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Smoking CBD: The Benefits of Flower, Vapes, and Dabs

smoking cbd

Ever since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, the CBD marketplace has all but flooded with a variety of products. It can sometimes be tough to decide what CBD product to purchase and how to use it. But smoking CBD has remained one of the most popular ways to experience its benefits.


Smoking CBD is fast and effective. It’s social and fun! There’s also a variety of CBD flower strains to choose from, meaning you can find the exact experience and benefits you need. It’s no wonder smoking CBD continues to be many CBD enthusiasts’ preference.



What Are the Benefits to Smoking CBD?

CBD can be used in various ways, from dropping tinctures under your tongue to adding CBD oil to brownies. But one of the most popular ways is smoking CBD. That’s because it’s one of the fastest ways to feel the effects of the CBD as it enters the bloodstream through the lung’s mucous membrane.


After inhalation, CBD interacts with the receptors in your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). Your ECS is in charge of your body’s overall balance and well-being. That’s why the receptors are in every major system within your body, including the digestive, nervous, and immune systems. That’s how CBD brings many positive effects to your body and mind.


Reduces Physical Discomfort

Several people smoke CBD to feel instant relief from physical discomfort. This includes joint inflammation and sore muscles. CBD can counter swelling and provide comfort after a long day at work or a tough workout.


Improves Skin Conditions

Because CBD may reduce swelling, it can improve skin irritation and reduce blemishes. This is especially a benefit of CBD topicals, which you can rub directly on your skin. But all CBD products can provide this effect.


Calms Negative Thoughts

CBD calms nervous feelings, allowing you to let go of repetitive, negative thoughts. It’s also known to soothe worried, stressed, or angry feelings. CBD can leave you feeling calm and relaxed — even creative and clear-minded!


Promotes Better Sleep

People with problems sleeping will often use CBD to regulate their sleep schedule. Taking CBD before bed not only makes you feel comforted and relaxed, but also promotes deeper, natural sleep. You’ll feel rejuvenated and refreshed when you wake up after a more restful night.


Regulates Appetite

CBD won’t give you the “munchies,” but it can help you stick to your diet and stay active. That’s because it reduces the feelings of sickness, including queasiness. When you feel better, you can eat and work out without a hitch.


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Works Fast

Like we said earlier, smoking CBD provides benefits fast. When you inhale CBD, you can expect to experience effects on your body and mind within 90 seconds! Some people may even say 60 seconds. It’s a reliable way to get the benefits you need when you need them most.


Social Activity

Smoking CBD is a great option for people who want to take CBD together with their friends. Whether it’s during a lunch break at work or at a party between rounds of Super Smash Bros., smoking CBD together is a great way to all feel great.



three women vaping in living room



How Does Smoking CBD Make You Feel?

Smoking CBD will provide you with the cannabinoid’s benefit within a few minutes or less. The most comment effects are usually feeling soothed, calm, inspired, focused, relaxed, and balanced. The effects you personally feel depend on:


  • The potency of the CBD you use
  • The amount of CBD you take
  • The type of CBD extract: Full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, isolate
  • Your ailments
  • Your weight
  • What you’ve eaten (or not eaten)
  • Your metabolism
  • Your activity level



What Types of CBD Can You Smoke?

The most commonly smoked CBD product is hemp flower. CBD hemp flower comes from the “buds” of the hemp plant,  so it’s low in THC. While it may smell and look like marijuana, CBD flower cannot get you high.


CBD flower comes in two main categories: Sativa and Indica. Each category of CBD flower has an abundance of strains to choose from, all offering a variety of more specific benefits.


Sativa CBD Flower

People often smoke Sativa CBD flower strains in the daytime because they have stimulating effects on the mind. You’ll feel an increase in focus and a boost of energy. This makes Sativa CBD flower perfect to use before a big project at work, painting, or writing a book.


  • Gorilla Glue: Jumpstart your day with the light flavors of citrus and pepper of Gorilla Glue and let the chocolatey aroma energize your senses. This strain will keep you going all day long.


