restock quickly by searching “CBD near me” online?


This guide should make it, so you don’t have to miss a beat, even if you accidentally left your fave CBD at home. Before you let a single hair go astray — let’s get the scoop together and find the best quality CBD near you!


Using Local Maps on Google to Find CBD Near Me

Before you start, open up your browser on your phone or computer — everyone’s browser may look a little different, but this is essentially the app where you do all of your searching.


  1. Start by searching “Google Maps.” If you have the Google Maps app on your phone, you can skip this and go there first instead.
  2. Type in your current street address into Google Map’s search bar, and hit Enter or Search.
  3. Once Google has located you, click on the “Nearby” button (the button itself resembles an upside-down teardrop).
    1. The button will appear on the left-hand side of the screen under your address and next to the “Directions” and “Save” buttons.
  4. Then, type “CBD” in the Google Map search bar — if you have a particular product in mind, like “CBD oils,” “CBD edibles,” or “CBD isolate,” you can type this in too. Hit Enter again.
  5. Local Maps will find a list of CBD stores and highlight nearby locations on the map with red, upside-down teardrop markers.
  6. Click on each marker to learn more about each local shop and find their contact information. By finding their website or by calling, you’ll be able to learn about the products they have.


Are There Risks to Buying CBD from Local Merchants?

As with most other products, there can be risks to buying CBD locally. When you buy locally from new shops, it can be hard to determine whether the products you’re getting are good quality. Before buying, ask shop merchants whether they can provide you with a Certificate of Authenticity (or COA), so you can determine whether a product has been quality-tested in any third-party laboratories.


If you live in a state where marijuana is legal, it may be a better bet for you to stop in a local dispensary than a random local retailer. Generally, you’ll have an easier time finding high-quality CBD products in dispensaries. Dispensaries will usually have more experience within the CBD industry than gas stations or other market stores. That being said, if you don’t have any dispensaries near you or don’t have the time, buying CBD products online is always an option!






How To Find CBD Online

Buying CBD online can sometimes be even easier than buying it in stores! Start by opening your web browser up, just as you would if looking for CBD locally and as we showed you previously.


  1. Then, type “CBD near me” into the top search bar. If you’re looking for any specific kinds of products (like broad spectrum or full spectrum CBD), you can type that in too! Next, hit Enter or Return.
  2. Your search engine will create a list of the top sellers for CBD products.
  3. Visit the top websites (and any that catch your eye) to compare products and decide which brand is right for you.
  4. After finding your fave site or brand, add the items you’d like to your cart. Don’t forget to search the site for coupon codes or sales before buying.
  5. Finally, check out! Online shopping can be that easy.



What To Look For When Shopping For CBD

It’s possible that you already know exactly what product you’re looking for — maybe you just ran out of your favorite full spectrum CBD oil and want to refill your supply. Or maybe, you just heard that CBD-infused organic honey is a thing and need to get your hands on it ASAP. Either way, you should know which ingredients to avoid before shopping, as well as those that are beneficial for your well-being.



Ingredients To Avoid:

Not all CBD products are top-quality. Hemp plants participate in bioaccumulation, which means they absorb the substances around them. That means that when hemp grows in contaminated soils, its products come with harmful contaminants.


These unhealthy contaminants can include:

  • Heavy metals, like lead, arsenic, and cadmium.
  • Pesticides and herbicides are harmful for ingestion.
  • Any premium MCT oil, especially if you’re planning on inhaling your CBD products. MCT oil isn’t necessarily bad to ingest, but it isn’t good for you if you inhale it.


The best way to ensure that your CBD products don’t contain any dangerous ingredients is by looking to see if the brands you buy from are participating in third-party lab testing. Any reputable company will display that they conduct lab tests on their site, so you know that their products don’t contain any harsh ingredients.


Quality Ingredients To Look For When Buying CBD:

You may know what to avoid, but it’s just as important to know what’s good too! If you notice any of the following ingredients in a CBD product you’re thinking about purchasing, you’re likely looking at something good.


Give these ingredients the green light next time you’re shopping around:

  • All-natural ingredients, including flavorings and colorants. We don’t like artificial ingredients or chemicals in our foods, so why would we want them in our CBD products?
  • High-quality CBD extract that’s derived from hemp plants.
  • Organic foods and superfoods, like hemp seed oil (often used in tinctures to make CBD more digestible) and terpenes (often found in full spectrum products, these can help boost your overall well-being).


USA Grown Hemp CBD Vs Imported Hemp CBD

Even though the Federal Drug Administration has made hemp-derived CBD products federally legal, that doesn’t mean that those regulations have transferred over to imported products. This is something you should keep in mind when shopping online.


CBD isn’t as regulated in other nations. This makes it more difficult to tell what to expect from a final product after shipping. When you purchase cannabis products from the US, you’ll be able to easily find out a lot more about them — including what other ingredients your products contain, where the hemp came from, and more.


Is it Farm Bill Compliant?

USA-grown hemp CBD must be Farm Bill Compliant to be federally legal. This means that CBD must be derived from hemp (not from marijuana) and must contain 0.3% Delta 9 THC or less.


When one imports cannabis products, it’s almost impossible to tell what’s in them. There aren’t any set national regulations in place for keeping track of percentages of THC or CBD in hemp products. There’s no guarantee that you’ll get exactly what you ordered, even if it is shipped into the US legally.






Is It Made With Organic Hemp?

When you purchase hemp products that grow locally, you may even be able to source your product back to the singular hemp plant itself! Though it may take a bit of searching, learning about the farm that your hemp CBD grew on can tell you a lot about the quality of hemp that you’re consuming. This may help you learn whether any pesticides in your hemp grows, how well the plants grew and if they grow organically, and more.


Hollyweed always uses organic hemp CBD because we believe in creating products you can trust. We want to support your whole being, so we only use ingredients that align with our wellness vision to deliver you the best of the best.


Why Choose Hollyweed for CBD Products?

Aside from being organic, our cannabidiol products are just all-around good. We love our furry friends just as much as you do! That’s why our products are 100% vegan, and utilize natural flavorings and colorings. We also carry a wide range of products! From CBD gummies, full spectrum oils, CBD topicals, hemp flower, and more, we’re confident we have something for you.


Ready to practice those shiny new online shopping skills? Visit Hollyweed’s Shop section today to see everything we have in store and for free shipping on every order.

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