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How Old Do You Have to Be to Buy CBD? 2023 Legal Guide

how old to purchase cbd

CBD is a natural compound found in hemp. You’ll often see people smoking it, vaping it, digesting it, or even using it in lotion directly on their skin. CBD can also be found in products for pets, like treats, catnip, and oil tinctures. CBD is becoming more and more prominent in the mainstream market thanks to its many benefits and the fact that it won’t get users high. But how old do you have to be to purchase CBD?


This is a question a lot of people have since CBD is so often compared to marijuana, which is still illegal to buy and use in a lot of the states. But unlike marijuana, hemp won’t get you high. That’s because it only contains 0.3% THC or less. This also makes it legal, meaning it’s found in an abundance of stores and smoke shops throughout the United States.

Even though CBD is legal, is there an age limit? The short answer is: No. CBD can be legally purchased by customers of any age according to US law. But that doesn’t mean each store won’t have its own rules and regulations. So let’s take a closer look at what age you have to be to purchase CBD in the United States.



Is CBD Legal?

Yes, CBD is legal throughout the country! The Farm Bill was passed in 2018, announcing that hemp that’s produced to meet the bill’s regulations is legal. Hemp is a cannabis plant that contains below 0.3% THC. Essentially, any hemp product that contains 0.3% THC or less is now legal in the United States.


THC is a phytocannabinoid found in cannabis that gets people high. Marijuana contains well above 0.3% THC. For this reason, marijuana is still considered a schedule one drug. Any hemp with over 0.3% THC levels are also considered illegal, even if it’s from a hemp plant.



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Is CBD Legal in All 50 States?

Meanwhile, CBD is legal in all 50 states. It’s a non-psychoactive phytocannabinoid, meaning it won’t get you high. The Farm Bill stated that the government understood the “importance, diversity, and opportunity of the plant and products derived from it.” While there’s still a lot to learn about CBD, it’s known for having a lot of mood-boosting and wellness benefits without the negative side effects of THC.


While legal in the United States, each country still has its own regulations regarding CBD. Before traveling internationally, it’s important to study those rulings if you plan to purchase CBD there or bring your own overseas.


There are currently 26 countries in Europe that require travelers to have a Schengen certificate if they want to enter with CBD. This is part of the Opium Act. There are also many countries in Asia that won’t allow travel with CBD at all.


It can get a bit tricky and confusing, so always check with the specific country to see what their laws are on CBD. But luckily it’s a lot clearer within the United States: CBD is legal and all hemp products with below 0.3% THC are legal. That means it can be manufactured, sold, purchased, and used without any legal repercussions.



Is There an Age Limit for CBD Oil?

Throughout the majority of the United States, you won’t find any age minimum for purchasing CBD. Since it’s non-psychoactive, it’s not considered a drug. Some CBD products are even aimed at pets and children due to the plant-based phytocannabinoid’s health benefits.


But what if you just wanted to buy CBD oil or CBD gummies? The US Food and Drug Administration released a document in 2019 regarding their policies on this topic. The FDA stated that “if any category of CBD is to be age-restricted,” that would be CBD flower and vaping oil. While it doesn’t get the users high, this may be seen as encouraging minors to smoke. Either way, CBD flower and CBD vape oil are still available to minors under 18 in the United States.


Meanwhile, the FDA said that other forms of CBD, including CBD oil, topicals (including CBD patches), edibles, and cremes, “should not be age-restricted” due to their medical benefits. Later that year, the FDA said they are still learning more about the “safety and science behind CBD,” but so far, there are no updates to age restrictions regarding CBD products.


Since CBD products are not toxic or intoxicating, CBD products are technically available to customers of any age. It’s not illegal in any of the 50 states to purchase CBD no matter what age you are.


Age Restrictions

Age restrictions will instead often come from the individual establishments. For example, many dispensaries and smoke shops carry CBD products. And nobody under 21 can enter those businesses. Some CBD companies will also ask for IDs, ensuring the customer is 18. But if the CBD is in a grocery store or other retail store without age limits, the CBD will most likely be accessible to customers of any age.


CBD users under 21 can also find an abundance of CBD products online. While some stores will ask you to give them a birthday for access, it’s safe to say that this is easy to get around. The store is most likely trying to play it safe, but customers of any age can find the exact CBD product they need online without a lot of pushback.



Is CBD Safe for Minors?

The FDA recently approved a medication made from CBD that treats seizures in children with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome. These are two rare forms of epilepsy that cause difficult-to-control seizures.


The oral medication, Epidiolex, was studied in a series of three randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled drug trials. 516 patients with Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome took part in the experiment. The results? The medication was shown to be effective, reducing the seizure frequency of the patients.


Of course, this is a carefully manufactured and regulated medicine. Most CBD is unregulated and hasn’t been specifically tested with children to see its effectiveness — or its possible negative side effects. There is no research on the effects CBD has on children compared to adults. But in general, CBD is not known to have any dangerous side effects. The most common side effect is feeling drowsy.



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How to Choose a CBD Product You Can Trust

Since CBD products are not regulated by the FDA, it’s important to pick CBD products you can trust. Choose CBD oils, gummies, and lotions made with natural, organic ingredients. Also, check for the source of the CBD to see if it was extracted from hemp grown in the US — this means it will be more regulated and most likely ensure higher quality. Look for companies that offer certificates of analysis. That means the product was third-party tested for CBD quality and potency, as well as contaminants and chemicals.


While many CBD companies focus on ensuring their products are safe and healthy, there are always stores that don’t get the memo. In the past five years, 48 CBD companies in the United States have been blacklisted by the FDA when they found their products to be harmful due to chemicals.


