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Mango Kush Delta 8: Get Some R&R With This Potent D8 Strain

mango kush delta 8

Ever since Delta 8 THC (Delta 8 or D8) came on the scene, consumers have discovered many ways to enjoy it. From edibles to vape cartridges to tincture, you can find just about any kind of D8 product on the shelves — including D8 flower! One fan favorite, Mango Kush Delta 8, is a spin on a fruity fan-favorite marijuana strain.


Whether Mango Kush is already a favorite of yours or if you’re still becoming acquainted, Hollyweed’s here to help strengthen your D8 knowledge to the max length. So before you view any tempting product videos, images, or catalogs of Mango Kush Delta 8 THC products, you owe it to yourself to know all there is to know about this enticing strain. So come with us as we cover some of Mango Kush’s history, analyze its flavor, benefits, and more!



Delta 8 Mango Kush: Lineage & History

While breeders agree that Mango Kush isn’t a very new strain, there isn’t much information on when it was first created or where it came from. What we do know is that Mango Kush was originally bred from Mango, an Indica-dominant strain, and Hindu Kush, a pure Indica strain.


Strain Type

Did you know that cannabis is typically categorized into strain types? That’s right! There are three main types: Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains.


Let’s break down what makes each of these types so unique!

  • Indica: Known to promote calm feelings, Indica strains will produce soothing sensations throughout your body. These strains are great for use before bedtime or to help you unwind at the end of a long day.
  • Sativa: These strains are much more “heady” and are known to give consumers an energizing boost. This makes Sativas great for daytime consumption. They also boost your creativity levels and help you knock out your daily task list.
  • Hybrid: These cannabis strains are awesome because they offer the best of both Indicas and Sativas! While some Hybrid strains are 50/50, most are either Indica- or Sativa-dominant.


The Mango Kush strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain. It generally contains about 65% Indica and 35% Sativa. This means you’ll experience mostly Indica’s relaxing effects balanced by a helping of Sativa’s stimulating benefits.



mango kush buds around smoke



Smell and Flavor

Unsurprisingly, Mango Kush boasts a distinct kush flavor. It’s earthy and offers tropical banana and mango notes, with a piney flavor on each exhale. With such vibrant and fruity flavor, you’ll be surprised that you’re not snacking on actual fruit with each puff!


Delta 8 Mango Kush Terpenes

You may be wondering — how does Mango Kush taste and smell so bright and delicious? The answer is terpenes! These are natural plant compounds whose main function is to attract pollinators to their plants to effectively spread their pollen and germinate. Aside from helping plant life expand and flourish, terpenes also smell really good! They’re the reason why plants have such distinct aromas.


Mango Kush has an expansive terpene profile, including terpenes like:

  • Myrcene
  • Pinene
  • Bisabolol
  • Humulene
  • And many others




Since Mango Kush Delta 8 is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain, you can expect to feel a calm wash of relaxation over your body each time you take a puff.


Here are some more effects you can expect from M.K.:

  • Assists in maintaining balanced, happy moods
  • Promotes better sleep cycles
  • Helps you achieve sleep sooner
  • Benefits overall wellness


Disclaimer: Please note that hemp products, and the information and statements provided here, are not intended to cure or treat any serious medical condition or replace prescription medications. This includes blood pressure regulation, depression, anxiety, or any other known or unknown disease or sickness. The efficacy of Delta 8 THC products has not been evaluated by the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They are not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition. If you’re experiencing a medical emergency or need medical care, please consult professional medical advice and care and always follow your doctor’s advice. 


Cannabinoid Profile

Mango Kush Delta 8 THC has a strong cannabinoid profile! Like all hemp flower, it’s full spectrum, meaning it contains all of the cannabinoids naturally found in hemp.


Here are some of the many cannabinoids you’ll find in Mango Kush Delta 8:

  • Delta 8 THC (~14%)
  • CBD (~10-24%)
  • CBDA (~7%)
  • CBDV (~1-2%)
  • Delta 9 THC (0.3% or less)
  • CBGA, the precursor to CBG (~0.2%)
  • And many others!


Bear in mind that as long as you’re buying hemp-derived Mango Kush Delta 8 flower, it will contain less than or equal to the federally legal limit of 0.3% THC (Delta 9 THC). This low amount of THC will not make you inebriated like the high THC strains associated with marijuana.


Similar Strains

Having trouble finding Mango Kush? Lucky for you, many strains are pretty similar to it! Here are some strains that are also Indica-dominant and share similar scents and flavors:


  • Gorilla Glue: 60/40
  • Cookies (Girl Scout Cookies): 60/40
  • Zkittles: 70/30
  • Northern Lights: 90/10
  • Lifter: 50/50 Hybrid


If you’re interested in checking out any of the flower listed above, check out our shop! At Hollyweed, we have a wide range of D8 flower for you to choose from.



Mango Kush Delta 8 Products

Like most hemp flower strains, you can find Mango Kush Delta 8 in various products. When shopping for M.K., be on the lookout for:


  • Flower: An oldie, but goodie! Sometimes you just can’t beat classic hemp flower. Grind up a bud and make joints or pack a pipe or bong!
  • Pre-rolls: Love flower, but short on time? Pre-rolls are the solution you’ve been looking for! These are pre-packed, portable, and will give you more time to sit back and enjoy your flower.
  • Vapes: If you’re looking to step away from smoking, vaping is a great alternative! You can find disposable pre-filled vape pens, reusable pens, and vape cartridges. You can also use a dry herb vape to enjoy Mango Kush Delta 8 THC flower.



cool woman smoking D8 flower



Suggested Use

Mango Kush Delta 8 is best enjoyed in the evening or at night. Its effects can last from three to four hours if you smoke or vape it, so be sure to use it when you have free time to relax. You may find that it’s helpful to use M.K. before bedtime, as its Indica properties can promote better sleep cycles.


If you’re new to Delta 8 THC, we recommend starting with a low dose (1-2 puffs) and waiting at least 30 minutes before consuming more. This will help gauge how your body responds to the cannabinoid and prevent unwanted side effects.


Tip: If you need to take a drug test for any reason, the consumption of Delta 8 before testing may result in a false positive. For this reason, we highly suggest abstaining from any kind of THC products if you plan on taking any drug tests.


But Is It Federally Legal?

Yes, as mentioned above, Mango Kush Delta 8 THC is federally legal! Flower strains are legal so long as they’re derived from hemp and not marijuana. According to the 2018 Farm Bill (also known as the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018), which made hemp and hemp-derived products federally legal, they must also contain 0.3% or less Delta 8 THC on a dry weight basis.


Understand that sometimes, local or state law might conflict with federal law. It’s always good to research your state’s rules and regulations before purchasing any hemp products.


Read Reviews Before You Purchase Any Product

Not sure about where to start? Try checking product reviews online before buying! Reading a review’s title is an easy way to search through reviews. Many websites allow you to sort by rating, scores, filter results, and much more to make the selection process easier for you. By reading reviews, questions clear up immediately, and you’ll find out why people enjoyed a product, where it fell short, and may even find tips for getting exclusive discounts on the site.


Tip: Have a great experience, and want to share? Review the products you love (or those you loathe), so you can help others have an easier time finding their perfect hemp products! At Hollyweed, we encourage our customers to review our products to help others make informed decisions.

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