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How Long Does it Take for CBD Oil to Work? Find Out Here

how long does it take for CBD to work

Whether it’s after a long day at work or you just want to get a better night’s sleep, CBD oil provides many benefits to our overall well-being, including our body and mind. So how long does it take for CBD oil to work? The short answer: It’s pretty quick!


The longer answer: It depends on the best way you decide to take CBD oil. Since the passing of the Farm Bill in 2018, CBD has become legal and widely available. There are now a wide variety of ways to take CBD oil depending on your ailments and preferences. Read on to find out which one is right for you and how fast you’ll feel the effects of the CBD oil!


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What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is made by extracting CBD, or cannabidiol, from hemp plants. Cannabidiol is one of a hundred or more cannabinoids that are naturally found in hemp.  CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, meaning it won’t get you high.


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Most CBD oil includes full-spectrum CBD, which means that the CBD also includes other cannabinoids found in hemp, including THC. 


To be legal in the United States, however, there should be less than 0.3% THC or less. THC is found in marijuana and it’s what makes people have the negative side effects of being high. CBD oil should not include enough THC to have those unwanted side effects.


Full-spectrum CBD also includes the terpenes and flavonoids found in hemp. These compounds are responsible for the CBD product‘s flavor and scent profile. 


When all of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are combined, they create something known as the “entourage effect.” This is the strongest way to experience CBD’s many health and wellness benefits.


The CBD is then diluted with a carrier oil, which is often coconut or hemp seed oil. That’s because CBD oil is fat-soluble. That means we digest CBD oil a lot easier when there are fatty acids present, amplifying its bioavailability. You’ll feel the effects of the CBD oil faster and more effectively when the product also includes hemp seed oil or coconut oil.



How Does CBD Oil Work?

CBD provides a lot of health benefits throughout the entire body by interacting with receptors found in your endocannabinoid system (ECS)


The ECS is in charge of your body’s homeostasis, or balance, and overall well-being. The receptors are found in every system in your body, including the digestive, immune, and nervous systems.


When the CBD interacts with these receptors, it provides various health benefits that include soothing physical discomfort and improving our overall mood!



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CBD interacts with these receptors in unique ways that can counter the effects of THC and other compounds found in drugs. A lot of people who are looking to kick their marijuana habit turn to CBD because it can reduce the high you feel and also minimize cravings for THC.


You also can’t become immune to CBD’s effects. In fact, a lot of people report that taking CBD regularly (about once every eight hours or twice a day) will increase the benefits CBD has on your body and mind. And since CBD isn’t a drug with intoxicating qualities, you can also reduce the amount of CBD you use without experiencing any negative side effects.


How Long Does it Take for CBD Oil to Work

CBD oil works pretty quickly and efficiently in general. Some have said they feel its benefits in under an hour. The amount of time will vary depending on the amount of CBD oil you take, your metabolism, weight, activity level, ailments, and even how often you ate.


How Long Depends On the Way You Administer It

One of the biggest indicators when it comes to how fast you’ll feel CBD oil’s effects is the way you administer it. There are a number of CBD oil products in the market and they all have their specific benefits. Here are some of the most popular CBD oil products and how long it takes to feel their benefits.



When You’ll Feel It: Under five minutes


Sublingual means dropping the CBD oil under your tongue. The product is known as a tincture. Drop the CBD oil under your tongue and then hold it there between 30 seconds and one minute.


There are mucous membranes under your tongue that are covered in tiny blood vessels. This allows you to absorb the tincture into your bloodstream pretty effectively.


Generally, this is one of the fastest methods when it comes to feeling the effects of CBD oil. It’s considered pretty “rapid,” since you’ll feel the effects in under five minutes. Because it’s almost instant, take CBD oil tinctures around the time you’d like to feel its effects. You’ll feel the general effects throughout your entire body and mind!



When You’ll Feel It: Under one minute


If you want to feel the effects of CBD oil almost instantly, you’ll want to try vaping. You’ll need a vape pen to make this possible. This will vaporize the CBD oil, allowing you to inhale the vapors. 


The CBD oil will then reach the permeable membranes in your lungs, leading to the vaporized CBD being absorbed throughout your bloodstream.


There are two types of vape pens: refillable and disposable. Refillable CBD vape pens come in a variety of styles that are known to be pretty discreet. Disposable vapes are a bit more convenient and cheap.



two vape pens on grey table



Refillable CBD vape pens are filled with what’s known as CBD “e-juice.” It usually has a tank that attaches to a rechargeable battery. The pens are often smaller and lighter, making them pretty convenient. This can be cost-effective in the long run because.


Disposable CBD vape pens often look similar to a cigarette in style. They are designed to provide a few hundred puffs before they are depleted. You won’t need to purchase a battery or compatible pod system. They also don’t have extra buttons and gadgets to learn. Disposable CBD vape pens are very discreet and cost-effective compared to refillable CBD vape pens.