The two chemicals that seem to be the leading cause for the FDA’s decision are dextromethorphan (DXM) and 5F-ADB. In high doses, these chemicals are considered lethal. DXM is an addictive cough syrup and 5F-ADB has similar properties to K2, a synthetic drug also called Spice. Both of these chemicals can lead to abuse and negative side effects.


For many companies, it’s a profitable business move to dilute CBD products with non-natural ingredients and chemicals. Completely organic products are obviously harder and more costly to create, but it ensures the safety and health of the user. While the FDA is continuing to crack down on businesses that hide their ingredients, it’s currently up to consumers to research the CBD products they choose to purchase.



Is the CBD Oil Dosage the Same Across All Ages?

CBD interacts with the body in complex ways, meaning it affects each person differently depending on their age, health, size, activity level, metabolism, and the severity of their conditions. Although it’s almost impossible to overdose on CBD (Current Drug Safety states that a “toxic” CBD dose is taking 20,000 mg all at once), it’s still important to take the amount of CBD that benefits you specifically.


Still, there are some basic guidelines for CBD dosage. We recommend about 0.25 mg per 1 pound of body weight for a regular dose and 0.5 mg of CBD per 1 pound of body weight for a strong dose. This means a person who weighs 140 pounds would take 35 mg of CBD for a regular dose and 70 mg for a strong dose. As you can see, that’s nowhere near 20,000 mg.


A regular dose is for daily health and wellness. It’s recommended to use CBD oil every eight hours for the most effective benefits. You can even take it twice a day. A regular dose helps with minor skin irritants, nervousness and stress, minor discomfort, and joint mobility issues.


A strong dose is for when a regular dose isn’t enough to meet your needs. For example, CBD users with chronic conditions may need more CBD to soothe their side effects. Or an athlete who just had a tough workout might want to apply a stronger topical.


When it comes to children, you should always supervise their CBD dosage. And be sure to closely watch younger kids to see how they react to that amount of CBD. Was it enough to provide them with positive benefits, like better focus and relief from discomfort? Or did it leave them feeling drowsy?



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What Are the Benefits of Using CBD?

So we mentioned CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. But what does that really mean? It means that CBD is a naturally occurring phytocannabinoid found in hemp that won’t get you — or kids — high. Instead, it offers a variety of benefits due to how it interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system – or ECS.


Every mammal has an endocannabinoid system. Your ECS regulates your body’s overall well-being and balance. It plays a part in all of your body’s systems, helping to regulate digestion, relieve you of pain, or put you in a better mood when you’re feeling anxious, fighting against outside elements that may be causing an imbalance.


The ECS also has cannabinoid receptors. The main types, CB1 and CB2, can be found in almost every part of your body. This includes under the skin, in different parts of the brain, and in your nervous and digestive system. CBD interacts with these receptors in a way that allows them to affect these different parts of the body.


Many CBD products will say they are “full-spectrum.” This means that they have more than CBD inside. There are tons of cannabinoids in hemp, including 0.3% THC. Hemp also has an abundance of flavonoids and terpenes, which give the CBD strain its flavor, aroma, and overall effects on the body. Full-spectrum has all of these combined, which is considered the best way to experience the most benefits.


When a CBD product is full-spectrum, the parts of hemp synergize to provide an “entourage effect.” This will give you the strongest effects and allow you to experience the most benefits from your CBD. Here are some of the major benefits of CBD:


Relief from Discomfort

CBD oil can reduce chronic pain or ease joint discomfort by interacting with the receptors in your body. CBD is known to have anti-inflammatory benefits, which can reduce swelling and soothe skin irritation. Remember: There are a number of studies that have been done on CBD’s effects on the human mind and body, so this is constantly being researched and updated.


CBD can be added to a bath bomb if people are looking to have a peaceful and soothing experience after a long day at work. Or CBD is often found in lotions and salves for CBD users that want to massage CBD into specific areas for focused relief.


Soothe Nervousness and Other Negative Thoughts

A lot of people with mental health disorders can benefit from CBD since it’s a natural approach to easing your mind. CBD interacts with the brain’s receptors for serotonin, a neurotransmitter that regulates mood and behavior. That’s why many people regularly use CBD to feel soothed and relaxed.


Sleep Better

CBD provides a better night’s sleep since it promotes deep sleep. People who feel restless at night will often use CBD to relax before bed and then regulate their sleeping pattern since it can increase sleep duration.


There are certain CBD strains that help promote peaceful rest. Some people prefer to have a few CBD gummies before going to bed.




Final Thoughts – How Old Do You Have To Be To Buy CBD?

The short answer? There’s no minimum age required to purchase CBD. Thanks to the Farm Bill, CBD is legal in all 50 states. That’s because it’s derived from hemp, which is a cannabis plant with 0.3% THC or less. Since CBD won’t get you high, it’s not seen as a drug. While not much is known about CBD thanks to limited studies, there’s no known toxic dose and no dangerous side effects to taking CBD.


Since CBD is considered safe overall, it’s not off-limits to younger users. You don’t have to be 21, or even 18, to purchase CBD legally in the US (although many stores have their own policies). This has led to many younger consumers going online to find CBD products for their specific needs.


Just remember: The FDA doesn’t regulate CBD. This means that there are CBD products out there that don’t follow safety guidelines. They might not be all-natural and organic — and they might have harmful ingredients and chemicals. Right now, it’s up to customers to do their research and find trustworthy companies that provide safe and healthy CBD products for their customers.


Always look for brands that have their ingredients listed and have third-party testing. This ensures that you’re not getting an unsafe product with unknown ingredients that carry unwanted side effects.


When done right, CBD products are safe and healthy options for a variety of people, no matter the age. From CBD oils to CBD edibles, there’s CBD out there that fits your specific needs. And since CBD is legal, expect even more products to enter the marketplace in the near future. CBD bath bombs and CBD lollipops are just the beginning!

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