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CBD Face Cream: How it Works to Restore Your Glow

cbd face cream

Looking to clear up some blemishes? Maybe soothe some redness? CBD face cream is the perfect addition to any skincare or beauty routine because of the various benefits it can provide, both physically and mentally. CBD face cream contains ingredients that won’t only make you look younger and refreshed, but feel that way as well.


Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural compound found in the hemp plant that has no intoxicating qualities. Natural and beneficial, it’s no surprise to see CBD in so many beauty products these days. But what exactly does it do? Let’s take a closer look at the power of CBD face cream.



What is CBD Face Cream?

CBD face cream is a topical lotion containing cannabidiol. Like other creams, you apply the product to your face to enhance moisture, soothe irritation, and protect the skin. But unlike other cosmetics, CBD creams go the extra mile to restore skin by interacting with unique receptors (more on this later).


You have probably noticed that the majority of beauty products now have an abundance of CBD alternatives. A look into the market reveals CBD lotions, CBD lip balms, CBD bath bombs, and more! The possibilities are literally endless!


When the Farm Bill was passed in 2018, it legalized the manufacturing, selling, buying, and using of CBD products throughout the United States. And then the CBD market exploded. That’s why you now see so much CBD in the beauty industry. And who are we to complain? CBD is an amazing addition to beauty products, especially face cream.


Face creams hydrate and moisturize your skin, keeping it rejuvenated and full of elasticity. Essentially, they help prevent wrinkles. Face creams also act as a protective barrier for your skin, reducing sun damage and contamination.


Here are some of the most popular reasons people use face cream:


  • Prevent aging and wrinkles
  • Even skin tone, brighten skin
  • Reduce and help prevent skin blemishes
  • Protect against the sun
  • Exfoliate and soften skin
  • Moisturize skin



How Does CBD Face Cream Work?

People looking for even more skin-nourishing benefits turn to face cream that contains CBD. That’s because it works differently than regular topicals. In a nutshell, CBD activates the endocannabinoid system in your body (ECS), which plays a large role in maintaining your body’s balance.


The ECS influences our body’s overall well-being and by regulating other major bodily systems through cannabinoid receptors. These receptors are located throughout the nervous, digestive, and immune systems — and they’re on your skin too!


There are two main categories of receptors. The first is CB1, which is found primarily in the central nervous system and digestive system. That means they are located in the brain. CB1 receptors are also in the autonomic nervous system, which is responsible for unconscious activities like digestion. When CBD interacts with these receptors, you may experience:


  • Reduction in negative thoughts and emotions
  • Soothed inflammation


CB2 receptors are the other major category of receptors in the ECS. They are found in the tonsils, spleen, and thymus. These are organs in the immune system, meaning the receptors are on the surface of immune cells throughout the body. CBD reacts with these receptors, leading to:


  • Improved digestion
  • Reduction in feelings of malaise
  • Increase in positive feelings


Both CB1 and CB2 receptors are located on your skin! When you apply CBD face cream, you can experience some of these benefits, albeit they are localized to the area of application. Topical CBD doesn’t reach the bloodstream and doesn’t travel to the rest of the body.



jar of lotion with hemp leaf



What Are the Benefits of CBD Face Cream?

Okay, so what exactly are the benefits we keep speaking of? Glad you asked! There are so many reasons to use CBD face cream, especially depending on your specific needs, preferences, and ailments. Here are some of the most common benefits of CBD face cream.


Reduce Discomfort

CBD is commonly used to soothe physical discomfort and irritations. When CBD interacts with receptors below the dermis, it can help your body repair damage and disruption on the skin’s surface. That means rashes, itchiness, redness, or certain skin imbalances may be helped by CBD face cream!


All-Natural and Organic

High-quality CBD products, like the beauty products at Hollyweed, use all-natural, organic, and vegan ingredients that support skin health. They contain no animal products and are cruelty-free, meaning they were not tested on animals.


Always look closely at the ingredients to make sure there are no harsh chemicals or fragrances. These can damage your skin and increase the chance of health issues.


Reduce Blemishes

By protecting your skin from outside elements, reducing stress, and stimulating your body’s natural repair process, CBD face cream can significantly improve blemishes and tone. The inclusion of various vitamins and minerals will make your skin brighter and clearer. CBD face creams can help with brown spots and even out your skin tone.


Prevent Wrinkling

Many people start using face cream because it moisturizes the skin and helps it maintain elasticity. This prevents and reduces wrinkling and age spots. Some face creams penetrate deep into the skin, helping to repair and rejuvenate it. You’ll feel younger and refreshed after regularly using CBD face cream.