  • Sour Lifter: Sour lifter is a popular Sativa strain leaves consumers feeling creative and inspired. Many report feeling a sense of serenity while still having a clear mind. Try it out and see what you’re inspired to create.


  • Tangie: Feel uplifted and alert with Tangie! This is a citrusy, tropical, fruity strain that’s made for the morning person. This is one potent strain that is sure to motivate you.


  • Golden Sour: Sweet-smelling and peppery, this strain will leave you feeling uplifted and energized. It’s known to put a smile on your face. This makes it the perfect strain for any time of day!


  • Sour Diesel: Sour Diesel is a simple strain will clear your mind and allow your creativity to flow without distraction. Let your negative feelings slip away and focus on the more important things you want to accomplish.


Indica CBD Flower

Most people usually take Indica CBD flower strain at night. That’s because Indica strains have a more relaxing effect on your brain. They can make you feel comforted and soothed, both physically and mentally. Some strains even have a sedative effect. This makes Indica great after a tough workout or before you lay down to relax.


  • Cookies: This strain has a distinct flavor and aroma that reminds users of a baked treat, making it a perfect late-night snack. You can enjoy mental serenity while your body completely relaxes with this comforting strain.


  • Zkittles: Wind down after a long day with a tropical, fruity treat! Zkittles will leave you feeling calm and relaxed as you’re enveloped by its mouth-watering flavors and sweet aroma.


  • Northern Lights: A highly sedative strain, Northern Lights CBD will reduce feelings of discomfort even after a tough workout or long day at work. With a sweet and spicy scent and lime green leaves, this strain is a whimsical escape.


  • OG Kush: This beautiful, dark green and orange strain is ridiculously relaxing. It’s a reliable, tried-and-true classic. You can count on it when you need some comfort and calm. Zesty and woody, smoking OG Kush is always an enjoyable experience.


  • Skywalker OG: This CBD-dominant strain is fruity, piney, spicy, and citrusy all at once. You’ll feel completely calm, relaxed, and one with the Force when you use Skywalker OG, making it a popular and powerful strain.


  • Wagyu Kush: Wind down after a long day with this rare strain. A blend of berries, gas, and pine, Wagyu Kush has a unique flavor profile that will teleport you away from your concerns and stress and allow you to sink into bed.



two dried hemp cbd nugs



What Are the Side Effects of Smoking CBD?

The vast majority of consumers tolerate CBD very well. This means smoking CBD and using CBD in general carries very few side effects.


Since CBD is not intoxicating, you won’t experience the symptoms of being “high.” That means no red eyes, confusion, or munchies! And no negative effects on your memory or learning.


Of course, every individual is different and may feel differently after smoking CBD flower. For most people, CBD has a subtle, earthy taste.


But for more sensitive palates, the taste might be more of a concern. Luckily, you can easily disguise the flavor of  CBD by adding it to a variety of recipes or trying tasty edibles like gummies.


CBD flower smells similar to marijuana. This can be a bit concerning if you are having judgemental in-laws over or don’t want to go into work smelling like burnt cannabis. Smoke CBD flower in a well-ventilated environment and give it an hour or so to fade away if this is a concern for you.


While it’s impossible to overdose on CBD (some studies say you’d need to take 20,000 mg at once), taking a lot of CBD can still have some side effects, especially for people new to CBD. The most common side effects are feeling a bit drowsy, a dry mouth, and possible nausea.


When you first take CBD, always keep a close eye on how you respond. You can easily lower your dose or raise it, depending on how you are affected.



What Are the Best Ways to Smoke CBD?

There are a variety of ways to smoke CBD, meaning there’s a preferred choice for everyone based on your specific needs. Each method provides you with the same benefits of CBD. Rather, it’s the experience of smoking the CBD that changes.



You can vape CBD, which is an option that’s growing more and more popular in the industry. People enjoy vaping CBD because it works very quickly. You’ll feel the benefits of CBD almost instantly (within 90 seconds in most cases). All you’ll need is a CBD vape cartridge and device. There are vape cartridges made specifically for CBD e-juice.


