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CBD Prefilled Cartridges : Top Refillable CBD Vape

CBD Prefilled Cartridge

Using a CBD prefilled cartridge is one of the most convenient and popular ways people enjoy the holistic benefits of CBD. Vaping with a cartridge eliminates the fuss that comes with rolling your own CBD joints and may make your vaping experience far tastier with the range of flavor selections. With very little effort, anyone may enjoy a CBD prefilled vape cartridge in a few easy steps.


If you’re unfamiliar with this amazing CBD innovation, it’s time you learned what they’re all about! This article covers the ins and outs of a prefilled CBD oil cartridge and how they may add a whole new level of magic to your CBD experience.



What Are CBD Prefilled Cartridges?

Prefilled cartridges are probably exactly what you would expect them to be—a portable device that comes with a prefilled amount of CBD oil-infused vape juice held in a tank. The cartridges consist of a tank that holds the CBD vape juice and a mouthpiece. The cartridge is attached to a battery, so it may be heated and turned into a vapor to be inhaled.



What Are The Benefits Of Vaping CBD Prefilled Cartridges?

Some vape devices require you to measure and load your own CBD oil, but with prefilled cartridges, the guesswork speeds up the process and makes it easier to vape.


Other benefits relate to the convenience of inhaling CBD. When you inhale CBD, you feel its effects almost instantaneously. When we inhale air, it passes through our lungs and oxygenates our blood. That blood is then carried throughout our bodies, where the oxygen is deposited. Inhaling CBD vape along with this oxygen carries the CBD to all parts of our body as well.


Another reason vaping is so ideal is due to its high bioavailability. Bioavailability refers to how well something metabolizes in your body, whether digested, inhaled, absorbed, or injected. With CBD, bioavailability has to do with how quickly and to what extent CBD enters our bloodstream. Vaping has a bioavailability rate of about 50-60%, which is far higher than digestion (6-19%), or absorption (1-5%) would be.


This means that a few puffs from a vape pen will give you far more efficient results than other means, ensuring you get convenient results the second you want them.



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Vaping Or Smoking CBD: Which is Better?

Vaping is considered a more healthy way to enjoy CBD than smoking is. While there aren’t many conclusive studies on the long-term effects of vaporized cannabis, vaping tobacco as an alternative to smoking cigarettes is recognized to be 95% safer by scientists in the UK. CBD cartridges prevent hot smoke from entering your lungs and from clogging pores in your skin, which can speed up aging.


CBD vape cartridges also don’t require you to carry around a lighter or matches because they work electronically. This means less bulk to carry around with you; all you need is your vape device!


Why Vaping Is Better (For Some CBD Fans)

  • More pronounced flavoring: It is easier to identify more distinct flavors from vaping because their terpenes (a compound that influences the flavor and smell of CBD) are more pronounced and eliminate the earthy flavor of traditional CBD flower or oil.
  • Discretion: Vaping doesn’t produce as strong an odor as smoking will and produces less smoke.
  • Efficiency: Vaporizing CBD allows you to enjoy a product over time. Smoking CBD burns the product, which means there is a countdown until the substance is just ash. With vape cartridges, you can enjoy just a little bit and easily save the rest for later.
  • Control overdosage: It’s easier to determine how much CBD you consume with a cartridge because the potency is evenly distributed. With joints, for example, you may not know the strength of the strain, or the rate of burning may be uneven, causing weaker concentrates doses in every puff.
  • Cost-effective: With a CBD cartridge, you only make a one-time purchase that delivers hundreds of puffs more than a joint or blunt would. Most cartridges are compatible with the standard 510 threaded batteries, which means you have the option of buying a cartridge that will already be compatible with the battery you already own.


What Is The Best CBD Prefilled Cartridge?

This will depend on your preferences! There are many different hemp industry brands out there offering a wide selection of CBD vape flavors and strains. To narrow down which product is best for you, there are some specific qualities to look for. The biggest factors to consider when selecting a prefilled vape CBD cartridge are:


  • Quality of CBD oil
  • Presence of residual byproducts
  • Flavor preferences
  • Your budget
  • Brand reliability
  • CBD oil meant for vaping (not for sublingual use, which can be harmful if vaped!)



