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Best Low THC Strains: Try The Strain To Make You Chill [Update]

low thc strains

CBD flower is often seen as an alternative to marijuana because it provides many similar benefits without the negative side effects of being high. That’s because CBD flower is often low in THC. If you’re looking for physical comfort and mental stimulation, look for high CBD low THC cannabis strains.


To better find the CBD flower strains that are perfect for your specific preferences and ailments, let’s first figure out what even is THC percentages and what is considered a low THC strain. Check out our guide below to find a strain with the benefits you desire.



What is THC?

THC, also known as tetrahydrocannabinol, is the primary cannabinoid in marijuana (or weed). Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is what gives marijuana users that euphoric effect of being high or intoxicated. THC interacts with your body in mind in a way that changes your behavior, mood, and motor function.


Our body has something called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). It’s responsible for our body’s well-being and balance. It has receptors found in all of our body’s major systems, including the immune, nervous, and digestive systems. THC binds directly to those receptors, making you high and affecting body functions.


Marijuana has a lot of uses, improving sleep and providing relief. This makes it a great escape from everyday life, allowing users to feel relaxed or energetic. But marijuana is considered a drug thanks to THC’s mind-altering effects. THC can also cause users to experience headaches, increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, and nausea.




hand holding low thc strain



What Is CBD?

Unlike marijuana, the hemp plant has over low levels of THC. The most impactful recreational cannabis found in hemp is CBD or cannabidiol. This cannabinoid is non-psychoactive, which means it can’t get you high or intoxicated.


CBD interacts with the receptors in your ECS a bit differently than THC. It won’t bind with receptors directly. That’s why it doesn’t have psychoactive effects. CBD essentially has similar benefits to THC without being high. Here are some of the benefits of CBD:


  • Soothes physical discomfort: This includes relieving aches and soreness. Swelling and other skin conditions can also be positively impacted.
  • Improves sleep: CBD won’t just encourage sleep. It also promotes deeper sleep. This allows you to feel well-rested and rejuvenated the next day.
  • Boosts appetite: CBD improves digestion and reduces the symptoms of an upset stomach. This can encourage a regular, healthy appetite and keep you feeling active.
  • Improves mood: CBD changes how your brain interacts with serotonin, reducing negative feelings (like nervousness, sadness) and leaving you feeling clear-minded, positive, and creative.
  • Increases relaxation: You’ll feel comforted and relaxed when using CBD, making it perfect after a long day at work or a tough workout.


CBD has very few side effects. The usually reported side effects are quite minor and short-lived, including a dry mouth, dizziness, and a change in mood.



What Are The Differences Between CBD And THC?

CBD and THC have similar benefits, but they are completely different. Right away, THC is psychoactive, and CBD is not. This is the big reason that many people switch to CBD. They don’t want to feel high or intoxicated.


CBD can be taken anytime and anywhere because it doesn’t have those same side effects. It won’t alter your thinking or motor function, or behavior. Instead, you’ll experience a clear mind and soothe discomfort.


Because CBD is so beneficial, it’s often taken regularly. This can be twice a day (morning and night) or every eight hours. And don’t worry about taking it so often: Studies show there is almost no risk of addiction.


THC has the opposite effect because it’s psychoactive. That’s what makes people dependent on it. Most cannabis consumers may experience cravings and even symptoms of withdrawal.


You can’t experience withdrawal symptoms if you stop taking CBD. In fact, CBD’s effects become more and more potent the longer you regularly take it, even if you are taking LESS CBD over time. CBD doesn’t directly interact with the receptors in your mind, so it won’t have the same negative impact.



What Is Considered To Be A Low THC Strain?

Low THC refers to a medical cannabis flower strain with 0.8% THC or less. Strains with low THC are considered mild and don’t have any psychoactive effects.


Low THC strains don’t need to have high CBD strains to be considered low in THC. But low THC strains will often have 10% CBD or more. This has no psychoactive effect and won’t get you high.


Legality Of Low THC Strains

When the Farm Bill passed in 2018, it made hemp products legal throughout the United States. That means CBD was also allowed in all 50 states, whether it’s CBD oil or a CBD bath bomb (yes, that exists!).


The legal status of CBD did create some regulations aimed at ensuring overall health and safety. One of the important things to remember is that hemp and CBD products can’t have over 0.3% THC. If a product has more THC than 0.3%, it’s no longer legal in the United States.


