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How Much CBD is In A Typical Joint? The Standard Joint Unit

how many mg of cbd in a joint

Consumers new to taking CBD might reasonably wonder, “How many mg of CBD in a joint?” People who are used to using oils and tinctures, topical CBD, CBD gummies, or a CBD vape pen might be thrown off by this consumption method, especially if they have never tried CBD before. Rest assured that the answer does not require complex methods to determine, and typically, this information should be readily available!

If you, like many others, are interested in figuring out how much CBD is in your joint, this guide is just for you! Read further to find out what CBD dosage your joint is supplying, the right CBD dosage for you, and how to make sure you purchase quality joints. Tune in below to find out!


How Do You Calculate The MG Of CBD In A Joint?

CBD pre-rolls will usually include packaging with a label. Generally speaking, these labels do not often detail the milligram contents of a joint. Most of the time, the information on these labels is pretty basic. Other than identifying the physical contents of the package, the label may not give much additional information.

Some brands will provide their specific formula to determine how much CBD is in each joint, but this is not a given. Because it can be complicated to calculate how much CBD is in a joint, many people simply start with a small amount of flower and increase as necessary. Customers concerned with a more precise dose benefit from products like CBD oil or gummies due to their ability to be dosed out easily and precisely.

However, it is possible to figure out a basic calculation for CBD mg per joint using a little math! The amount of CBD in a joint depends greatly on the potency of the flower and how much of that flower is used to roll the joint. Hollyweed’s regular-sized hemp joints contain 0.7 grams of flower, and small “Quickie” joints are half-sized, containing 0.35 grams in each joint.

So, let’s say you have a pre-roll packed with some Cookies, a delicious strain with 18% CBD. To find how many milligrams of CBD are in a 0.7 gram joint of cookies, first convert the strength of the CBD flower to milligrams per gram.


holding a joint getting ready to smoke


In simpler terms, multiply the percentage (18% in this case) by 700 (0.7 grams = 700 mg):

  • 18% x 700 = 126 mg CBD

Voila! You now know the amount of CBD in a 0.7 gram joint. Now let’s try a 0.35 gram joint (or 350 mg) of the same strength:

  • 18% x 350 = 63 mg CBD

What Does This Label Mean?

A product’s label should fully list the contents of the product. This includes the number of joints inside, grams per joint, total CBD, and the CBD percentage of the hemp strain used. The labeling used for these products should also include the strain’s name, an essential for people looking for their preferred flower.

Trusted brands will provide a Certificate of Analysis (COA). A COA lists the cannabinoids and their concentrations inside a CBD product. It is intended to provide transparency, letting you know exactly which compounds are inside and how strong they are. A COA helps you ensure that the product is as effective as the label claims. For the most safety, always ensure the CBD products you buy are lab-tested.

Online retailers (like us) should provide COAs on their websites. This makes it easy for you to navigate the most important information, even if you don’t have the product directly in front of you. Any time you purchase a CBD product through Hollyweed, you will have ready access to our COAs so you can purchase with confidence!

How Many MG of CBD Should I Inhale?

If it is your first time taking CBD, you might be wondering how much to take to get the desired effect. The benefits of CBD are, of course, exciting and desirable! However, we advise you not to rush into taking it without first getting some fundamental knowledge on how much to take.

Everyone experiences CBD uniquely because each person has their own body chemistry, weight, tolerance, and desired outcome! These factors make a “one-size-fits-all” approach to CBD dosage impractical. There is no general best dose we can apply to everyone. That’s why various dosages are necessary.

We recommend a simple method to get the desired effects without needlessly consuming too much or creating waste: starting with a low dose and increasing it incrementally. This is a good approach when finding an ideal dose because it will help establish a baseline. You then have the freedom to choose whether you would like to take more or not!

While smoking a CBD joint, this means you can start by just taking a few puffs at a time. The onset time when inhaling CBD is nearly instant for most people, so you should quickly be able to determine whether you need more. Give it about 15 minutes, then smoke a little more and give it some time. Repeat the process until you are comfortable, noting how much smoke you prefer.


How Quick Will I Feel the Effects From a CBD Joint?

You will feel the effects of smoking a CBD joint almost instantaneously. At most, the effects will take a few minutes to kick in. This quick onset time is the reason many CBD consumers prefer hemp flower. Inhaling CBD is a quick way for consumers to get the relief they need, so you can spend less time waiting and more time enjoying relieving benefits.

One of the most significant advantages of using CBD is relieving discomfort and improving mood. A hemp pre-roll can soothe you without intoxication, a drastic change in perception, or impeding your ability to complete everyday tasks. A sign that the CBD has taken effect could be as subtle as enjoying a sense of well-being and laid-back happiness. If you typically experience physical discomfort, you might notice some of these feelings fading away.