Protect the Skin

Face creams act as a protective barrier for your skin without blocking your pores. This can keep your skin safe from contaminants. But most importantly, CBD face creams may have a sun protection factor (or SPF) or 15 or higher. This will keep your skin safe from sun damage, preventing wrinkling, sun spots, and more.


Moisturize Skin

Several CBD face creams are made with ingredients that moisturize your skin, making your face less dry and flaky. You’ll look and feel younger and refreshed after regularly using CBD face cream.



What Are the Effects of CBD Face Cream?

CBD face cream is generally well-tolerated by consumers, especially if you are purchasing quality products free of chemicals and other harsh ingredients. But there are some things to keep in mind when applying CBD face cream.


There are face creams made specifically for day and night. Face creams you apply in the morning are to protect your skin from outside elements. Creams you apply at night should help repair your skin while you sleep.


Face creams for the day include SPF and Vitamin C. This is helpful, even in the winter, because you are exposed to more sun than you realize. Even when driving! Face creams for the night moisturize and repair skin thanks to Vitamin A, Vitamin E, resveratrol, and hyaluronic acid.


Some night creams, like retinol, should only be used at night to protect your skin from taking in more sunlight. These face creams can also be harsh on sensitive skin, so always start by using a very small amount only a few times a week. This will prevent skin irritation.


Avoid CBD face creams that include the following ingredients:

  • Fragrances. This can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions. Avoid perfumes.
  • Methylparaben. Cosmetic preservatives can further irritate your skin or cause allergic reactions. Some will block your pores, causing breakouts and blemishes.
  • Salicylic acid. If you have sensitive skin, this exfoliant can irritate you immensely.



woman applying moisturizer with hand



How Do You Use CBD Face Cream?

Applying CBD face cream is super easy! High-quality CBD face cream is easy to use. And you don’t need a lot of it. Pump out one or two drops on your fingers. Then gently rub a small amount of cream on your face, avoiding your eyes and mouth.


Massage the CBD face cream into your skin until you can’t see any of it on the surface anymore. That means the CBD has reached the receptors below your skin. You’ll most likely feel the effects of the cream within a few minutes.


Depending on the cream’s ingredients, apply it every morning or every night. Regularly using CBD face cream can increase the CBD’s benefits and make the effects of the cream’s other ingredients more impactful.



CBD Face Cream Alternatives

Like we said earlier, CBD has found its way into almost every beauty product imaginable. There are now CBD topicals for just about everything. Topicals are simply CBD products you can apply directly onto your skin, providing therapeutic and soothing benefits. At Hollyweed, we have two great CBD face cream alternatives. Check them out!


CBD Relief Salve

CBD Relief Salve contains 500 to 2000 mg of full-spectrum CBD. It’s a fast-acting, maximum-strength balm that melts tension and soreness. This powerful salve is great for athletes, office workers, and anyone with stubborn aches that won’t seem to go away.


Hollyweed’s CBD salve has all-natural and organic ingredients. This includes essential oils that can further put your mind and body in a state of pure zen. It also has Vitamin E and other skin-soothing ingredients that will rejuvenate your skin while easing muscle tension and joint discomfort.


CBD Relief Salve is great because it can be used anywhere on the body, including the face. Just massage it into the affected area and gently rub until it’s been fully absorbed. The higher CBD concentration means it will work fast and effectively. Use it whenever you are feeling tense or sore.


CBD Body Lotion

Hollyweed’s CBD body lotion is great for your everyday routine. With no harsh ingredients or chemicals, this natural body lotion can be applied safely to your body or face daily. It moisturizes and nourishes your skin thanks to ingredients like shea butter, aloe vera, and coconut oil.


This CBD body lotion comes in two uplifting scents. This includes Cucumber Melon and Orange Bliss. While it’s the perfect lotion to use during your daily routine, this effective body lotion can also be used when you are feeling achy or experiencing dry and irritated skin. The addition of CBD will soothe you and help you feel comforted and rejuvenated at the start of each day.



Final Thoughts – CBD Face Cream

Glowing skin? Check. A younger look? Check. Feeling refreshed, calm, and soothed? Check, check, and check! CBD face cream is becoming more and more popular in the beauty industry due to its many benefits to your physical appearance, mental health, and overall well-being.


Always look for a high-quality CBD face cream with natural, organic ingredients and no harsh chemicals. This will ensure that you won’t have any unwanted side effects and that you’ll get the most effective benefits from the product. And always keep in mind the right time of day to use certain CBD face creams.


Regularly applying CBD face cream (and just a few drops will do each time!) will ensure that your skin is hydrated, moisturized, and healthy. You’ll also feel reduced tension and discomfort. On top of that, you’ll even have a reduction in negative thoughts and feel a lot more confident, calm, and collected. Face the day with a natural, powerful CBD face cream!

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