Even though 1% or less THC is most often not even close to enough THC to get someone high, it still has to be sold as a weed strain. It can’t be part of the legal cannabis industry.



What Is Considered To Be A High CBD Strain?

The average organic CBD hemp flower strain has around 12 to 15% CBD. This is usually quite enough for most people and provides all of the desired health benefits you’re looking for. But if you’re looking for something a bit more potent, you’ll need to find a strain that has above 15%. That’s considered a high CBD strain.


There are some strains with over 20% CBD content. This is considered “extremely high.” These strains are harder to come by and are usually more expensive. But for some people, they are definitely worth the search.



Best High CBD Low THC Strains

Looking for the coveted high CBD low THC strains out there? Here are some CBD strains that have that high CBD:THC ratio you’re looking for. Check out their amazing array of benefits, scents, and flavors to see which one is right for you.


Sour Space Candy

CBD: 20%+ at Hollyweed 

THC: Less than 0.3%


This is one of the most potent CBD strains out there. With very little THC and an abundance of CBD, it’s one of the strongest strains on the market. It’s no surprise that it’s one of Hollyweed’s best-selling flower strains.


Sour Space Candy has a sweet yet sour tsunami with rich earthy undertones. Its aroma is quite powerful, leaving you feeling uplifted and energized. This is the perfect strain to use if you’re looking to power through a tough workday or want some inspiration before starting an art project.


Charlotte’s Web

This infamous strain has a high CBD:THC ratio of 30:1! It will leave users feeling calm and relaxed, comforted, and sinking into the couch. You can also enjoy its delicate and sweet flavor, including citrus undertones.


This CBD strain is named for Charlotte Figi, a girl who was treated for her many health ailments with CBD. When she recovered, hemp growers in Colorado created the strain in her honor, hoping to bring more awareness to the health benefits of CBD.


Cherry Wine

CBD: 15-25%

THC: Less than 0.3%


You’ll feel uplifted and elevated when you use Cherry Wine. It’s one of Hollyweed’s most popular strains because of the clear mind and positive feeling it gives you. With very little THC, you can experience a positive change in mood without altering your behavior.


Cherry Wine has a sweet and earthy flavor. Some even say peppery. It also has a skunky aroma. When Cherry Wine CBD flower enters your system, you’ll feel relaxed and focused. Let it take away your worries and see what you’re inspired to accomplish.




rolling a joint with cbd flower




CBD: 18%

THC: Less than 0.1%


This is one of the most effective CBD flowers out there. It’s a best-seller at Hollyweed due to its ability to make users feel energized and focused.


You’ll feel like you’re walking through a springtime garden, breathing in a robust blend of aromas from fruity to citrus-like with earthy undertones. It’s the perfect inspiration to make you feel active and inspired.



CBD: 13%

THC: Less than 1%


This CBD flower strain doesn’t have as much CBD content as some of the others on this list, but it still is particularly effective. People experience a mellow feeling of relaxation, with physical discomfort fading away. It’s a great way to get relief without a feeling of intoxication.


Remedy can leave you feeling less stressed and more relaxed. It also has a sweet, floral scent that reminds users of herbal tea. It’s definitely a comforting strain that people can’t get enough of.


Suzy Q

CBD: 17% at Hollyweed

THC: 0.1% or less


This is a hybrid strain, meaning it’s half Sativa and half Indica. This gives this popular strain a unique effect on most people. You’ll feel physical relief but also uplifted and focused. Take advantage of these benefits by getting errands done or working on projects that need more creativity.


The aroma of Suzy Q is quite powerful. It’s a blend of herbal and peppery. The flavors are natural and grounding, usually piney and earthy.


Together, the scents and smells will pack a punch that energizes you immediately.


Ringo’s Gift

Looking to feel extremely relaxed? Ringo’s Gift will leave you melting into the couch or feeling like you’re surrounded by clouds while lying in bed. The increase in clarity and focus you feel will ensure that you’re feeling elevated.


With a 24:1 CBD to THC ratio, this is an extremely popular low THC strain that doesn’t make you feel sedative or euphoric. It’s named after Lawrence Ringo, a well-known cannabis activist.



Final Thoughts – Low THC Strains

If you’re looking to avoid the negative side effects of being high, CBD flower strains that are high in CBD and low in THC percentage are perfect for you. They provide an array of health benefits, including helping you feel relaxed and comforted while providing you with energy and creativity (depending on the strain). And the low THC content ensures that you won’t get intoxicated. Choosing one of the above strains is a win-win!

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