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Can CBD Oil Cause Headaches? Know Side Effects Of CBD Oil [Update]

can cbd oil cause headaches

Everyone’s had a headache. They’re annoying and always come at the worst times. But, can CBD oil cause headaches? Depending on their severity, headaches can be truly crippling. They bolster the potential of disrupting our daily lives. Finding the root cause of your headaches is an essential step in determining how to treat them.


Although headaches are a relatively rare side effect of CBD oil, studies show that taking CBD oil has heaps of anecdotal evidence promoting the opposite: relief from headaches. Continue reading below to find out more!



What Is Cannabidiol Oil?

Cannabidiol, or more commonly recognized as CBD, is a compound extracted from the hemp plant. CBD belongs to a class of compounds found in cannabis called “cannabinoids,” which interact with our endocannabinoid system (ECS) to grant various health and wellness benefits.


Our ECS is responsible for numerous benefits in our bodies. It works to create balance, or homeostasis, in our body, meaning CBD supports our receptors responsible for relaxing tight muscles, ease swelling, ease nervousness and so much more!


In order for a cannabis plant to be legally recognized as “hemp,” it cannot contain more than 0.3%. So even though CBD comes from the same plant as marijuana, this particular cannabinoid won’t induce a “high.” For a bit of context as to how minuscule this amount of THC is, marijuana may contain upwards of 30% THC when the cannabis is harvested.


cbd flower in a grinder



What Are the Benefits Of CBD Oil?

Did you know that the cannabinoids found in cannabis are molecularly similar to the cannabinoids naturally produced by our body to regulate movement, discomfort, appetite, and memory? CBD oil carries a wide variety of benefits and various positive effects.


Ease Discomfort

People have used cannabis as a remedy for discomfort as far back as 2900 B.C. Recent studies have shown that CBD could potentially help ease physical tension and chronic discomfort related to various disorders that affect the immune system. CBD acts as a relatively natural alternative to the typical over-the-counter drugs commonly used to relieve discomfort, which many avid CBD consumers work to avoid.


Soothe Skin

Almost everyone deals with pimples at some point in their lives. These skin irritations spawn because of a handful of factors, including the overproduction of skin oils, bacteria, genetics, or discomfort.



What Are The Side Effects Of CBD Oil?

While the future of CBD oil certainly shows promise when it comes to treating nervous tension and general despair, it is not without its downsides.


First of all, CBD oil isn’t widely available everywhere, meaning that consumers can only purchase it in states where medical marijuana is legal. CBD oil simply isn’t as well regulated as some of the other wellness products it competes with, meaning you’ll have to do a bit more research before buying to ensure that you’re getting a top-tier product.


Good quality CBD products are safe for consumption. Though, they may come with a few minor side effects, all of which are likely to lessen and eventually disappear with consistent use, including the following:


Dry Mouth

While researchers aren’t yet sure why CBD oil can cause dry mouth, a study published in 2006 showed that the endocannabinoid system (ECS) has receptors present in the glands responsible for producing saliva. Typically saliva production tends to drop when these receptors are activated, leading to the person’s mouth that ingested the CBD feeling dry and parched. Dry mouth is precisely what it sounds like and really won’t affect you in any other way beyond prompting you to drink a bit more water than normal.


Lower Blood Pressure

Taking a high dose of CBD may cause a small drop in blood pressure for some people. A drop in blood pressure may prompt feelings of lightheadedness, though it is unlikely you’ll feel these effects with much severity. If it happens at all, this sensation will occur when the CBD first enters the system. Snack on a little piece of chocolate, drink a cup of tea or coffee, or simply lay down for a few moments.



Some people have reported that ingesting CBD oil may cause mild discomfort in the stomach area. The matter of CBD causing nausea is an increasingly odd occurrence, considering that one of CBD oil’s most prevalent uses is to help increase appetite and relieve nausea. If nausea occurs, it will likely be very mild and should go away relatively quickly. If you find this happens to you, simply decrease your dose, and it should subside.



