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CBD Juul Pods [What They Are & How They Work]

cbd juul pods

How do you like to consume CBD? Whether it is edibles, topicals, or anything in between, there are CBD-infused products for everyone. For some CBD lovers, one of the most preferred methods of consumption is CBD Juul pods.


Before you start looking into batteries and accessories for your CBD Juul pods, let’s take a look at what exactly these pods are, their legal status, safety standards, whether or not they can get you high, and how they work.



What Are CBD Juul Pods?

CBD Juul pods are vape cartridges designed to be compatible with Juul devices. The Juul device electronically heats vape juice — or in this case, Juul compatible CBD pods — into vapor which you can then inhale. The vapor is absorbed into the lungs, and the CBD (cannabidiol) starts to provide its benefits.


Once the CBD is in your system, it interacts with receptors spread throughout the body. This interaction supports the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is present in nearly all mammals and regulates essential body functions like breathing, heart rate, and digestion.


All CBD products boost the ECS’s functionality, but in different ways. Edibles need to be kept in a cool area or sealed to preserve their flavor, and CBD flower can be a hassle to carry around. CBD Juul pods fit nicely in your pocket and are very discreet. If you are on the go, vaping CBD is a convenient way to enjoy its benefits.



juul pod and battery diagonal



CBD Pods

The CBD-infused pods click into a Juul battery and act as the mouthpiece. The pods contain CBD oil extracted from U.S.-grown hemp. The best CBD vape pods are free of nicotine and should contain less than 0.3% THC to meet federal legal standards.


Terpenes are hemp-derived compounds that affect taste and smell. Because hemp flower is known for its many different terpenes, CBD pods come in various flavors. The pods are easily attached to the Juul device with a magnet strong enough to keep it from falling out while still being easily removable.


Juul Device

The Juul device is essentially a battery onto which pods (which contain the vape juice) are attached. It was created by Juul Labs back in 2015, and it revolutionized the vaping experience. From a visual standpoint, the device resembles a long USB stick. 


The outer part has a small LED light that indicates battery level when lightly tapped twice. It is simple to operate because there are no off or on buttons (more on operating Juuls later). 


The battery in pod-compatible devices is long-lasting and simple to charge. The device connects to a USB charger connected to an outlet or even charged through your computer or gaming device. The LED light indicator usually lights up when the device is fully charged. Most quality batteries charge in about an hour.


Are CBD Juul Pods Legal?

Yes, CBD Juul pods are legal, but they must first meet some strict requirements. CBD products like cannabidiol-infused Juul pods became federally legal thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill.


The bill removed hemp from the government’s list of controlled substances and created guidelines for hemp production in the United States. This federal legality also means CBD Juul pods are safe to carry while traveling across state borders.


One of the law’s key requirements is that CBD must be extracted from hemp containing less than 0.3% THC. THC is the compound in marijuana that, if ingested in large quantities, can induce intoxication or a “high.” Hemp has to have 0.3% THC or less to be grown, harvested, distilled, and sold in stores.


Anything more than the allowed percentage is considered illegal by the federal government. It is essential to pay attention to labels on CBD companies selling CBD pods. The manufacturer should clearly state compliance with the Farm Bill, whether on the label or their website.



Are CBD Juul Pods Safe?

Yes, CBD Juul pods are generally well-tolerated. There has never been a report of an overdose from CBD products. A few first-time consumers reported minor side effects — like tiredness and dry mouth — that usually fade away after repeated consumption.


Thanks to strict government regulations on hemp, it is also non-toxic. We highly recommend seeking CBD pods manufactured from U.S.-grown hemp. Imported hemp may come from places with loose government regulations on hemp. These crops can have a higher chance of pesticides, herbicides, and other harmful chemicals.


With the expanding CBD market, it is vital to know the difference between cheap and top-of-the-line brands. Keep in mind that other companies make copycat Juul batteries that may not be safe or well-made. 


The same goes for pods. You want to make sure the CBD vape you are inhaling will contribute to your overall wellness instead of harming it. When searching for the best CBD Juul pods, be sure to watch out for the following factors.


