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CBD Flower Wholesale – CBD Flower For Retailers Or Distributors

We provide wholesale hemp flower to distributors and retailers around the country. Whether you are a big business or a small vendor, we will stock your shelves with high-quality CBD flower at great wholesale prices. If you’re ready to learn more about our products and services and start your own CBD business today, keep reading! 

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Hollyweed is a national leader in CBD sales, thanks to our high-quality products and ethical production process. These traits shot us to the top of the industry, and we’re giving you the chance to do the same. What makes us special? We’ll tell you!


We use organic ingredients in all our products, starting with our hemp plants. They grow on small, organic farms that use ancient methods like crop rotation to protect the crop against pests.

Many industrial hemp farms spray their crops with synthetic chemical pesticides. They tell you that it’s all cleaned up in the manufacturing process, but do you want to risk the chance of inhaling or ingesting toxic substances? Many of these chemicals are toxic, so play it safe and choose organic hemp.


We source all of our hemp flower from domestic farms in Colorado and Oregon. In doing so, we support local farmers and guarantee a high-quality product. Hemp from other countries is cheap to import, but it makes for a worse product.


International hemp growers don’t have to follow the clear rules and regulations put in place by federal and state governments. Their hemp might even exceed the federal Farm Bill’s limit on THC content (0.3%), in which case the government would classify it as illegal marijuana.



We send each crop of our CBD hemp flower to third-party labs for testing. They run tests to determine the cannabinoid content of each sample. We need to know that it complies with the government’s limit of THC, and we need to verify its CBD content. The potencies listed on our website have been certified by these independent labs. When we tell you how potent our CBD flower is, you know we really mean it.



We offer eight CBD hemp flower strains. We’ve listed them here, along with their type (Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid) and their CBD potency:


  • Sour Diesel (Sativa-dominant Hybrid) – 20.17% CBD
  • Lifter (50/50 Hybrid) – ~18% CBD
  • Cherry Wine (50/50 Hybrid) – 16.48% CBD
  • Bubba Kush (Indica) – 12.95% CBD
  • Hawaiian Haze (Sativa-dominant Hybrid) – ~18% CBD
  • Sour Space Candy (Sativa-dominant Hybrid) – 20.66% CBD
  • Skywalker OG (Sativa-dominant Hybrid) – 20.94% CBD
  • Northern Lights (Indica-dominant Hybrid) – 20.73% CBD


Becoming a wholesaler is no small feat, no matter what you’re selling. We are talking about building your own business from the ground up. There is no formula for guaranteed success, but we will go over some key factors that can set you on the right track.


The most important rule of becoming a CBD wholesaler is: you can’t go it alone. Running a solo business can get overwhelming quickly, and you will end up juggling too many things at once by filling every role. Every successful endeavor requires teamwork, even if it’s just a handful of people. We started ours with a tight-knit group of friends and family members, and look how far we’ve come!


Ideally, it would help if you had an education in or prior experience with business management. If you don’t have experience behind you, reach out to someone who does and propose a partnership. Learn everything you can from experts, and do aggressive research on your own time. Look to major retail companies for inspiration, and identify their keys to success.


As a wholesaler, you’ll be buying very large quantities of bulk CBD flower at once, and you need a place to keep it all. You can start with your own home or garage, but that is only a temporary solution. If you achieve the success you dream of, you will need to scale up.

The ideal option is to rent or buy a warehouse. You will get plenty of space to store all of your CBD products and organize shipments. It also serves as a convenient hub to keep all of your business under one roof. You won’t just be storing your products. You’ll also be accommodating your team.


Since CBD flower is legal throughout the United States, you do not need to get any special cannabis license to launch your business. However, you will need to acquire a standard business license from your state. The U.S. Small Business Administration provides helpful guidelines for completing this process.


In order to operate any business in the United States, you have to procure an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The IRS uses this number to track your business and determine your annual taxes.

Registering for taxes may sound unappealing, but it is essential. Without an EIN, you cannot legally hire employees, open a company bank account, or apply for any business loans. You should also research state and local tax laws and acquire tax IDs if necessary.


