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CBD Muscle Rub: What Every Athlete Needs to Know

cbd muscle rub

Whether you are experiencing aches and discomfort after a long workout or sore from sitting, CBD muscle rub is the way to go. Many CBD products, such as CBD flower, gummies, and CBD capsules, can help you relax. CBD muscle rubs are an excellent way to feel more targeted, direct relief. They’re an outstanding alternative to traditional balms that might be too strong or irritating for consumers.


CBD muscle rubs are perfect for athletes in need of belief because they can target the specific area that is causing discomfort. Plus, they deliver quick results! Follow along as we explore more about CBD rubs, how they work on the body, some of their benefits, and other alternative topicals.



What is CBD Muscle Rub?

CBD muscle rub is an ointment consisting of several ingredients such as essential oils, vitamin E, and hemp-derived CBD. When applied to the skin, the muscle rub reacts with cannabinoid receptors right beneath the dermis, resulting in dulled aches and discomfort.


Because these ointments are derived from hemp, they contain no more than 0.3% THC. Also, the CBD in a muscle rub never reaches the bloodstream; it only interacts with receptors near the surface of the skin. So, applying these products to your skin will not get you “high.” 


Compared to other products that are ingested or smoked, allowing the CBD to circulate throughout the entire body, muscle rubs target a specific area where the effects are needed the most.


Muscle rubs can come in many forms, such as CBD relief salves or balms. Once applied to the designated area on the body, consumers can typically feel relief within 15 minutes of application. The soothing sensations can lasting up to three hours.



How Does CBD Muscle Rub Work?

So how does CBD muscle rub work? Once you apply a muscle rub to a designated area, the topical reacts with your skin’s cannabinoid receptors, providing relief to that area. These receptors are part of a larger system known as the ECS


So, what’s the ECS, and how does it affect your muscles? The ECS is a body-wide signaling system that can be found in every mammal, and it helps maintain homeostasis in the body. Specifically, it promotes balance in functions such as appetite, and mood, and pain response.


CBD muscle rubs also contain other soothing/numbing ingredients known as counterirritants. These ingredients, like menthol or peppermint oil, provide warming or cooling sensations that distract you from the pain. In conjunction with CBD, counterirritants soothe discomfort.


Even though the CBD in a muscle rub bypasses the bloodstream, the effects are still pretty quick. This reaction is because the receptors on the skin’s surface interacting with CBD immediately. The effects can take place between five to ten minutes.


And because topical hemp-derived CBD products never reach the bloodstream and contain very little THC, they induce no psychoactive effects.



female athlete massaging another woman



What Are the Benefits of CBD Muscle Rub?

Since CBD ointments react with the receptors of the endocannabinoid system, CBD muscle rub can provide many benefits, including soothing relief to any targeted area. CBD topicals are excellent for anyone physically active who experiences muscle or joint discomfort, or someone who needs help relaxing.


A significant benefit to using CBD muscle rub is convenience and swift effects. Muscle rubs are perfect for providing quick relief in a matter of minutes. CBD topicals can kick in within five to ten minutes.


Another benefit of using a CBD muscle rub is that you can apply the rub to specific problem areas. Other CBD products, such as flowers or CBD gummies online, pump CBD into the bloodstream and generally affect the whole body rather than one area. CBD topicals are great for honing in on the designated area you want to treat.


One final benefit to our Hollyweed CBD muscle rub is that it contains full spectrum CBD! This means it includes a trace amount of THC, which boosts the effect of the CBD. 


Full-spectrum products benefit from all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids working together to provide maximum effects. This reaction is also known as the “entourage effect.” This ensures that consumers receive the full benefits of their CBD products.



CBD Muscle Rub vs. Other Topicals

Aside from muscle rubs, you can find CBD in various other topicals such as CBD body lotion, hand sanitizer, lip balm, and bath bombs. All of these products have unique benefits compared to muscle rubs or salves, but they all can be useful daily products that provide relaxing and soothing sensations.


