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Top-Shelf CBD Flower – The Premium “Must-Try” Hemp Strains

top shelf cbd flower

When you hear the term “top-shelf,” what comes to mind? If you’re thinking of only the best, high-quality, premium products, then you are absolutely right! That’s exactly what top-shelf CBD flower is: the highest-quality, most flavorful, and best smelling strains that exist.


Top-shelf products can be expensive or even unattainable at times, but luckily for you, Hollyweed’s top-shelf strains are available and affordable for everyone! Find out what makes top-shelf CBD hemp flower better than the rest and why you’ll love our fantastic strains at Hollyweed!



What is Top-Shelf CBD Flower?

Top-shelf CBD hemp flower refers to high-quality hemp flower that is rich in cannabidiol (CBD). When we say high-quality, we mean products that are flavorful, fragrant, and packed with the most beneficial compounds and nothing else. In short: top-shelf CBD flower is the best there is.



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What Makes Top-Shelf CBD Flower Different?

On the surface, it may be hard to distinguish top-shelf from regular CBD flower. However, if you look closely, top-shelf CBD strains usually have more trichomes and hairs that give it a stunning frosted look. Top-shelf flower also generally has more vibrant and prominent colors in its buds.


The amazing terpene profile in top-shelf strains contributes to the various scents and tastes you’ll experience when smoking the buds. Top-shelf hemp flower is usually more aromatic, and the terpenes causing those delicious flavors can provide their own restorative benefits in addition to CBD.


An abundance of cannabinoids also separates top-shelf hemp flower from the other strains. A higher CBD content and the perfect combination of cannabinoids will be more effective in helping you feel calm and relaxed after smoking. Keep in mind that not all top-shelf strains have to have high CBD concentrations. The most important thing is how the CBD interacts with the other compounds inside the strain.



Can Top-Shelf CBD Flower Get Me High?

No, smoking any CBD flower will not get you high! CBD is a non-psychoactive compound and won’t leave you feeling groggy or intoxicated. Under the 2018 Farm Bill, all hemp and hemp-derived products are legal for sale and manufacturing as long as they contain 0.3% THC or less. Any hemp flower that contains over 0.3% THC is classified as marijuana and could potentially get you high. Additionally, other hemp products like CBD oil or edibles won’t get you groggy, either.


Make sure the hemp was sourced from American farms and was not imported. Imported hemp may be of far lower quality and potentially contain more than 0.3% THC, which is over the legal limit.


How can you be sure which hemp-derived compounds (called cannabinoids) are inside your flower? Check for Certificates of Analysis (COAs) to verify the content of all of your CBD products. COAs are lab results that ensure the cannabinoids in the flower match the manufacturer or grower’s claims. A COA is given once an unbiased, third-party lab has had a chance to review and confirm the CBD product’s content.



What Are the Benefits of Top-Shelf CBD Flower?

Many people smoke top-shelf CBD hemp flower because it is one of the most efficient ways to enjoy CBD. It can be a great social activity to share with friends, and you can usually feel the effects almost immediately. In fact, smoking and vaping are the quickest ways for CBD to enter your system and help you feel relaxed.


When smoking or vaping CBD flower, the effects usually kick in within just a few minutes, if not instantly. Many people love smoking in the morning to give themselves an energizing boost!


An Abundance of Cannabinoids

The high cannabinoid content in top-shelf hemp flower is more effective than regular strains in helping you feel calm, cool, and collected. Top-shelf flower contains a wide range of hemp-derived compounds that contribute to the many benefits CBD can provide.


The abundance of these compounds allows them to easily work together in what is called the “entourage effect.” The entourage effect refers to the synergy among all the terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids, boosting the amazing benefits of CBD so that you can feel true peace of mind.


Amazing Flavors and Smells

Top-shelf strains have a rich terpene profile that contributes to their fragrance and taste. The terpene profile defines each strain’s unique flavor and smell. Some strains may taste spicy and peppery, while others may be more tropical. These notes are more prominent and delicious in top-shelf hemp flower.


