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CBD Flower Near Me : Where To Buy CBD In 2022

cbd flower near me

Recent years have seen a meteoric rise in the types of hemp products available to consumers since the 2018 Farm Bill made hemp into an agricultural commodity. No matter your preference, you’ll find a hemp product that meets your CBD needs. For many, hemp flower strains are the best choice and can be bought online. But consumers who are looking for instant satisfaction and don’t want to wait for their product to arrive by mail might ask themselves, “Where can I find CBD flower near me?”


Finding a shop that sells CBD flower doesn’t necessarily mean you can trust them or if their product is any good. Read our expert guide to determine how to find a reputable provider of CBD flower near you and what to look for to get the most bang for your buck!



Using Local Maps on Google to Find CBD Flower Near Me

It can be frustrating when looking for a local vendor that sells CBD hemp flower. However, Google Maps helps remove that obstacle by providing an easy-to-use search tool that can help you find CBD hemp flower near you.


Here are a few simple steps to help you find CBD flower near you on Google Maps:


  • Make sure your location data is enabled on your phone or laptop.
  • Open the internet browser on your device and search for Google Maps. Click “Google Maps” on the search result to open the application. If you plan on using Google Maps often, it’s best to download the app to your smartphone.
  • Click on the search bar located at the top of the Google Maps website or app, type in “CBD Flower near me,” and click the search button (the magnifying glass).
  • You will see a list of results of local merchants who sell CBD flower strains near you. Scroll through the list to get more information about each store. View their location and hours, read reviews, and view photos of each establishment.
  • Once you find the location you want to visit, click on it, and it will give you the most up-to-date information about the establishment. There will also be an option for you to get step-by-step directions to the place.


If you’re not in a hurry, then it’s best to take your time to research the many options nearby before settling on a particular vendor.



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Are There Risks to Buying CBD Flower from a Local Merchant?

You need to be aware of several risks when choosing to buy CBD flower strains from local merchants. Although the 2018 Farm Bill federally legalized hemp across the United States, several states have implemented laws against certain hemp-derived products. The following factors should be taken into consideration when buying CBD flowers from local merchants.



The last thing you want to do is buy something illegal. Depending on where you live, it’s best to consult your local laws and regulations before purchasing CBD flowers from local merchants. You could reside in an area where certain CBD products, like CBD flowers, fall into a legal gray area or are illegal altogether.


A Reputable Shop

With the recent legalization of hemp, many vendors are clamoring for a piece of the CBD pie by offering a plethora of hemp products to consumers. This rush for profit can lead to merchants selling low-quality CBD flowers. It’s always best to deal with reputable smoke shops and vape shops that specialize in CBD products.


You should completely avoid untrustworthy merchants. Signs that you are dealing with an untrustworthy merchant include:


  • Non-descript packaging.
  • No product information available (i.e., Certificate of Analysis or COA)
  • Health care claims that go against Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations and approved research.
  • Merchants who are not knowledgeable about cannabis or CBD hemp flower.



Compared to the endless online inventory found on websites, local merchants will be limited in the types of CBD flowers they carry. Like all brick-and-mortar establishments, merchants will only carry what they feel will sell to avoid unwanted expenses and excess inventory. As a result, if you are looking for particular CBD flower strains, you might be out of luck with your local vendor.



Since CBD flowers are new to the market, customers don’t have a good way to judge if they are overpaying for them or not. Beware of price gouging from local merchants who wish to take advantage of consumers new to CBD flower. If it sounds too high, it probably is.



Product packaging typically has all the info you need regarding a product’s uniqueness. However, if this information is not readily available, you can ask your local merchant for more information regarding the particular CBD flowers you are interested in. Ask for a COA for a detailed breakdown of what a particular CBD flower strain contains.


THC Content

It’s important to understand that hemp IS NOT marijuana! Although both plants come from the cannabis plant family, they differ in the amount of THC they contain. Hemp plants contain less than 0.3% THC, whereas marijuana plants have THC above 0.3%, the reason behind its psychoactive effects. The low amount of THC in a cannabis plant is why hemp is federally legal and why it is still federally illegal to use, sell, and possess marijuana, despite numerous state laws decriminalizing it.


When buying CBD flower strains from a local merchant, always be sure to find out the THC content of the CBD flower strains they sell and if they fall within federal and local definitions of such hemp products.



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How To Easily Find CBD Flower Online

If Google Maps suggested a location that was too far away, or if you found a local merchant that didn’t have the particular CBD flower strains you were looking for, then you might want to try searching online.


In fact, finding CBD flower strains online is the best option for a lot of CBD users. By simply using your smartphone, you can search an endless inventory of strains, compare prices, and find those rare flower strains you were looking for.


Several considerations should be made when shopping for CBD flower online. The key signs that you are dealing with an untrustworthy site include:


  • A site without an SSL certificate. These sites do not protect sensitive personal information or keep data secure between servers.
  • Inaccurate product descriptions.
  • Unproven health care claims or testimonials from health care practitioners claiming the product can cure a disease or treat a serious medical condition.
  • Claims that you will not fail a drug test.
  • A poorly constructed site with frequent content errors.
  • Any return policy that states that all sales are final or no clear return policy is stated.
  • No return policy is found anywhere on the site.