CBD body lotion can be a wonderful product to keep your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. As with any body lotion, its main purpose is to moisturize and keep your skin soft. But when CBD is added into the mix, not only will your skin thank you for the fresh feeling, but you will also experience the full-spectrum CBD soothing benefits.


Another CBD topical that can be an excellent source for relaxation is a bath bomb. After a long and tiring day, a CBD bath bomb could be just what you need to lift your spirits. These bubbly, delicious-smelling, balls of bath fun offer whole-body comfort. They’re perfect for stress relief through aromatherapy and CBD. Say goodbye to stress and soreness and hello to serenity!



CBD Muscle Rub Alternatives

If you are more interested in sticking to products that you can apply to your skin, here are a few alternatives. CBD salves are ointments that provide relief to soreness or joint discomfort through a gentle, all-natural formula. Salves are applied by massaging the cream directly to the area that needs attention.


Because of the full-spectrum CBD, salves can bring maximum relief to athletes of any kind. People who spend long hours at a desk can also benefit from a salve, as can people with aching joints. CBD salves are perfect runners, bikers, weight-lifters, swimmers, walkers, or any other person who performs any physical activity on a daily basis.


Hollyweed carries a great CBD relief salve made with all-natural ingredients such as candelilla wax, candelilla flowers, olive oil, coconut oil, and CBD oil. These ingredients work together to bring soothing effects when applied directly to your skin, providing quick relief from soreness and muscle aches.


As mentioned before, CBD body lotion is also a great alternative to a muscle rub. CBD body lotion can provide relief from minor skin irritations while also nourishing and moisturizing the skin. A CBD body lotion can be an excellent product to keep in rotation throughout your daily activities, applying any time you need to revitalize your skin and keep it soft.


The CBD body lotion available at Hollyweed is created with organic full-spectrum CBD, all-natural ingredients, and no harsh chemicals. The body lotion has two delightful flavors: Cucumber Melon and Orange Bliss.




Hollyweed 200MG CBD Body Lotion Cucumber Melon



Extra Tips to Help Soothe Muscles

In addition to using CBD muscle rubs and ointments for relief, going the extra mile to ensure your muscles are strong and healthy is crucial. Here are a few tips you can practice daily to help provide your muscles with some extra TLC.


Gentle Stretching

Whether you are working out or maneuvering through your daily activities, stretching can vastly improve your joint functions. Stretching can help loosen any stiff muscles or joints and can result in a better range of movement. Stretching also helps reduce injuries and possible sprains when working out or performing other physical activities.



Although some people may be used to constantly moving and are always on the go, having some time to rest is important to relax your muscles. Providing time for your muscles to rest is necessary because it gives them time to heal and be better prepared for the next workout.


Drink Water

We all forget to drink water sometimes, but staying hydrated is another way to soothe muscle stiffness and joint issues. By keeping our body hydrated, the water helps maintain our body temperature and loosens our joints. If you are not drinking enough water, you may experience cramps and fatigue, especially during workout sessions.



Another way to help soothe muscles and aches is by applying ice. Cold therapy such as ice is an excellent way to reduce swelling,  soreness, and inflammation.


Muscle Massage

In tandem with a cannabidiol, a CBD massage helps your muscles alleviate muscle tension or soreness. When using a CBD rub, you can apply the ointment up to four times a day. So, when you are massaging the troubled area, make sure you apply plenty of pressure to loosen the stiffness, so you are ready for your next workout.



Final Thoughts – CBD Muscle Rub

Overall, CBD muscle rubs are a fantastic tool to keep around if you experience chronic physical discomfort or are a gym rat. CBD topical products are perfect for relieving muscle aches and joint stiffness while providing soothing effects to the affected area.


Ensuring your muscles and joints are always ready to take on the next workout is vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and CBD rubs are willing to help. 


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