When you launch your business, and the orders start pouring in, you had better be able to fulfill them fast. You will need a generous stock of bulk CBD flower, cured and trimmed for immediate shipments. That’s where we come in. We’ll keep your shelves stocked with the finest wholesale CBD flower and let you focus on your employees and customers.

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When you buy CBD, you have to make an important choice. Will you purchase white label products or private label products? Many people confuse the two, making labeling a confusing mess in some cases. If you don’t know what these terms mean, don’t worry. We’ve got the answers right here.


White label products come from other companies, but they get rebranded by the retailer. Here’s what the process looks like:

  1. A manufacturer produces a bulk load of CBD products.
  2. They then distribute these products to multiple different retailers.
  3. The products are unlabeled or blank (hence the name “white label”), so each vendor can brand it and set their own retail price.

White labels let multiple retailers lay claim to the same CBD products. Two different dispensaries might have their own “house brands” of CBD flower that actually come from the same source. That’s a little insider tip to keep in mind the next time you shop at a dispensary.


Private label products are exclusively sold to one retailer. It means that the wholesale supplier makes this product for one vendor and one vendor only. The buyer has a considerable amount of say in the process, customizing both the label and the product itself to their liking.

Private label products are more expensive and difficult to come by than white label products. This is because white label products are more efficient to produce. A wholesaler could supply multiple buyers from a single batch of white label CBD. Private label products require a unique manufacturing process tailored to the buyer, so they aren’t very efficient to produce. 


Are you a reseller and would like to carry our products in your store? Please fill out the quick application below and our team will get back to you.

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If you’re just getting into the CBD business, we’re sure you have many questions. Lucky for you, we’ve got the answers right here.

The CBD market has grown at lightning speed since the Farm Bill passed in 2018, emerging as a highly profitable industry. It was one of the few markets that actually grew during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, with sales in 2020 hitting $4.6 billion as more people sought relief from CBD.

Market growth continues at an exponential rate. Some projections have the CBD market reaching an astounding $20 billion by 2024, just 6 years after federal legalization. As you can see, this is a fantastic time to enter the CBD industry. Keep in mind that market growth means more competition, so the earlier to get on board, the better.

The Farm Bill establishes no federal limit on how much CBD flower you can buy or sell. However, it’s still a good idea to research any state or local restrictions where you live.

Please note that CBD is not measured by the number of flowers but rather by the total weight of the hemp flower. Every bud has a unique size and shape, meaning two different packages of ten buds, or “flowers,” could have dramatically different sizes. This makes the question of “how many CBD flowers” irrelevant.

If you plan to sell CBD flower, you should invest in highly precise scales to ensure that every customer gets an equal amount of CBD in their order. Vendors typically price each order of bulk CBD flower according to its weight in ounces or pounds. Individual dispensaries may use grams for especially small orders.

Hemp-derived CBD is federally legal, thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. This means you can sell CBD products in all 50 states, as long as you have a license to do so.

However, you can only sell CBD hemp flower in 49 states, with Idaho being the exception. The federal government allows CBD products to contain up to 0.3% Delta 9 THC, but Idaho law says CBD products must contain zero THC.

CBD hemp flower is “full spectrum” by nature, meaning it contains traces of THC. We can remove THC from CBD extracts but not from the natural flower itself. This means you cannot sell CBD flower in Idaho, but you can sell other CBD products like tinctures, gummies, vapes, or topicals. Just make sure they are “broad spectrum” or “isolate,” meaning they contain no THC whatsoever.

The CBD market is evergreen (literally and figuratively), so it’s never too late to join the movement. In fact, the market growth projections we mentioned before indicate that this is an ideal time to start your CBD flower business. Be mindful that competition is rapidly increasing, and if you want your business to stand out, you need to identify an unfulfilled demand.


Consider how competitive your local market for CBD is. Search “CBD” or “CBD dispensary” on Google Maps and see how many locations pop up. If there isn’t a CBD flower retailer in your neighborhood, it means there is an untapped market for you to capitalize on. However, the competition could be tough if you find multiple CBD stores within a few miles of you. It pays to look for the neighborhoods that do not have a CBD business yet.

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