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ACDC CBD Strain : Know Everything About CBD Strain Online


Are you ready to get thunderstruck by a high voltage cannabidiol (CBD) hemp flower strain?! Then it’s time you tried ACDC CBD strain! This hybrid hemp flower strain is a rockstar amongst enthusiasts for its perfect blend of uplifting, focused energy, and subtle relaxation. Cannabis connoisseurs are already familiar with this stirring strain. An iconic marijuana strain popular for its high CBD to THC ratio, the ACDC strain is now available in a hemp flower alternative for wellness-minded consumers to enjoy.


Keep reading to find out why CBD enthusiasts worldwide are singing the praises of this potent CBD-rich strain. We’ll also tell you about other strains with similar terpenes that are just as effective at delivering the familiar tunes of this superstar strain.


ACDC CBD Strain History

ACDC CBD’s rockstar status stems from its marijuana strain counterpart of the same name. Known affectionately as “ACDC weed” or “AC/DC,” enthusiasts couldn’t get enough of this strain thanks to its high levels of CBD, a rarity among marijuana’s high THC strains. The holistic wellness benefits of CBD, coupled with the palliative benefits of THC, made ACDC a popular strain amongst medical marijuana patients.


But royalties must be paid to ACDC’s parent strain, Cannatonic, as the reason behind its success. Cannatonic is an equally balanced hybrid strain that produces powerfully soothing benefits. But unlike most marijuana strains, Cannatonic contains mostly CBD; a trait passed down to its offspring ACDC.


Credit is due to Dr. William Courtney, who bred the ACDC strain from a phenotype of Cannatonic after receiving a packet of seeds from Resin Seeds, Cannatonic’s original breeder. Phenotypes are physical characteristics expressed by the offspring thanks largely to their genetics and environmental factors. Courtney saw some special sauce in Cannatonic that he decided to exploit for an even richer CBD strain.


ACDC CBD hemp flower shares a similar genealogy to the ACDC marijuana strain. But unlike marijuana flower, hemp flower contains extremely small amounts of THC (0.3% or less) and very high levels of CBD. However, ACDC CBD is a 50/50 Indica-Sativa hybrid. The effects of this hemp flower lean more towards Sativa. As a result, ACDC CBD produces a well-balanced energizing effect.






Terpene Profile

Terpenes are all-natural compounds responsible for the way plants smell and taste. We encounter terpenes every day in our life. When you add fresh mint to your tea, sprinkle some oregano in pasta, or add some cracked black pepper to your omelet, the distinct aromas you smell and flavors you taste are the results of terpenes unique to each product. ACDC strains have a unique terpene profile, making them one of the most palatable strains cannabis connoisseurs have ever tried.


Here are the terpenes that give ACDC its unique aroma and taste profile, along with the additional benefits they may provide:


  • Myrcene: This is the most common terpene in cannabis strains and is found in several essential oils. You’ll be greeted by an earthy and herbal scent with a hint of spice. Myrcene is thought to provide soothing, calming effects to the consumer.
  • Caryophyllene: You’ve smelled this terpene in herbs and spices such as basil, black pepper, cinnamon, and cloves. This terpene provides an inviting aroma backed by a spicy kick. Caryophyllene is also thought to engage your endocannabinoid system (ECS) for even added benefits.
  • Pinene: As its name implies, this terpene smells like fresh pine needles. Woody, with hints of fresh citrus rinds, pinene delivers a distinct fragrant aroma that has made it a staple of several herbs and household products (Pine-Sol, anyone?). Pinene is thought to help ease anxiousness and bodily discomfort.
  • Limonene: This terpene is present in the rinds of lemons, limes, oranges, and other citrus fruits and gives them their distinct, fresh smell. Many believe that limonene can help quell anxious behaviors and provide stress relief.



ACDC CBD flower has an oblong shape similar to your typical mossy-style nug. However, the flower stands out among other cannabis strains thanks to its yellow-green hues with subtle hints of eye-catching orange throughout, giving it a bronzed appearance.


The pistils are dark amber and curl in a distorted formation amongst the crisp sugar leaves. The trichomes, the hair-like crystalline outgrowths that contain the resin unique to each hemp flower strain, give ACDC CBD hemp flower a heavily salted appearance for some unique visual flair.



Thanks to Myrcene being the dominant terpene in ACDC CBD flower, this strain has an aroma of earthy sweetness balanced by pinene’s woodsy fresh pine scent. The aroma has an undercurrent of subtle citrus that will bite your olfactory senses for an enlivening effect.



When smoking ACDC CBD flower, you’ll not only envelop your sense of smell with an aromatic blend of natural scents, but you’ll also satiate your palate with an equally delectable flavor profile. The earthy flavor of this little green flower is similar to its aroma. Juicy citrus undercuts the woodsy ACDC taste with a splash of subtle tangy sweetness. This is capped off with a hint of spice bound to make your tastebuds dance.



