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Suver Haze CBD Weed Strain Information

suver haze cbd

If relaxation is on the menu, the Suver Haze CBD strain should be your go-to. With complex, woodsy flavors and a distinct terpene profile, this CBD-dominant hemp strain is a popular choice for when you want to kick up your feet and chill out for a day.

Suver Haze is perfect for weekends, vacations, or just as an after-work de-stressor. Curious about this hemp strain? Read on to find out what makes this CBD flower so loved.


Suver Haze CBD Strain: Lineage

The Suver Haze strain was first made by breeders at Oregon CBD and is a cross between Suver #8 and Early Resin Berry (ERB). Suver #8 is a versatile flower strain that grows well in different climates, and Early Resin Berry is best known for being a high CBD and low THC strain.

When crossed together, the result is Suver Haze: a wonderfully aromatic, CBD-heavy hemp strain that’s popular with hemp farmers because of its high yield and quick finish — meaning you can grow a lot in a relatively short amount of time.

Physically, Suver Haze is a beauty. The dense green flowers have a yellow hue, eye-catching glistening trichomes, and medium-sized buds.

Suver Haze is considered a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain, meaning it has properties of both Sativa and Indica but leans more towards Sativa. Sativa strains tend to energize and uplift your mood, making Suver Haze perfect for daytime relaxation.


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Suver Haze CBD Strain: Terpene Profile

What really sets Suver Haze apart is its terpenes. And oh, what a flavor! It’s warm, earthy, and a little sour but also has notes of citrus and pepper. It may sound like too much going on, but you’ll be surprised how these seemingly opposite flavors become balanced when you smoke it.

Most people either love it or hate it; people who love it will say it’s complex, and people who hate it may feel that the flavors clash. It’s up to you to decide! But what exactly are these terpenes that give Suver Haze its unique flavor?



Caryophyllene is the chemical compound that gives black pepper its distinct aroma, and in this case, contributes to the notes of pepper in Suver Haze.

However, caryophyllene does more than just add flavor. It’s the only terpene that also acts as a cannabinoid (like CBD) and supports the endocannabinoid system (ECS) of your body. In doing so, it can help with reducing discomfort and irritation.


Farnesene is associated with relaxation and a soothing, calm feeling. It’s found in green apple, grapefruit, and sandalwood and gives Suver Haze its distinct earthy flavor with a hint of green apple sourness.


Myrcene is another terpene that contributes to a feeling of calm. It’s known to help relax the body and is found in lemongrass, hops, thyme, and mango. Myrcene has a complex flavor that is earthy yet sweet and citrusy, with a little hint of spice.


How Much CBD and THC are in Suver Haze Hemp Flower?

Suver Haze was deliberately designed to be a high CBD and low THC strain. Crops typically measure between 14% and 19% CBD and less than 1% THC. However, it’s that 1% or less of THC that determines whether it’s hemp or marijuana.

Some crop yields have THC levels labeled as “LOQ,” which stands for “limit of quantitation,” meaning it is such a low amount that it can’t be detected. It’s these super-low THC percentage crop yields that are considered hemp.

By definition, hemp must have less than 0.3% THC — which isn’t enough to get you high. Therefore, with hemp, you get the relaxation that comes with CBD but none of the intoxicating effects of THC. And the best thing about hemp? It’s federally legal because of the 2018 Farm Bill! So any cannabis flower with less than 0.3% THC is hemp, and therefore can be sold in all 50 states and online.

But on the flip side, anything that’s above 0.3% THC is marijuana. This means the Suver Haze crops with THC levels between 0.3% and 1% are marijuana, and business can only sell them in states where marijuana is legal. But even 1% THC is very low and should produce only a slight high (if any).

Long story short, depending on the crop and THC percentage, Suver Haze can be either hemp or marijuana. Hemp is federally legal, and marijuana is only legal in certain states, so make sure you double-check your Suver Haze’s THC levels and follow the laws of the state you live in.

The Suver Haze CBD strain specifically has between 14% and 19% CBD and less than 0.3% THC — which won’t get you high but will get you the calming benefits of CBD.


Suver Haze CBD Flower Effects

Suver Haze CBD flower is a Sativa-dominant hybrid, but interestingly enough, it’s more known for its Indica effects. Most people use it for a sense of calm and to relax or de-stress. Even though it shouldn’t put you to sleep, people find that the soothing feeling gets them in the mood to sleep.

As an extremely aromatic flower, just inhaling it has therapeutic qualities. You’ll immediately taste the distinct terpenes, which are complex and unforgettable: earthy yet sweet and citrusy, spicy yet sour.

As you exhale the sweet, earthy smoke, you’ll feel the tension in your body release, and your burdens disappear. As a sense of relaxation overcomes your body and mind, you may find yourself less nervous, more focused, or ready to tuck in for bed.


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Similar CBD Strains

If Suver Haze isn’t readily available in your area (or if those flavors aren’t your thing), try out these other similar CBD strains. All of these are high-quality hemp strains you can buy right here at Hollyweed. They might not be exactly like Suver Haze, but they are high in CBD and known for their remarkable soothing properties.

  • Hawaiian Haze CBD Flower: If you’re a fan of fruitier strains, Hawaiian Haze is right for you. At 18% CBD, it’s great for relaxation, but as a more traditional Sativa, it’ll energize and uplift you with tropical fruit flavors.
  • Special Sauce CBD Flower: At 17.85% CBD, Special Sauce is an Indica-dominant strain that’s known to soothe and calm. It has earthier flavors with a hint of vanilla and berry.
  • Cherry Wine CBD Flower: With a cherry aroma (who would’ve guessed?) and 16.48% CBD, Cherry Wine is a hybrid strain that is earthy and sweet with a hint of pine.

Final Thoughts – Suver Haze CBD

Suver Haze CBD flower is for the dog days of summer when friends are over, BBQ is cooking, and hanging out is the only thing on the schedule. It’s for the terpene connoisseurs who want a taste like no other. It’s for those who need to unwind after a long day, and sleep is hard to come by.

Give Suver Haze a try; you might love it, or it may not be for you. But either way, it will soothe your nerves, sleep will come easy, and you won’t ever forget that earthy, sweet, and sour taste!

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