Very Few Side Effects

CBD is a naturally occurring compound that is well-tolerated by most people. Many people prefer CBD over THC because it is non-psychoactive and there are very few side effects. Most reported side effects are typically mild and go away quickly.


Some of the possible side effects are:


  • Dry mouth
  • Slight dizziness or nausea
  • Change in appetite or mood
  • Diarrhea


With CBD, you’ll be able to feel uplifted and mentally clear without any of the euphoric effects from THC and marijuana!


Cigarette Cravings

Research has explored whether CBD hemp could help cigarette smokers curb their cravings, and the results are fascinating to say the least! With the soothing effects and full-body relaxation provided by top-shelf CBD hemp flower, some smokers may find that they’d rather reach for a CBD pre-roll than a cigarette.


Many Ways To Use CBD Flower

Did you know that there is more than one way to enjoy CBD flower? There are other great ways to consume CBD hemp bud its effects, such as vaping or edibles.


Special CBD flower vapes can heat the hemp flower and create a smooth vapor for you to inhale. Finely grind up your flower and fill the tank up for a quick and easy way to enjoy your top-shelf CBD hemp flower. Make sure your vaporizer can accept dry herb before trying this method.


You can also make edibles with ground-up CBD hemp. There are endless possibilities for CBD-infused dishes that you can experiment with for yourself. Popular recipes include baked goods, pastas, soups, smoothies, and many more!



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Which Strains Are Considered Top-Shelf CBD Flower?

To be considered a top-shelf bud, we have carefully cultivated our best flower strains to provide high CBD content, amazing aromas, and mouthwatering tastes for your enjoyment and comfort. From Sativa to Indica and everywhere in between, check out some of our best strains we have blessed with the top-shelf label!


  • Northern Lights (>20% CBD) — One of the original, legendary cannabis strains, Northern Lights is famous for its potency and effectiveness. This popular Indica-dominant hybrid strain has been perfected throughout the years to create a powerful sense of relaxation and soothing. Northern Lights has a unique sweet and spicy aroma that pairs well with its natural, earthy flavor.


  • Cherry Wine (16-17% CBD) — Cherry Wine is the perfect blend between Sativa and Indica, perfect for clearing your head and focusing while promoting feelings of tranquility and peacefulness. Cherry Wine has a distinctly sweet but skunky fragrance and an earthy flavor that reminds you of berries and pine trees.


  • Goliath (~5% CBD / ~5% CBG) — Goliath is a unique top-shelf Indica-dominant hybrid strain with both CBD and CBG. CBG is another cannabinoid that shares many similarities with CBD, but provides its own unique benefits. Goliath also boasts diverse terpenes with a mix of fruits, spice, and an aroma of earthy pine trees.


  • Sour Lifter — Sour Lifter is an example of a high-quality CBD hemp flower with a lower CBD content. This top-shelf Sativa-dominant hybrid strain is covered in frosty trichomes that blanket the vibrant greens with bright orange and purple tints. Sour Lifter’s delicious citrus fruit taste and earthy notes go a long way in creating a stimulating yet serene CBD experience.



Where Can I Get Top-Shelf CBD Flower?

You can find all your top-shelf hemp flower needs at Hollyweed! Here at Hollyweed, we have carefully selected every single one of our premium and top-shelf flower strains for your benefit. Our flower is sourced from the best local hemp farms in Oregon and Colorado, led by some of the nation’s most experienced growers.


The team at Hollyweed takes great pride in all of our CBD hemp products because we believe we have created industry-leading products that are second to none. We carefully cultivate all of our hemp flower products to ensure the highest quality possible. Check our site for a complete list of our top-shelf strains as well as our wonderful premium flower!



Final Thoughts – Top-Shelf CBD Flower

Store-owners place top-shelf products on the topmost shelves so they can easily access the more affordable and commonly used items. However, here at Hollyweed, we’re offering our top-shelf CBD hemp flower strains to everyone at extremely affordable prices!


The benefits of top-shelf hemp flower go beyond amazing flavors and aromas. With the perfect cannabinoid and terpene profiles, you’ll be able to experience a serene feeling of mindfulness like never before!

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