The ACDC CBD strain is popular amongst consumers for its uplifting and energizing feelings. In addition to a jolt of vitalizing energy, consumers will also feel a relaxed and deeply focused mindset. For many, starting their day out with some ACDC CBD flower will ensure they can tackle the day’s stressors with ease and clarity.



Like most CBD strains, ACDC will impart many wellness benefits to the consumer. These benefits come from the high amounts of CBD present in ACDC flower. The strain typically contains anywhere from 14%-24% CBD. But before we get into the benefits of the ACDC CBD strain, we need to briefly examine how CBD works to benefit you.


ACDC CBD And Your Endocannabinoid System

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a natural compound found in large amounts in hemp, a cannabis plant. CBD works in concert with our endocannabinoid system (ECS) when consumed. This vast internal matrix of cell signaling receptors helps optimize several key bodily processes ranging from mood, gut health, mobility, and rest, to name a few.


CBD interacts with your ECS receptors to help optimize these and other functions important to your general wellness. When you smoke CBD-rich ACDC flower, you’ll give yourself immediate benefits from this natural plant-based compound.


Since this is a hemp flower strain, ACDC CBD flower contains 0.3% or less THC. Although minuscule, the amount of THC present will ensure consumers benefit from the entourage effect. This effect occurs when CBD, THC, other cannabinoids, natural terpenes, and flavonoids (plant compounds responsible for pigmentation) work together to synergistically boost CBD’s effectiveness for the consumer.


The Benefits Of ACDC CBD Strain

Now that you know how CBD can help you achieve greater holistic wellbeing, we can finally talk about the many benefits you’ll feel from consuming ACDC CBD flower. Here’s how this strain may benefit you:


  • Ease racing thoughts and anxious behavior
  • Promote whole-body relaxation and deeper sleep
  • Provide relief from soreness and discomfort
  • Expand mental clarity
  • Improve appetite
  • Facilitate mobility
  • Reduce joint issues
  • And much more!


But before you try ACDC CBD, you must get evaluated by a health professional to determine if you are well enough to consume this or any other cannabis product. ACDC strain is not meant to take the place of professional medical advice, nor is it intended to treat, cure, prevent, or compensate for treatment of symptoms related to any medical condition or disease that you may or may not have.


The federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not evaluated the efficacy of the ACDC CBD strain despite the strain’s positive effects on consumers and the information presented in this strain review. As with all CBD products, you should start your consumption at a low amount and gradually work your way up to an appropriate level.



Like with any product, ACDC CBD may produce some unintended side effects. However, these negative effects are typically mild, short-lived, and may occur as a result of the overconsumption of CBD beyond your optimal dose:


  • Dry mouth
  • Thirst
  • Hunger
  • Diarrhea
  • Lethargy
  • Sleepiness


To limit the chances of these temporary side effects from occurring, you must never consume more CBD than what you can comfortably handle. Although smoking ACDC CBD flower provides many benefits, you should never treat it lightly and overconsume it.


Similar CBD Strains

You’re in luck if you’re looking to change up your palate and try other strains with similar terpenes to ACDC CBD. Several high-CBD strains will have you rocking out just as you would with ACDC. Here are some of the popular CBD flower alternatives to ACDC CBD.


Ringo’s Gift (50/50 Sativa/Indica Hybrid, 10-15% CBD)

What happens when you cross the CBD-rich strains of ACDC with Harley-Tsu? You get Ringo’s Gift! This offspring of ACDC gets its name after cannabis activist Lawrence Ringo and provides some of the most potent benefits from CBD. 


A 50/50 hybrid, your cerebral centers will become activated for deep, focused activity balanced by soothing full-body relaxation.


Ringo’s Gift shares similar terpenes to that of its parent strain ACDC. It also contains linalool and terpinolene. You’ll taste the earthy essence of Myrcene, the dominant terpene in Ringo’s Gift. The gruff taste will be offset by nutty undercurrents and a hint of mint.


Charlotte’s Web (60/40 Sativa-Dominant Hybrid, 18-20% CBD)

You’ll find it very easy to get tangled up in the web of this CBD-rich, Sativa-dominant strain. Charlotte’s Web has been at the forefront of hemp flower strains for quite some time. Growers specifically created the strain to have high CBD content. As a result, consumers will feel an uplifting yet calm feeling punctuated by deep focus.


Charlotte’s Web contains most of ACDC’s terpenes, with Myrcene dominant. The addition of the terpene linalool further enhances the flavor and aroma of Charlotte’s Web. What results is the perfect woodland blend of pine, sage, and floral notes.


