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CBG Isolate: What Is It and How Does It Work? [Informative Guide]

cbg isolate

CBG isolate – what is it, what does it do, and why are people gaining interest in it? You may have noticed that CBG isolate sounds mighty similar to CBD isolate. Well, CBG is similar to CBD in many ways, but it also has some unique and exciting qualities. Dive in with us as we explore everything that CBG isolate has to offer.



What is CBG?

CBG stands for cannabigerol — a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in trace amounts in mature hemp plants (typically ≈ 1% or less). If you’ve enjoyed CBD hemp flower, vapes, edibles, or topicals, there’s a good chance you’ve already interacted with a bit of CBG.


There’s so little CBG in mature hemp plants because CBG begins as cannabigerolic acid (CBGA). As plants mature, most CBGA is broken down into cannabidiolic acid (CBDA) and tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA). CBDA and THCA eventually become CBD and THC. This is why CBG is called the mother of all cannabinoids.


Normally, a significant amount of CBG is lost during this process, resulting in roughly 1% or less. However, modern harvesting techniques and technology have allowed us at Hollyweed to boost the CBG content of each hemp plant. By genetically selecting crops with more CBG, we can breed plants that produce much more than 1% CBG.


CBG has become increasingly popular as a natural therapeutic remedy for a range of discomforts, including:


  • Worried/nervous thinking


  • Muscle soreness


  • Body aches


  • Digestive concerns


  • Trouble sleeping


  • Joint stiffness/swelling


  • And many more!


CBD is a fantastic natural tool for relieving the above irritations. It has soothing properties that are particularly adept at helping people fall and stay asleep. Certain CBD strains have stronger sedative properties than others, and some people would prefer an energizing experience.


CBG offers an interestingly similar therapeutic experience to CBD, but it also has more energizing and uplifting qualities than some CBD strains. That’s not to say that CBD doesn’t lift people up because it can! Plenty of people find clear-headed, alert focus with CBD — but CBG tends to provide those effects more often and more readily than CBD.


Like CBD, CBG can help remedy the irritations we mentioned above. Plus, it’s an effective appetite booster and may be able to aid oxidative balance.



What Is CBG Isolate?

CBG isolate is the purest form of cannabigerol. The hemp plant contains many cannabinoids (cannabis-derived compounds), including CBD, THC, and CBG. When CBG is extracted from the hemp plant, all of these cannabinoids and other plant compounds are removed together (CBG isolate is THC-free).


To get pure CBG isolate, lab technicians put the extract through a process that removes everything except CBG molecules. In the end, they’re left with incredibly pure CBG isolate in the form of a white crystalline powder.


What is CBD Isolate?

CBG isolate is similar to CBD isolate. While CBG isolate contains only cannabigerol molecules, CBD isolate products contain only cannabidiol molecules. Whether it’s CBD or CBG, isolates offer the highest purity of any hemp product. 


Both CBG and CBD isolates are colorless, odorless, and made from hemp extract. Even though industrial hemp is evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), CBG and CBD product are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical conditions. 


If isolates have one drawback, it’s that they offer the weakest entourage effect. This effect refers to all the compounds extracted from hemp working together to boost CBG or CBD’s effects. High-quality products should make up for this with healthy ingredients that strengthen the effects.



blast of CBD isolate in air



What Are the Benefits of CBG Isolate?

CBG isolate is a versatile and potent form of cannabigerol with an extensive list of benefits. Like other cannabinoids, CBG interacts with receptors in our bodies. This interaction boosts the functionality of our endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is a body-wide signaling system that helps us maintain homeostasis.


Usually, the ECS relies on our bodies’ naturally-produced endocannabinoids to interact with these receptors. Endocannabinoids are typically released in response to tension or discomfort. If you sprain your wrist, endocannabinoids interact with the receptors nearby and signal your ECS.


Once the ECS receives the signal, it will start mitigating pain, reducing inflammation, and initiating an immune response. When you ingest CBG (or the CBD cannabinoid), you’re giving your ECS a helping hand.


The ECS takes care of even more than relieving discomfort! It also helps regulate body temperature, mood, sleep, appetite, digestion, and many more functions that improve our homeostasis.



How Do You Use CBG Isolate?

CBG isolate is the way to go if you’re looking for something versatile. Isolate powder can be ingested in many different ways, such as:


  • Oral Ingestion – Place it on your tongue and swallow it.



  • Dissolve It – Mix it into beverages.