Oral Ingestion

When You’ll Feel It: 30 to 60 minutes


The ingestion method isn’t as fast as some of the other ways to experience CBD oil. It’s more around the range of 30 minutes to one hour, depending on your weight, metabolic rate, and contents of your stomach. This will affect the speed of absorption.


There are multiple ways to ingest CBD oil. There are capsules, which are pretty straightforward. All you have to do is swallow them! Another way to ingest CBD oil is with edibles, like gummies and lollipops. As the CBD industry expands, there are more and more creative products that contain CBD oil, like honey and cookies.


Another popular way to ingest CBD oil is to add it to your favorite recipes. CBD oil can be added to a variety of foods, including teas, smoothies, stir fry, pancakes, baked goods, and salads. It’s usually as simple as dropping some CBD oil into the mixture and blending it in. Just make sure the recipe has some fat in it (like butter) so it’s easier to digest and absorb the CBD oil effectively.



Puree fruits, coconut water, CBD oil, ice, and other ingredients in a blender. Blend it until smooth. Divide the CBD smoothie between glasses or put them in bottles if you want a smoothie on the go.



Add CBD and another healthy ingredients to your tea to have a soothing drink before bedtime. Almond milk is a great addition because it’s rich in calcium and magnesium. Add chamomile to help induce sleep and feel calm. Or add lavender to reduce stress. Raw honey is a great addition because it can improve your brain function.



Combine all of the ingredients in a mixing bowl, including CBD oil. Add mini chocolate chips for extra texture and flavor. Pour the batter into the baking pan and bake for 12 minutes at 325 degrees.



Add your favorite ingredients to your crust. This can be tomato or sausage. It all depends on the flavors you enjoy. After you bake the pizza, drizzle some CBD oil on the top.



Take your favorite salad dressing and drop some CBD oil into it. Close the container and shake it. This will ensure there’s CBD oil evenly spread on top of your salad!


Stir Fry

CBD oil can be added to stir fry in a few different ways. One way is to simply sprinkle it on top of the stir fry ingredients as they are tossed in a wok or pan. The second way is to add the CBD oil to your chosen stir fry sauce. This will spread the CBD oil evenly throughout your meal.


Topical Application

When You’ll Feel It: Within 15 minutes


Topical application is a unique method to use CBD oil. It’s applied directly to the skin and targets the area you apply it. Topical applications include lotions, salves, and balms.



hollyweed cbd relief salve 2000mg



These topical CBD products will be gently rubbed onto your skin and interact with the receptors below the skin. When they reach those receptors, the CBD will soothe the target area, including joint discomfort, skin irritation, and other physical ailments. As you can see, there is a large variety of ways to use CBD oil. It’s up to your personal preference!



CBD Dosage

There are two general doses you can regularly take: Regular and strong. A regular dose is simply your bodyweight multiplied by 0.25. For example, if you are 200 pounds, a regular dose of CBD oil for you would be 50 milligrams.


A strong dose is generally double a regular dose. That means you would multiply your body weight by 0.5. A 200 person would need 100 milligrams for a strong dose.


Most CBD users will take one dose in the morning and one more in the evening. The more regularly you take CBD, the stronger the effects will be. Try starting with a smaller dose and working your way up to a regular dose if you aren’t sure how much you will need to get your desired effects.



What Are the Benefits of CBD Oil?

People take CBD oil for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the most common benefits you may experience when you use CBD oil.


Soothing Discomfort

A lot of people take CBD oil when they are experiencing physical discomfort, including joint aches and inflammation. CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties and the ability to soothe physical discomfort.


Calming Feelings of Nervousness

CBD oil is a popular choice for people who want to feel relaxed and calm. CBD oil is often taken at night for people who want to have a reduction in negative thoughts after a long day at work.


Promotes Sleep

CBD oil is great at night for sleep as well. CBD users take it at night to promote deeper sleep. You’ll often feel much more well-rested the following day.


Regulate Appetite

CBD oil is great at regulating your appetite. It reduces nausea and other adverse side effects of health conditions or sickness. This will help you gain back your appetite and feel better overall.



hemp products on marble surface



Which Method is Best for You?

The method you choose for taking CBD oil is all about your personal preferences! The first thing to consider is what you are comfortable taking. Some people prefer vaping CBD oil, which is a great social activity. Others would rather just ingest CBD oil capsules. It all comes down to what you are comfortable doing and what parts of your body you want to target.


The second thing to consider is what you are experiencing. If you are experiencing physical discomfort in one particular part of your body, a CBD tincture massaged into that area may be right for you. If you are hoping to regulate your sleep, taking CBD sublingually each night might be the easiest way to get the results you need. CBD oil is a versatile and effective way to experience the benefits of CBD!

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