Sour Space Candy (Sativa-Dominant Hybrid, 20.66% CBD)

Unlike ACDC, Sour Space Candy is a Sativa-dominant hybrid. But if you enjoy ACDC, you’ll enjoy a similarly flavorful experience thanks to Sour Space Candy’s similar terpenes. As with most hemp flowers, Myrcene is the dominant terpene. But the addition of terpinolene gives this strain a sweet and tart flavor undercut with earthy and gaseous flavors.


One puff of Sour Space Candy, and you’ll feel an airy, uplifted feeling that will launch you out of this world. As happiness consumes you and the giggles increase, you’ll find your confidence peaking and ready to find that significant other, or, if you have one already, a romantic evening at home.


Cherry Wine (50/50 Sativa/Indica Hybrid, 16.48% CBD)

If you want a glass of cherry wine without the drunkenness, calories, and cost, this hybrid strain is for you. Sharing the same dominant terpenes as the ACDC strain, with the addition of the bitter humulene terpene, wine connoisseurs swear that the sugary yet skunky aroma of Cherry Wine, along with the sweet berry flavor profile, is just as good as the libation this strain is named after.


Cherry Wine is a 50/50 Sativa/Indica hybrid that provides the best of both worlds for the consumer. You’ll feel immediate and inspired focus while feeling at ease. It’s no wonder Cherry Wine has become a favorite CBD strain amongst consumers and the perfect one to take during the daytime.


Lifter (50/50 Sativa/Indica Hybrid, ~18% CBD)

When it comes to high CBD strains, Lifter stands high and above the rest. Lifter shares many of the same characteristics as the ACDC strain. It has a high CBD content, is a 50/50 Sativa/Indica hybrid, and possesses ACDC’s terpenes. However, several qualities set Lifter apart from its ACDC strain brethren. Lifter buds have brown undertones that accentuate the green flower. These buds also have a distinct, cheesy aroma that perks just about anybody’s olfactory senses.


As you savor the flavor, you’ll satiate your palate with an explosion of heavy fruit flavors with hints of earthy forestlands, bitter lemon zest, and a pinch of pepper. Smoking this green flower will bathe you in a pleasant sweet and sour aroma that many claims reminds them of fresh spring flowers. You’ll feel at ease in a floral paradise with a clear, focused mindset and natural tranquility that’s bound to keep you content.


Hemp Flower

Whether it’s the ACDC strain or the many other CBD-rich hemp flower strains we mentioned in the previous section, you can choose to consume these buds in several different and enjoyable ways. Simply pick these green flower buds apart, grind them up, and enjoy them in one of the following ways:


  1. Pipes, Bongs, & Bubblers: These devices help you enjoy hemp flowers by smoking them. Simply back the bowl of your pipe, bong, or bubbler, light the flower, and take a hit. Bongs and bubblers utilize water to filter the smoke, so you’ll receive a smooth, velvety drag each time you take a hit.
  2. Joints, Pre-Rolls, & Blunts: You can make these potent smokables at home. They’re perfect for those who want a customized smoking experience. Joints and pre-rolls utilize rolling paper, often hemp paper, while blunts use tobacco wrapping paper, often from a cigar or cigarillo brands. You can make joints and blunts at home, while pre-rolls often come pre-made with your favorite hemp flower.
  3. Dry Herb Vaporizers: If smoking is not something you’re into (and you’re not alone), then dry herb vapes offer a smokeless solution to enjoying ACDC strain or other hemp flower. Vapes don’t combust, so don’t worry about smoke. Instead, they vaporize the product and produce a rich, smooth vapor for consumers to enjoy.





Where To Get High-Quality Hemp Flower

If you’re looking for top-shelf hemp flowers with high CBD content, there’s no better place to shop than at Hollyweed! We offer most of the strains we discussed in this strain review so that you can utilize the methods outlined above.


When you shop with us, you’ll also receive great customer service, free and fast shipping, and 25% off on all products when you join our free membership services. Hollyweed is your one-stop-shop for potent CBD products ranging from flowers, pre-rolls, vape cartridges, CBD oil, and edibles.



Final Thoughts – ACDC CBD

Bred to have a higher CBD content than THC, the ACDC strain remains a crown jewel for many cannabis connoisseurs. Now, wellness-minded individuals can enjoy this CBD-rich strain in potent hemp flower form. A 50/50 Sativa/Indica hybrid, ACDC CBD provides consumers with a Sativa-leaning sensation of focused clarity and easy relaxation. One puff of ACDC CBD, and you’ll realize that it’s not a long way to the top!


Those looking for alternatives to ACDC CBD have come to the right place! We provide several strains with similar CBD content, genetics, and terpene profile for an equally enjoyable experience. To get your hands on these potent CBD rockstars, head to our shop to see our top-shelf CBD flower line that serves as worthy bandmates to ACDC’s superstar status!

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