What Should I Look For When Shopping For CBD Flower?

Now that you know where to get your CBD flower strains from, it’s time you went out and bought some! But before you do, here are some basic things you should look for when shopping for CBD flower strains near you.


Reputable Brands

Make sure you buy from reputable brands. These brands usually have large followings and are some of the top search results for CBD products online. In addition to flowers, these brands sell other products like CBD oils, CBD pre-rolls, and CBD vape pens.


Quality of Products

Don’t fall victim to lower quality strains that you’ve never heard of. Start with strains like Bubba Kush, OG Skywalker, and Sour Diesel if you’re a new smoker. From the size of the buds to the number of trichomes to COA, always pay attention to the quality of the product before purchasing any strains.


Product Reviews

Picking which flower strain is right for you can be quite challenging if you’re new to smoking hemp. However, product reviews of strains are good indicators of which strains have a great taste and which ones provide the best experience.



How Can You Tell if CBD Flower is High or Low Quality?

It can be hard for the average person to determine what makes certain CBD flower strains higher quality than others, especially when they all look the same. However, there are various means to determine the quality of CBD flower strains so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing them.



You might have noticed several hemp flowers whose buds are smothered in crystalline hairs. These hairs are called trichomes and contain THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids. The more trichomes you see in hemp buds, the more cannabinoids you will get and the better your smoking experience will be! High-quality CBD buds are ripe with trichomes, giving an often frosted appearance, whereas low-quality strains are not.


Smell and Taste

Terpenes are compounds found in hemp plants responsible for the amazing flavor profiles found in CBD flower strains. A determining factor that CBD flower is of high quality is how aromatic it is compared to low-quality CBD flower, which often has a very subtle smell.


Smelling hemp buds can’t be done while shopping online, obviously. However, reputable brands like Hollywood CBD provide detailed descriptions of the terpenes present in each of their hemp bud strains and how they smell and taste. The more terpenes present, the higher the quality of CBD flower and a more palatable smoking experience.



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CBD Content

Higher quality strains are abundant in their cannabinoid content, particularly in CBD content. Average CBD flower strains contain 12-15% CBD. High-quality strains typically contain more. However, lower CBD content is not necessarily indicative of low-quality flower strains. What’s important is how the CBD interacts with cannabinoids and terpenes to produce the desired effect.


Package Description

Whether you’re buying CBD flower from local merchants or online, be sure to read the product description to determine if the CBD flower is high-quality. Some key things to look for in high-quality CBD flower package descriptions include:


  • 100 % naturally grown, organic.
  • No pesticide use.
  • Non-GMO.
  • Total CBD and THC content.
  • Third-party lab tested Certificate of Analysis.
  • Grown in the USA.
  • 2018 Federal Farm Bill compliant.



USA Grown Hemp CBD Vs Imported Hemp CBD

The market for hemp-derived CBD products in the USA has exploded since the passage of the Farm Bill in 2018. All hemp grown and imported into the US, and the CBD extracted from it, must meet the strict standards established in the 2018 Farm Bill and by The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and The Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These measures are in place to ensure that domestic and imported hemp and the CBD derived from it meet quality standards.


Issues with imported hemp CBD can include:


  • Not being federal Farm Bill compliant.
  • Reduced quality of crop due to improper growing practices.
  • The hemp plant has a very absorbent stalk. Pesticides, heavy metals, or other chemical agents can cause hemp plants to be infused with impurities and adversely alter their quality.
  • Low CBD content.
  • THC content higher than 0.3%.



Why Choose Hollyweed For Cannabidiol Flower?

Looking for high-quality CBD flower strains that taste great and provide the optimal CBD experience? Then you’ve come to the right place at Hollyweed CBD!


All of our flower strains are 100% naturally grown and sourced from the finest industrial hemp farms in the USA. Your smoking experience will be free from impurities since our strains are non-GMO and organic. From popular varieties like Bubba Kush and Sour Diesel to our new 1:1 CBD-CBG flower Goliath, we have something for everyone’s taste!


Want flower strains with more potency? Try our Delta 8 THC flower strains! These strains are made from CBD flower strains added with Delta 8 to leave you feeling even more satisfied!


Hollyweed’s Quality Guarantee

We are a fully transparent company in compliance with federal law. We provide all of our strains with third-party lab-tested COAs to ensure you have a great product. All of our hemp flowers come packaged in tamper-proof containers that are childproof.


In addition to our quality of product and transparency, we provide informative blogs with expert tips and useful information for CBD rookies and experts. There is no better provider than us when it comes to satisfying your CBD flower needs!



Final Thoughts – CBD Flower Near Me

Understanding how to find CBD flower strains near you is fairly straightforward. But before you go shopping for CBD flower strains, it’s best to be familiar with your local laws and regulations regarding CBD products.


Determining if your local vendor and the strains they sell are any good can require a little more effort. Like buying any product, there are risks to buying CBD flower strains. But by understanding these risks and assessing what to look for in higher-quality strains, you can make an informed decision when choosing to buy CBD flower near you. Don’t have a shop nearby? Visit Hollyweed CBD for all of your CBD flower needs!

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