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Find out how you can get started for yourself and why Hollyweed offers some of the best rates in the entire hemp industry! Also, read on for information on other wholesale opportunities with other cannabinoids like HHC and CBD products. Because we’re sure that you’ll have plenty of questions, just follow our handy guide on Delta 9 THC wholesale to help you start your journey!

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When you buy wholesale from Hollyweed, you’re putting your trust in a specialized provider. Being a specialized provider, Hollyweed is a well-known name in the hemp world, providing consistent quality that keeps customers coming back for more! We are proud to provide a quality product rarely seen when shopping from other brands. Our products all undergo lab testing to assure purity and are created using clean, natural processes, free from harmful contaminants like heavy metals and pesticides.

When you place a wholesale order through us, we do everything to ensure it gets to you on time. But we go further than that by offering free shipping on all wholesale orders $3,000 or up! This lets our wholesale sellers get the stock they need for their store without incurring a higher price from shipping fees. We try to make the entire process as easy as possible. Become one of our partners today, and see why Hollyweed is the premier choice for hemp fans everywhere!

A longtime advocate of the health and wellness properties of cannabis plants, our company has been at the forefront of the hemp industry innovation since its inception in 2017. In five short years, we’ve become one of the most reputable brands for CBD and Delta 8 products. We’ve now set our sights on HHC and seek to provide buyers and consumers with an array of reasonably priced top-shelf products made with our quality standards.

Don’t be left out of the HHC phenomenon! Buy HHC in bulk and stock your shelves with these featured best-selling products from Hollyweed! 


Before buying a stock of Delta 9 products for wholesale, you should first ensure you have gone through the steps needed to become a licensed wholesale seller. If it is your first time starting a wholesale operation, there are some essentials to cover before proceeding.


Before marketing your product, it is important to know what you can and can’t say about the products you are selling! Cannabinoids are still a new field with only specific wordings allowed in merchandising materials. To follow the regulations and avoid running into problems, follow these rules of thumb:

  1. Don’t: recommend hemp products as a cure for any serious medical condition.
  2. Do: Recommend customers consult a physician before beginning to take hemp products.
  3. Don’t: compare hemp products to prescription medications or recommend them as an alternative.
  4. Don’t: describe your hemp as a supplemental dietary product–Hemp products are not yet FDA approved, so this could create issues.


Even in the booming economy of hemp-derived products, any new business needs a plan! Before you open your doors, make sure you have a plan covering your business finances, your targeted/intended customer base, and the product range you would like to keep stocked.

  1. Choose a name: Choosing a name is a fun part of opening a new business, but it also requires some tactical thinking to get the most benefit. A good name can help you build an identity and reputation within the hemp community that can attract more customers. Try to make sure your brand name sticks out from the competition!
  2. Get a business account: Another step you’ll need to complete to get your business going is to get a banking account associated with your newly opened business. This is primarily for tax reasons, so you don’t have to merge your personal finances with your new business.
  3. Pick a shop: Next, you’ll have to figure out where you’ll be selling your products from! For this, you’ll have two options, a brick-and-mortar store or an online website. Each provides its benefits, a physical store can help you connect to a consistent clientele and build a reputation in your area. But an online shop allows you to hold a wider audience without the overhead associated with maintaining a physical space.
  4. Get licensed: Luckily, you don’t need a specialized license to sell hemp products. If you want to sell your stock online, you will just need a standard business resellers license. Consult your state’s rules and regulations for any additional information regarding becoming a hemp distributor.
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If you want to buy Delta 9 products for your business venture, you’ll be happy to know that the process for applying is quick. We want to make it as easy as possible to get started with your own delta 9 business! To get started on your new business venture, fill out the application form listed below, and we will have one of our company reps contact you as soon as possible! 


THC-free CBD — also known as CBD isolate — doesn’t contain any THC or any other cannabinoids. It’s essentially CBD in its purest form.

While this kind of CBD is usually found in THC-free CBD distillate or CBD isolate, THC-free CBD oil exists, too! CBD isolate oil will only contain CBD and carrier oil.


Since it offers the most benefits, full spectrum could be called “the best” kind of CBD. As we mentioned above, people who consume full spectrum products reap the benefits of CBD, THC, and other minor cannabinoids. With broad spectrum and THC-free products, consumers don’t get to experience the positive effects of THC.

That said, we generally think that “the best” kind of CBD is whichever one suits your preference. All kinds are beneficial in their own ways, so it’s really up to what your favorite is!


Are you a reseller and would like to carry our products in your store? Please fill out the quick application below and our team will get back to you.

Legal Business Name and/or DBA
If multiple store locations please just list one location.
Online / Search Engines, Referral, Trade Show, Magazine Ad, Social Media, Local Retail, TV, Other
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 5 files.
What type of products are you currently carrying in your store? What products are you interested in reselling?


We are sure there are plenty of other questions on your mind regarding the process of Delta 9 wholesale. The business is relatively new and continues to grow year by year. This can make the details seem unclear to those new to the business. To help, we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions and their answers for your convenience!

A white label product is a generic product for multiple distributors. Those distributors can then rebrand the white label products and sell them to multiple retailers at prices based on the target market. On the other hand, private label products are exclusively for one retailer to brande and redistribute.

The Delta 9 market and cannabis market as a whole have shown to be immensely profitable and growing more with each passing year! In fact, the cannabis market will see massive growth over a relatively short period. Experts predict the industry will grow from $28 billion in 2021 to approximately $197 billion in 2028! With a constantly rising market, it’s safe to say the Delta 9 market will be on a positive trend for the foreseeable future.

It’s never too late to get in on this exciting and constantly developing industry! Like with any business, you just need to be sure that you have a plan before committing to starting a Delta 9 shop. With proper planning and strategic engagement with your clients, you will differentiate yourself from other companies and find your place in the industry.

Due to the regulations established in the 2018 Farm Bill, Delta 9 is considered legal by the federal government, so long as the plants used to make it have been evaluated to contain 0.3% THC or less. Products containing this percentage of THC in dry weight are hemp and legal for creating various hemp-derived products, including our new line of Delta 9 products.

There is no law determining a limit for how many Delta 9 products you can sell in-store or through your site. This means that you can order as much stock from your supplier as you’ll need for the foreseeable future; just be sure to store your product in a cool dark place to ensure the product stays fresh. Always be aware of the expiration dates on the packaging to maintain a fresh product stock.

No, it’s never too late to start, especially when you get the best wholesale full spectrum CBD oil around! Since the market is so profitable and is projected to keep growing in the future, you haven’t missed the window to start your full spectrum CBD oil business.

Whoever told you that you couldn’t have it all was wrong about this one! You can absolutely sell more than one kind of CBD product, as long as you hold the proper licensing and abide by your state’s CBD rules.

Other wholesale products

Aside from our Delta 9 wholesale, we have plenty of other hemp-derived products that you can purchase in bulk through wholesale orders! If you want to expand your stock into some other exciting options, what better way to do so than introduce your customers to the ever-popular world of CBD? Stocking a variety of options helps to increase the likelihood your customers will find something to purchase. Give some of our other wholesale options a try to access more high-quality, non-GMO, vegan-friendly products!

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