Benefits Of CBD

CBD’s potential effects are brought on by interacting with and supporting one of the body’s cell signaling structures called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is active regardless of CBD consumption and plays a role in regulating some of the body’s important processes like mood, sleep, immune response, and more! CBD helps to compliment the ECS by encouraging a natural equilibrium.

This equilibrium manifests itself through the positive effects consumers get, such as:

  • Natural sleep
  • Mood boost
  • Appetite
  • Relief from discomfort
  • Lowered stress

Effects Of CBD

If you are concerned with safety and side effects, know that CBD is a very well-tolerated cannabinoid with no known cases of fatal overdose and only rare instances reporting severe reactions. Still, if you take too much CBD, unintended side effects are not an impossibility. So being aware of what these effects might look like is important to know before taking CBD.

Some of the potential side effects one can potentially experience from CBD are:

  • Drowsiness
  • Red eyes
  • Dry mouth
  • Headache
  • Stomach ache
  • Appetite changes

If you experience these side effects, bear in mind that they should be short-lived and decrease in severity rapidly. If you experience a more severe reaction or the side effects worsen over time, speak to your healthcare provider.

What Should I Be Looking For In CBD Joints?

Many brands now offer pre-rolls for their mixture of convenience, enjoyably, and beneficial effects. When looking for a CBD joint, the first concern on your list should be the quality of the hemp flower; without good hemp flower, the whole thing is a bust. you can try our  CBD Mini Pre-Rolls  You can either find a strain that you are familiar with or read some reviews on top flower strains to find out more.

It’s also good to find some flexibility in a pre-roll product, so Hollyweed’s “Quickie” sized joints are a great option for those in need of a smaller dose. Quickies are about half the size of a regular joint and contain approximately 0.35 grams each! These are also a good choice for people who want to test the waters of a particular strain or brand so you can determine whether the flavors and effects are up to your standards without going in on a full-sized pack.

After you figure out what strain and dose are best for you, you can move on to buying larger amounts at once. This method is less pricey in the long run, plus you won’t have to go out and buy more as frequently! Hollyweed offers bundles and large sizes, so stop by our web store for access to some great deals on top-shelf hemp!


rolling paper filled with hemp flower


Why Should You Choose Hollyweed’s CBD Pre-Rolls

Choosing a reputable brand like Hollyweed is the only way to ensure you get the best quality CBD products available. We exclusively make our products with all-natural and organic materials because we believe synthetic stuff just doesn’t cut it. So no artificial flavors, genetic modification, and harsh chemical processing here! With Hollyweed, a genuine love for hemp plants drives us to provide the best and safest products we can. This dedication to quality is reflected in our many premium hemp strains, available as pre-rolls!

Hawaiian Haze

Craving an island getaway? Look no further than the tropical scents and flavors of delicious Hawaiian Haze. This strain will ease you into the island mood while relieving discomfort and providing you with a state of pure well-being.

Hawaiian Haze brings fruity flavors, hitting the nose and tongue with pineapple, mango, and freshly squeezed orange juice notes. The bud leans towards Sativa dominance, so Hawaiian Haze should make for a great social booster to share with friends!


Fruit, earth, pine, and lemon zest are the flavors that will greet you into the loving embrace of Lifter. This strain works wonders, providing full-body relaxation and a mood boost providing mental clarity and energy to complete daily tasks with weightless enthusiasm. Everyone needs a little pick-me-up sometimes, so why not allow Lifter to lend a hand?

Northern Lights

This Indica dominant hybrid is perfect for basking under the beautiful light of the stars, relieving stress, calming the mind, and leaving you feeling relaxed. Northern Lights carries the flavors of the forest with it wherever it goes with sweet earthy flavors. You’ll feel like it’s a beautiful morning in a northern forest, watching the Aurora Borealis itself!

Sour Diesel

A legend in its own right, Sour D was popularized for its uplifting, energizing, and creative qualities. This makes it a great strain for getting down to work, whether you’re brainstorming a writing project, making beats, or cooking. Even housework can feel liberating and full of life with the help of Sour Diesel!

And don’t underestimate the namesake; Sour Diesel is a pungent strain, bringing sweet notes that might remind you of a diesel engine! This is followed by light citrus notes that balance the dank with some bright and tasty terpenes!

Final Thoughts – How Many MG Of CBD In A Joint

While it might seem complicated at first, we now know it isn’t hard to find the ideal dosage! It might require some trial-and-error (or worse, math). But with resources like this article and our CBD oil dosage calculator (under the Learn section), you should be well on your way to the appropriate dosage!

So if you want to unwind with a joint, come to Hollyweed and look through our favorite strains; we are sure we will have something to suit your needs! Also, visit us for a look at various other high-quality CBD products, including CBD capsules, CBD vape cartridges, and of course, our premium CBD hemp flower!

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