Hollyweed CBD Prefilled Cartridge Formulation

Hollyweed’s products are safely constructed using high-quality, broad-spectrum hemp oil extracted from hemp plants harvested from farms that don’t use pesticides. We utilize a safe CO2 method for extracting CBD, which means there are no harmful leftover substances in our final products. Plus, all of our products are organic and free of unhealthy MCT oil, PG, VG, or PEG oil, which correlates to cancer, heart disease, and other detrimental health conditions.


What To Look For And What To Avoid In CBD Prefilled Cartridge

When browsing for your new prefilled CBD vape cartridge, safety and reliability should be your biggest concern. Some CBD oils are better-suited for sublingual or oral consumption, so vaping them may cause lung issues. Ensuring brands are using vape-safe CBD distillate or hemp extract is vital.


One way to check a brand’s reliability is to check for a Certificate of Analysis by a third-party lab for each product, which will showcase the full list of cannabinoids present. Hollyweed products are all tested for their potency, and the results of those tests are available on our site for anyone to check out.


Another way to identify a reliable brand includes checking customer reviews and reading up on company return and refund policies. Happy customers don’t lie, and when a brand has happy customers, their products are likely to make you just as happy!



How Long Do CBD Prefilled Cartridges Last?

The longevity of a CBD prefilled cartridge depends on how often it is used. This is because lung capacity varies, so each person’s breath will draw in a different amount of air. It also depends on your dosage amount.


Vape cartridges come in different volumes, so the more you need, the bigger the volume you should get. Hollyweed CBD prefilled vape cartridges come in 200 mg and 400 mg sizes and usually supply 1-2 mg of CBD per puff. For someone new to vaping CBD, a little goes a long way to feel the effects of CBD. Whereas for an experienced CBD connosieur, you might want to add more to your routine.



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What Dosage Do I Need For Vaping?

While finding the right dose for a vape product is less precise than an edible, some trial and error can help you figure it out. Your weight, diet, metabolism, and medications might affect how much CBD you need to consume to reap its full benefits. The reason you are taking CBD also affects the dose (for sleep, relaxation, or all-around wellness, for example). Due to all of these factors, we recommend you consult a physician before experimenting with vape dosing.


As a general rule, starting small and working your way up is best. Try a few very small puffs first to see how you feel. Don’t hold the vapor in for too long, and take it slow. If you feel like you can handle a little more, you can always move your way up to deeper breaths and bigger doses.


What Are Some Other Ways To Enjoy CBD?

Suppose vaping isn’t your thing, no sweat, even after seeing all the great reasons to consider a cartridge in this article! There are other ways to enjoy the holistic benefits of CBD.


For those interested in even more variety in their CBD routine, you may want to consider CBD isolate. Isolate is the purest form of CBD removed from all other cannabinoids in the hemp plant. This product has no taste or smell and is the most potent of all CBD forms. You can easily add isolate to your meals and drinks, and their flavor won’t be affected! Best of all, because of its potency, you only need a little bit to reach the same efficiency level as you would another CBD product.


For the athlete or any over-the-hill Millennial, CBD salve can relieve those sore muscles and aches! Full-spectrum CBD (like the CBD Relief Salve carried by Hollyweed) provides a full range of cannabinoids in cream form to bring maximum relief in a moisturizing formula. Apply in the affected area and watch your discomfort wash away.



Why Choose Hollyweed For CBD?

Hollyweed offers a wide range of Delta 8 Flower and CBD products made with the highest quality hemp. With a countless supply of goods and ways to enjoy CBD, we know you’ll love at least one of these products.


We provide Certificates of Analysis and a 30-day money-back guarantee that will give you peace of mind when purchasing. Our amazing customer service department is here to help find you a satisfactory solution. We strive to bring the best of the best to the CBD industry, and we plan to keep it that way.

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