Don’t put CBD oil or any other tinctures into a vape — they are made for ingestion and not inhalation! CBD e-juice contains propylene glycol and other natural terpenes to create a vape liquid intended for smoking.


Vaping CBD is convenient and effective. Vape pens are portable, discreet, and small. Some vape pens are disposable, meaning they only last for a certain amount of puffs.


Disposable vapes are more cost-effective but will need to be replaced more often. They are good for beginners because they have fewer buttons to learn.


The portability of vape pens makes vaping CBD great for almost any occasion. You can vape with friends at a party or between shifts. It will be easy to get the amount of CBD you want each day.



bearded man exhaling vape smoke




CBD flower is one of the most popular ways to smoke CBD. The abundance of strains means there’s a CBD flower that suits every taste, ailment, and desire.


Each strain has a different terpene and flavonoid profile. These are the compounds in hemp responsible for the flavors, scents, and added benefits. There are a few different ways to use CBD flower. You can purchase the flower itself to roll or use in a device.


If you buy your own flower, check the bag to see the crop’s quality. Look for the color and size of the buds. And read the bag itself to find out more about the amount of CBD and THC. You will also learn more about the strain’s benefits.


CBD flower can then be rolled into a joint or used in a pipe. Some people even smoke it out of bongs. It’s all up to your personal preference.


CBD flower can also be sold pre-rolled, meaning it’s already rolled into a joint (like a CBD cigarette) for you. This is a great option for anyone new to smoking CBD or with little time to roll their own. It’s convenient and efficient, allowing you to simply pull out the CBD joint and smoke it.



Dabbing CBD has also become quite popular over the years, thanks to an abundance of new products that make dabbing easier than ever before.


CBD concentrate, isolate, and CBD wax can all be dabbed. These products have a very high concentration of CBD, so they produce powerful effects.


Once you have chosen the CBD product of your choice, you’ll need some equipment. This is most usually a dab rig or CBD wax pen.


Depending on which equipment you go with, you might also need a torch or carb cab. Some people also get dabbers, which can pick up and place the CBD. Basically, the surface is heated and then the CBD is applied to the hot surface. This creates a vapor that you inhale.


You’ll quickly get the benefits of the highly concentrated CBD, as well as any other terpenes or flavanoids in the CBD product you chose.



Does It Matter How You Consume CBD?

The short answer is no! And don’t worry, we don’t have a long answer. But here is a medium-lengthed answer to provide further explanation.


There are many ways to consume CBD, and all of them are fine within moderation. Basically, you want to take your desired dosage. But the way you get the dosage isn’t important.


Of course, each method is a bit different. For example, the time it takes to feel the CBD’s effects can differ. But in general, smoking CBD, vaping CBD, and taking it sublingually are all common and effective ways to experience CBD.


Here are some alternatives:


  • CBD Edibles: This can either be premade items like CBD gummies or adding CBD oil to your own recipes. This is a great choice for people with sensitive palates or who want a fun way to add CBD to their daily routine. Think CBD salad dressing, pancakes, tea, smoothies, and stir fry.


  • CBD Topicals: These CBD products are applied directly onto your skin. This allows the CBD to target that specific area, improving your skin and physical discomfort in that spot. When it’s rubbed into the skin, the CBD reaches the receptors below. A unique way to experience CBD topicals is in a CBD bath bomb, which soothes your body while you enjoy a warm, fizzy bath.



Final Thoughts – Smoking CBD

Smoking CBD is a great way to experience the benefits of CBD. Those benefits include deeper sleep, improved skin blemishes, and reduced negative thoughts. Physical discomfort will also be soothed and comforted.


Smoking CBD is one of the most popular ways to use CBD. That’s because it’s fast-acting. That’s usually in a few minutes or less! Smoking CBD is also a great social experience. There are also many CBD flower strains to choose from, giving you a very personalized experience that provides the exact benefits you need.

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