This particular side effect is generally not caused by the CBD itself but because of whatever carrier oil, the manufacturer uses (coconut, grapeseed, olive, or hemp oil) in the extraction process. It is best to consume CBD oil with a full stomach. Also, eat protein with your dose of CBD — the protein reduces how quickly your body absorbs the CBD. If this still doesn’t help, we suggest trying CBD gummies, cbd pre-rolls products, cbd topicals, or cbd capsules in replace of cbd oils.



Because high doses of CBD oil are for those struggling with insomnia as a sleep aid, don’t let this particular side effect of CBD oil come as a surprise. Even at low doses, CBD oil induces a feeling of calm and relaxation. It interacts with the endocannabinoid system to diminish nervousness — both of which are conditions that contribute to insomnia. At higher doses, CBD can make you drowsy. If CBD oil regularly makes you feel overly tired, do not take CBD oil before driving a vehicle or operating dangerous machinery.


Although these side effects may seem scary, consumers of CBD generally encounter these unwanted effects in rarity and they’re mild. The benefits of CBD surely outweigh the severity of the side effects.



Can CBD Oil Cause Headaches? 

The hemp industry responsible for producing CBD oil often makes it very difficult to thoroughly assess CBD oil’s exact safety. Meaning it can be quite difficult to find individual reports that properly assess whether or not CBD oil products cause headaches.


However, one report published in 2017 on the effects and safety of CBD oil briefly touched on a few of the most common side effects of CBD oil. The report listed appetite changes, weight gain, diarrhea, dry mouth, drowsiness, hypertension, and lightheadedness among the common side effects. Though nowhere did they report any side effects involved CBD causing headaches.


Can Low-Quality CBD Oil Cause Headaches?

Consumers of CBD oil use it to treat migraines and headaches. Thousands of CBD consumers happily report that it adequately eased their discomfort. It’s likely that the product you’ve purchased is of lower quality. It is possible that whatever CBD product you’ve purchased contains solvents, such as isopropanol and ethanol. Some people are quite sensitive to these substances.



Can CBD Oil Help With Headaches? 

We know that Cannabidiol (CBD) oil has the ability to ease discomfort and reduce nervous tension, but a slowly growing body of research suggests that CBD may be capable of help consumers treat migraines.


Concrete evidence is still lacking. Though some scientific community members believe that CBD may relieve neurological discomfort linked to various conditions.


The American Migraine Foundation reports CBD oil may hold promise as a treatment for migraines. The Foundation says because of scarcity in the research they can’t confirm whether CBD works as an effective treatment.


Recently, the American Migraine Foundation said CBD is a viable option for patients with migraines.



man suffering from headache



Where Can I Find the Best CBD Oil? 

Your search for quality CBD oil is over! For top-of-the-line CBD products, look no further than Hollyweed’s premium online selection.


Approved by 3rd party labs, our CBD oil tinctures jump through hoops before production. Feel free to verify our product’s quality yourself by simply taking a look at the Certificates of Analysis (COA). It is typically located on each of our products.


None of our CBD products contain a THC content higher than 0.3%. Our products are also 100% cruelty and gluten-free. The additional benefit of containing no added animal by-products, GMOs, or Artificial Colors/Flavors. Plus, they’re fully vegan!



Final Thoughts – Can CBD Oil Cause Headaches?

While it’s easy to experience CBD’s benefits, it is essential for new consumers to have knowledge of the downsides. We urge all CBD consumers to research and consult with their doctor before experimenting with any alternative wellness treatments.


Here at Hollyweed, our products come backed with a COA. This confirms transparency and builds trust when it comes to our customers and our products!



This content is exclusively intended for informational purposes. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any ailment, disease, or disorder. This content is not meant to be interpreted as medical advice in place of your doctor’s advice or the advice of any other medical professionals. We always recommend you talk to your doctor about your headaches and migraines. In doing so, you can prepare a treatment plan for any ailments or diseases.

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