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Sativa CBD Flower: TOP Shelf Strains for Sativa Fanatics

sativa cbd flower

If you enjoy CBD hemp flower, you’ve probably seen the terms “Sativa” and “Indica” floating around in product descriptions. You may be wondering, “What is Sativa CBD flower?” Well, it’s quite easy: if a clear-headed, alert state of mind is what you crave, these flower strains are for you!


Don’t worry — we’ll cover all the details of the infamous Sativa family, but that’s the gist of it. While both Sativa and Indica have their benefits, this article will be all about Sativa CBD flower’s unique wonders.



What is Sativa CBD Flower?

Sativa CBD flower is a hemp strain that provides energizing, uplifting effects. Also called Sativa hemp flower, these strains allow people to be creative, in the moment, and interact without a head fog or extreme drowsiness.


Unlike its cousin marijuana, hemp has a small amount of THC (0.3% or less) and rich amounts of CBD. This makes it non-intoxicating, completely legal, and quite soothing!


When hemp is classified as a “Sativa CBD flower,” it refers to the type of effects that flower provides. Though Sativa CBD flower shouldn’t get you high, it gives you that same peppy energy that all Sativa cannabis strains are known for.


“Sativa” literally translates to “that which is grown.” You’ve probably noticed that “Sativa” is also in the higher classification name of hemp, “Cannabis sativa.” “Cannabis sativa” refers to both hemp and marijuana.


What Does Sativa Dominant CBD Flower Mean?

When a strain is labeled as “Sativa dominant CBD flower,” or “Sativa dominant,” it means it’s heavy on the Sativa side, but it technically classifies as a hybrid. A hybrid flower is a mix of Sativa and Indica, but Sativa dominant flower has more Sativa than Indica.



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What’s the Difference Between Sativa CBD Flower & Indica CBD Flower?

All hemp flower is technical “Cannabis sativa,” but the two sub-variations of hemp provide distinctly different effects for most people: Sativa and Indica. We know that’s a little confusing, but the difference is actually quite simple.


As we now know, Sativa flower is typically uplifting and somewhat energizing. In essence, it provides elevating effects. On the other hand, Indica provides somewhat tranquilizing effects. It’s known for being sedative, ultra-relaxing, and can help people fall and stay asleep at night.


What Are the Effects of Sativa CBD Flower?

Sativa CBD flower is the perfect daytime hemp flower. Because it doesn’t usually make people sleepy, consumers can enjoy the uplifting, energizing effects before completing tasks, meeting with friends, or when they want to absorb an exciting movie or show.


However, Sativa CBD flower is still hemp. CBD is generally known for being calming and therapeutic. When you inhale Sativa flower, it will help to soothe pesky mental and physical ailments. If you inhale a good deal of it, the high amount of CBD might make you feel relaxed enough to sleep.


What Are the Effects of Indica CBD Flower? 

Indica CBD flower is known for being moderately sedative. It doesn’t always make people feel sleepy, though; some people are able to complete focused tasks after inhaling Indica flower. But for most, it tends to help them feel thoroughly relaxed — mind, body, and soul.


In fact, Indica strains are known for providing strong body effects. Many people immediately feel a soothing sensation in their joints, neck, and chest after inhaling Indica flower. It also soothes and clears the mind, which can help people drift into dreamland in combination with the physical effects.



Why Choose Sativa CBD Flower?

Many people choose Sativa CBD flower because of its uplifting effects. Plus, it works well for minimizing worried/nervous thoughts. With a clear, unworried mind, a free-moving body, and a sense of balance, Sativa flower gives you the power to take on the day.



What Are the Benefits of Sativa CBD Flower?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with inhaling CBD flower for the purposes of melting into the couch after a long day. But hot tip: that’s what Indica is best for. Sativa CBD flower has numerous benefits that help people feel focused, happy, energized, motivated, you name it!


With Sativa in your system and a smile on your face, social interactions become less anxiety-inducing. Complex tasks become challenges you can tackle. That yoga pose you haven’t been able to nail comes just a little bit easier. Then, at the end of the day, falling asleep should feel as natural as the whole day has.



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What Are the Most Popular Sativa CBD Flower Strains?

Now that you know about the benefits of Sativa flower, you’re probably wondering what the best Sativa strains are. Well, we have some stellar recommendations for the most uplifting, motivating, and aromatic Sativas in our collection.


Sour Space Candy

We have lift-off! Sour Space Candy is an ultra-uplifting, Sativa-dominant strain. It’s bursting with tart citrus aromas and flavors that emulate the best sour candies. As you inhale Sour Space Candy, you’ll immediately feel a sense of bright motivation and clear-headed focus that energizes you for hours.


Hawaiian Haze

If you need a mini staycation, Hawaiian Haze can help get you there. This unbelievably smooth, tropical, balanced, and uplifting flower strain provides revitalizing relief from mental and physical ailments. As calm washes over you, so will a desire to create, explore, and be present in every moment.


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As if the name didn’t clue you in, Lifter is a powerfully uplifting Sativa dominant strain. It’s loaded with earthy, sweet, and tart aromas that entice the senses as the CBD soothes every inch of your body. Inhaling Lifter will leave you with an overwhelming sense of tranquility, peace, and comfort.



Final Thoughts

When we think of Sativa CBD flower, we think of smiling faces, creativity, and motivated minds. Don’t get us wrong, we love Indica flower strains, too — but there’s something special about Sativa flower strains. If you’re looking for an energizing sense of wellness, try some Sativa CBD flower.

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