Certificate of Analysis

A Certificate of Analysis (COA) is an official document from an accredited third-party laboratory that tests hemp products for the compounds inside. COAs help ensure a product’s label is truthful about what’s inside. Any reputable brand should have its COAs easily accessible.


Additionally, since COAs state CBD content, they can let you see how potent a CBD Juul pod will be. They also display the THC content, if any is present. The amount should be 0.3% or less.


Reputable Brand

If you are buying CBD pods, make sure to buy from a CBD company with ethical business practices. Customer service is essential to any reputable CBD brand that wishes to retain its customers. It also helps when a CBD business has clear and understandable shipping, processing, refund, and return policies listed on its site.


You can also tell that a brand is legitimate if it has gained recognition for its products. Consumer feedback will give an outside perspective on CBD vape pods. Anyone can make fancy claims, but customer reviews and support from reputable outlets can help you separate the truth from the rest.


Transparent CBD Product

A CBD manufacturer should be able to provide information on where they get their hemp and how they process their CBD oil. Of course, COAs are also a key factor of transparency. The packaging for the CBD pods should include labels outlining cannabinoid content, health disclaimers, and directions on how to use the product.


One CBD brand might be cheaper than another, but a lower price does not always mean better quality. Top CBD brands should always strive to use safe methods to extract CBD, and it is better to use organic, all-natural hemp.



Can CBD Juul Pods Get You High?

Even though some CBD Juul pods contain less than 0.3% THC, it is not enough to get you high. THC is responsible for the psychoactive effects many people would rather avoid.


Responsibly made CBD Juul pods should be Farm Bill compliant, so they will not produce the intoxicating effects of THC. Instead, CBD Juul pods promote the following benefits.


  • Eases Discomfort
  • Soothes Nervousness
  • Enhances Mood
  • Promotes Natural Sleep
  • Promotes Natural Digestion
  • Maintains Homeostasis



How Do CBD Juul Pods Work?

CBD Juul pods are meant to be for single use. They are disposable and are not refillable. Juul compatible CBD vape pods are available in different flavors so that consumers can pick and choose their pods for a different experience each time!


Whether you are an experienced consumer or vaping for the first time, everyone inhales vape differently. Some consumers enjoy deeper puffs, while others prefer starting with small inhales, working their way up.


Vaping devices like Juuls use regulated temperature. This means they heat the oil into vapors for easy inhalation without burning your mouth. The devices are also built to keep the CBD oil inside the pod instead of leaking.



juul with a pod and charger



CBD Juul Pod Alternatives

It is okay to take time to find the right Juul compatible CBD vape pods, especially with some CBD brands in the industry. While you research, consider the following alternatives for CBD consumption.


CBD Vape Cartridges

CBD vape cartridges are prefilled cartridges containing CBD vape juice. A CBD cartridge is similar to Juul pods, but instead of a Juul battery, the cartridges connect to a vape pen battery. We offer the best CBD cartridges filled with premium CBD vape juice. We also have a 510 thread Hollyweed branded vape battery available here.


CBD Flower

Some people might enjoy CBD flowers as another way to inhale and receive the benefits of CBD. Hollywood uses CBD sourced from American grown organic hemp flower. Like CBD Juul pods, CBD flower is available in different strains and flavors.


CBD flowers can also be enjoyed using a water bong or joint. Flower is available in different potencies depending on the consumer’s CBD needs.




CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are a great alternative for those looking to change up how they absorb CBD for its benefits. Gummies are a great addition to a meal, or you can take them at the beginning of the day.


If the sound of a delicious CBD-infused gummy bear sounds appealing, then make sure to seek CBD gummies that are vegan and made with organic ingredients. They are also easy to share with friends and family.


CBD Topicals

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was some time of CBDrub that focuses on a specific part of the body? CBD topicals are a great alternative for relieving physical discomfort and joint swelling.


CBD topicals come in creams, rub, and lotions. Some CBD topicals also promote better skin and may be used to ease facial acne.


Final Thoughts – CBD Juul Pods

Juul devices have become the number one battery device for CBD consumption in recent years. Thanks to accessible CBD from hemp, people are combing the effects of CBD oil with the vaporizing abilities of a Juul device to create an incredible CBD experience.


If you enjoy CBD vape, check out Hollyweed’s fine selection of CBD products!

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