  • Add it to Food – Sprinkle it over dishes like pasta, salad, guacamole, soup, and more.


  • Vape It – Use a vaporizer designed to heat isolate.


  • Add it to Flower – Sprinkle it in with your favorite hemp flower strain. Pro tip: Hollyweed offers Goliath, a hemp flower that contains equal parts CBD and CBG!


  • Dab It – Dab powder out of a small glass bucket attachment that easily fits onto a dab rig.


  • Create Your Own CBG Isolate Tincture – Mix it into your favorite carrier oil (hemp seed, coconut, avocado, etc.).


Some people find one method of consuming their favorite cannabinoid — like tincture or hemp flower — and love it! But some people prefer to switch it up and do different things. Isolate powder is a terrific way to continuously spice up your CBG routine and bring its beneficial effects into many parts of your life.



What Are the Effects of CBG Isolate?

CBG isolate promotes relaxation, calmness, clearheadedness, and balance throughout our entire body and mind. Everyone feels the effects of cannabinoids differently, although there are some common advantages that most people seem to experience.


Most CBG isolate consumers feel the uplifting, energizing effects in one or more ways. Some people report that CBG isolate instills a sense of creativity and focus alongside reducing their physical and mental tensions. Others report that it makes them feel rejuvenated, upbeat, and motivated.


CBG isolate can also boost people’s appetites, reduce swelling, and promote an overall sense of balance and wellness. Since CBG isolate is void of all other cannabinoids, terpenes (these affect a strain’s taste and flavor), and other compounds, it allows you to feel the pure, potent, and uninhibited therapeutic effects of cannabigerol.



Will Using CBG Show Up on a Drug Test?

No, CBG isolate will not show up on drug tests for work or athletics. Those tests detect things like THC from marijuana or other intoxicating substances. CBG isolate is non-intoxicating, 100% legal, and drug tests don’t search for CBG. Plus, it doesn’t even have any THC in it!


However, you should be cautious if you’re shopping around for CBG isolate and other hemp-derived products. Not all companies are reputable and follow the same strict practices we do. Some companies are irresponsible or careless about what’s in their products and could leave THC in the mix.


One thing to always look for when shopping for hemp products is a Certificate of Analysis (COA). Reputable companies have their products 3rd-party lab-tested to ensure the stated cannabinoid levels on the label are accurate. These labs then post the results in the form of COAs for you to look at on their website.


If you’re unable to find a COA, it’s best to move on to a company that provides them (see our COAs here). You want to make sure you’re buying and consuming safe, reliable products that contain the ingredients you’re looking for and nothing more.



How to Measure CBG Isolate

Measuring CBG isolate is a delicate task that you should do carefully every time. The best and most precise way to measure your isolate is by using a digital scale that measures to hundredths or (even better) thousandths of a gram. Don’t worry; you can get a high-quality scale for under $20.


Using a tiny scooper, place some isolate onto your scale. You’re going to try and measure out the exact amount of isolate that will give you your recommended dose of CBG.


Our general dosage recommendation is 0.25mg (mild dose) to 0.5mg (strong dose) of CBG isolate per pound of body weight. For instance, if you weigh 140lbs, your dosage range would be 35mg to 70mg of CBG isolate.


The more accurate and sensitive your scale, the more precise your CBG isolate dosing will be. After some time, you may be able to eyeball the correct dosage, but we recommend using a scale anyway so you can be 100% accurate.


If you’re looking for a light CBG isolate experience that gently mellows you out, try a mild dose. If you need more substantial rejuvenating and uplifting effects, try a strong dose!



cbg powder on large scale



Why Choose Hollyweed CBD for CBG?

We know that you have many options when it comes to CBG isolate, and we’re honored that you stopped by our site today. You are our top priority — we wouldn’t be in this business if we didn’t care about how our products help and comfort you.


Natural therapeutic remedies are a fantastic way to ease irritation, kickstart your day, or unwind in the evening. Not only is our CBG isolate all-natural, but it’s also 100% organic and non-GMO. Additionally, we always send our products for 3rd-party lab testing and post the COAs on our website for your viewing.


Our hemp is evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration to ensure it is safe and doesn’t contain more than the legal THC limit (0.3%). All our industry-leading products are in compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill. CBG isolate has incredible benefits, but this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical conditions. We also offer free shipping and 


As always, if you have any inquiries about our CBG isolate or other products, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We’d love to hear from you and answer all of your questions.

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